20 Startup Ideas: Best Profitable Startups to Earn Money

By Myilraj G 

Updated on Dec 18, 2022



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Do you have plans to start your business? Study these profitable startup ideas in 2023.

Employment is a viable factor in everyday human life. Employment may be working for someone (or) doing some small business with startup ideas.

Such small businesses are called startups. You can define it as “an entrepreneurial venture started as new and growing rapidly to gain a marketplace in a particular industry.”

Their unique business model with a few innovative ideas, services, and process management leads them to become a successful small business establishment.

startup ideas
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In this article, we will be going to discuss the different startup ideas that you can start this year.

Once you decided on suitable good business ideas, prepare a business plan forecasting all terms of your business, and arrange for funding sources.

What is Startup India?

The program started with the idea of encouraging banks to provide financial support for all startup ventures.

This movement was started to motivate and create more young entrepreneurs in India. Also, liberal financial support encourages the rise of more new startups, thus creating more job vacancies across the country.

There are many advantages to starting a new business from this movement. Some of the key points are:

  • Tax rebate from the capital gain for the first 3Years
  • Free from Capital gain tax for 3 Years.
  • Loan dispersal within 90 days.
  • Targeting to create more startup hubs in India.

20 Startup Ideas in 2023

1. Start Organic Food Store

Organic Store

The first innovative startup idea was starting an organic food store in your area. People are becoming aware of food adulterations and now showing interest in organic foods.

The organic industry was one of the growing demands and the challenging food industry in India. You can effortlessly start this organic business by tying up with your local farmers.

They are your raw material suppliers from where you can purchase all the Agri products and sell to the people with some profit margins.

Rent a suitable room in your area and furnish with the necessary structures. With a few marketing efforts, you can advertise your business among the people.

You can even offer free door delivery to nearby customers to gain more names. This small start-up business idea has a great future as it is one of the growing demand industries.

2. Designer Clothes Manufacturing

It is a profitable startup business idea for everyone. Like organic foods, people are more focused on their dressings.

It is very comfortable to start this business, and there is not much capital required to get started.

Purchase raw cloth materials from whole sellers and apply your own design to the clothes. Then sell to the people.

You can open a boutique shop (or) even use your four wheeler vehicle to bring the sales.

Younger generations love a lot of uniquely designed clothes. Hence it creates a kind of demand for your business.

It takes time to build up a unique market for you, and once you are done achieving it, you can easily make around 20 % – 40% of the profit margin from this business.

3. Welding Workshop

Welding Workshop

They are otherwise called Steel fabricators. You may wonder if this is the right business to start in India.

Fabrication work is always demanding work in all sectors of every manufacturing company, and even in-house construction, etc.

We build a house using bricks and cement, but the passage, windows, and entrance are protected with steel gates.

Iron and Steel metals are fabricated and welded together to build a structure suitable for Gates, Window grills, and other purposes.

It does not require much investment, and you can simply start this business in your area.

surveys pay online

4. Wood Working

Similar to welding work, the Wooden-made furniture business also has a market. Some items like doors, windows, and home furniture manufacturing and selling is also the best startup business idea.

In India itself, on every new day, nearly 1000+ new people begin their house construction work. It indirectly creates a demand for these types of products.

In this business, you need to make customized wooden furniture based on the customer’s requirements.

This business requires skilled labourers and a lot of labour. Because people are most likely to buy hand-made furniture rather than machine cuttings.

There are two kinds of business in this sector:

  1. You can directly manufacture and sell in the market.
  2. And the next one you can start a furniture showroom and tie up with some manufacturers.

Purchase the goods at wholesale rates and sell with some profit margin to the customers.

5. Hardware Stores

Hardware Store

Building a house is not a simple task. A home is a place where the man’s race habitats and family members unite together.

Starting the hardware stores is a good startup idea as it is directly related to the construction industry.

You can sell things like Paints, PVC Pipes, Bathroom Fittings, and Kitchen equipment. Electrical items such as cables, wires, switches, sockets, etc.

You can rent a proper store and tie up with whole sellers. Purchase bulk goods and stock in your store to sell the customers according to their requirements with some profit.

6. Electronic Store

No house is without a TV, Fridge, Washing Machine, Grinder, Mixie, Oven, etc. Why don’t you start selling home electronic items to people?

It is the most successful startup idea for anyone with some initial capital to invest. Yes, you need to pay an advance amount to the manufacturers for bulk purchases.

