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Top 100 Essential Online Business Tools For Online Marketing

  • 22 October, 2018
  • / By Myilraj G

Every business needs few online business tools for running their online business.


Marketing is considered the second requirement of any business. No business can flourish and progress without proper and effective marketing strategies.

Keeping the importance of marketing in mind., offline and online ways of marketing are available. Online Ways usually have a more long-lasting effect on the audience.

For doing Online marketing, a number of business tools, communication tools, and gadgets are available throughout the internet.

Online Business Tools

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There are websites which provide amazing and compatible online tools for the marketing of your business.

These online marketing tools may be free or not depending on their usage, quality etc.

Here in this article, I shall describe briefly about at least 100 business tools.


Online Marketing Business Tools:

These online tools are compatible and help your business to flourish more. List of such tools are :


It is a great platform for businesses to share their products and brands. Blogger is a platform from Google which offers Free Website for the start-up business.

Many businesses have been running successfully by creating their own free blog for their brands.


2.) WordPress:

WordPress is another great resource that helps you to create a blog for your business. The WordPress is widely used throughout the global market.

They offer free themes to design any website or blog for any online business.


3.) Alexa Chrome Extension:

This chrome extension tool is maintained by which is one of the best tool to keep an eye on your competitor’s search engine optimization and marketing strategies.


4.) BlueHost:

Bluehost is like WordPress which is also a great way to create a blog in your own custom domain name along with own hosting.

WordPress usually provides you with a self-hosting platform but you can get own dedicated hosting services from BlueHost.

Its very much compatible as well as has a number of user-friendly features.


5.) Godaddy:

Godaddy is a website used to register domain names for your business or other types of websites.

They have many attractive offers for their users and is therefore affordable.

GoDaddy also provides the option of web hosting to the website owners to enjoy the best hosting services.


6.) Shopify:

Shopify is actually an e-commerce store but it’s a great way to sell your products online.

With great products descriptions, you can actually seel your products and increase your sales.

Prices may vary according to the quality and demands of the audience.


7.) Kinsta Hosting:

Like GoDaddy and Bluehost, Kinsta also offers web hosting services and they are specialized in WordPress Hosting.

Kinsta hosting offers website templates to the business and entrepreneurs. Hopefully, it also offers coupons and discounts to its customers and users from time to time.


8.) Hostgator:

Hostgator provides secured and attractive web hosting services to its customers.

Their hosting services provide a number of options