Store the items in a GoDown and find the best place for your showroom. Furnish with all the latest decorative items to display all top branded TV, Washing machine, ovens, refrigerators, etc.

Once everything is complete, advertise through newspapers, TV, and Radio. Let people visit your showroom to purchase items.

You can earn by keeping a percentage margin for every product sale from your store.

7. Small Plastic Product Manufacturers

Manufacturing and selling plastic products is also one of the best startup ideas with low capital investment.

The products are referred to as plastic mugs, buckets, drums, pots, and water storage containers to carry water have some demand on the market across India.

I can see some small sellers using their two-wheelers, and a custom made four-wheeler vehicle for businesses.

A plastic injection moulding machine [Vertical (or) Horizontal] is enough to start this business. You can start this business with a small investment to buy a second-hand moulding machine.

Get orders from mid-level companies. They will supply the required raw materials and buy back the finished goods from you. It can be a good startup business.

8. Interior Designer

The name itself says the type of business you are going to start. This business is related to the real estate industry, and this business is more profitable in countries like India.

Home is the symbol of status in society, and every people like to construct their home with uniqueness.

Hence, starting this business has the potential to grow in the market because it requires creativity and skills.

You can start this business without much capital investment. Just create a website, a Facebook page, and a Twitter for marketing purposes.

This business can be started from home also.

9. Home Security Solutions

home security

Security is the most important aspect to all people for their homes, vehicles and other thing.

You can start selling home security products such as CCTV, Burglar Alarm Systems, Fire Alarm Systems, etc.

There are many DIY project guides on the Internet, where you can make one of your own to try in your own house (or) the area you want to protect.

If it goes successful, then plans to start a successful business by manufacturing more products and selling them on the market.

Register a firm with the government and apply for patent rights to become a legal seller.

Else, if you find it difficult, you can start selling other brand products. Start a showroom and print some pamphlets.

Tie up with top brands and purchase the products at wholesale prices. Then market with some profit margin.

10. Logistics Business

Delivering goods from the merchants and manufacturers to the customer’s doorstep is what we call a logistics business.

With the immense development of the Internet and smartphones, the E-commerce industry was digitalized and growing much faster.

Many popular brands such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, and other online shopping sites find it hard to deliver goods.

So they are outsourcing this department to other privates such as Bluedart, ST Courier, and Professional couriers.

Starting its own logistics business is a good startup idea as this industry has reasonable potential growth.

11. Reverse Logistics

It works similarly to the logistics business, but the process is a bit different. Many people are returning some items to the merchants and manufacturers.

It also gives a volume of business that involves collecting these items from the customers and taking them back to the merchants.

12. Furniture E-commerce

Do you know the E-commerce site – PEPPERFRY.COM, India’s largest online furniture shopping portal? They include home decor, kitchenware, housekeeping items, and home electrical solutions.

Why I mentioned them here was to give you an idea of a good web startup idea. You can create an E-commerce website and take a franchise with some major wooden furniture manufacturers.

List their items in your portal, and with an effective digital marketing strategy, you can easily reach the market.

Whenever visitors land on your portal, recommend them some best products and push them to purchase them.

In every sale, you can make money from this business.

13. Database Marketing

Though it is difficult to understand, starting this business is one of the best starts up ideas.

It is the process of direct marketing using the database of customers and establishing personalized communication with them based on their age group, category, etc.

For simple examples, instead of sending a bulk email to all the customers in the database, create a segmented email based on age, category, and interest and send them a personalized email.

This marketing strategy will get you more leads to the company you work for. This small start-up business has already been established in developed countries like the USA and the UK.

Developing countries like India are one of the biggest markets in the world, where you can easily make huge revenue if you start this business.

14. Recycling

Green Boomi Recyclers

People waste things like food, clothes, shoes, and electronic items after long use (or) when they become a failure.

Instead of throwing them in the streets, you can help to recycle them into reusable products. All plastics, newspapers, metals, and circuit boards are recycled.

Developed nations have already formed many organizations to collect these wastes from people for recycling.

There is a big business behind this idea, and if you think about starting a new business of recycling waste, you can earn huge revenue.

An Example: Greenbhoomi, E Recycling Solutions, SEZ Recycling are some successful running businesses in this sector based in Tamil Nadu.

15. Consulting and Sub Contract

It can also be the best startup idea if you wish to start your own business in your location. This business idea requires special skills, field expertise, and manpower.

There are lots of outsourcing jobs available in many established companies, and you can earn a good income for your work.

In Civil, you can start Vasthu Consultant, Interior design consultant, building planning consultant, etc. In Mechanical, you can go for a design consultant if you are an expert in a particular field.

16. Digital Marketing Firm

Internet technology was the backbone of every new and running business in this era. Let us begin with some startup business ideas in this sector.

Internet and Social media have dominated the advertising and communication industry. So I suggest starting a small digital marketing firm is a good idea.

Initially, work for some company to get enough knowledge and their tactics. Then start your own firm.

Develop your skill in Social Media Marketing such as Facebook and Linkedin to grow your client brand.

All you need is to bring a new idea (or) create a different one from existing ones and approach business in your area.

Show them your price, promotion strategy, and how it will impact their business growth.

Once everything runs fine, you are all set to go.

17. Blogging Business

Blogging developed a lot, and it’s one of the prime platforms for people and businesses to share their knowledge, and opinions by publishing online content.

You can take it as a profession (or) as a hobby, however, in both ways, you can earn income. If money comes in some ways, why don’t you build a business around it?

Every start-up business and the running business firm should have a presence on a blog to establish their market across the target audience.

It’s a crucial factor that helps businesses gain popularity and fame in a shorter period and drive long-term customers for their business.

Hence, becoming a blogger and starting a digital marketing firm is suitable to start in India.

To start this business, you need to learn to blog. Especially WordPress, which is currently dominating the industry.

Find some small businesses in your area and approach them to explain the importance of online presence.

Remember the marketing strategy of GoDaddy. Get the customer, and start your first business.

18. Own Domain and Hosting Business

The online presence is the backbone of every business. In the same way, the online presence needs a domain and hosting.

Good Hosting ensures the smooth running of your online business.

Big hosting companies are Raj Softech Hosting, GoDaddy, HostGator, Bluehost, and NameCheap. You can try new successful businesses such as A2Hosting, Site Ground, Kinsta, Cloudways, etc.

People are looking for the best services that they can get at affordable prices. Take advantage of this fact and start your own domain and hosting services to build your first start-up business.

You can work as an affiliate for these brands (or) get a raw server from their data centre, customize based on your needs and start selling to other people.

I am doing the second type of business. That is, I purchase a raw server and customize it for my need. Then I am selling it to my clients and other new people.

19. Small Freelance BPO Business

The days are gone when companies recruited people to perform different operations for their company. Now, the 21st century is the age of freelancing.

Companies found it is the best idea to outsource their various projects to freelancers. So that they can get higher production in less time.

If you are an expert in the IT field, rent a small room and purchase some computers. Then, get some projects from freelancing websites and hire candidates to work.

Pay them a small percentage as a salary, and you deduct the profit from the earnings. After some days, you expand your business with more projects and staff.

There are various freelancing jobs available online such as Data Entry Operator, Virtual Assistant, Web Designer, Content Writer, Web Developer, Animator, etc.

20. Photo Studio

If you are very good at clicking on pictures, you can start a small photo studio in your area. It is a very good startup idea to become a photographer.

There are multiple occasions like weddings, birthday parties, business parties, seminars, concerts, exhibitions, and workshops where you get lots of business.

You can easily get a chance by approaching the people who organize these kinds of occasions. You can either signup for long-term business cooperation (or) work as a freelancer.

If you get more orders in the future, you expand your business by employing more photographers on multiple occasions at the same time and when needed.

Starting this business requires only a small investment to buy equipment, rent a room for a studio, and other gadgets such as computers, internet service, etc.


I have published this article based on inspiration after reading business blogs.

All the startup ideas written here are based on the current trend and competition in the industry. They may change with time.

Another important thing is that these business ideas are just for informational purposes only. You can analyze more about the successful operation in your area based on the above suggestions.

Starting a business without passion will never give you results. Concentrate on your passion, which will drive success for your business.

Some businesses may require initial investment capital to start, and it is absolutely up to your own decision to start the business.

You cannot create profit overnight from the business you start today, and it takes time and patience to get returns on your investment.

PS: If you think it is riskier to start your own business, then see the different online jobs from home. You can start working on an online job today to save funds for starting a business.

Thanks for reading this article on 20 profitable startup ideas in 2023. I have listed all the businesses based on the lowest investment possible.

Based on these startup ideas, brainstorm your mind and choose the perfect business to start today.


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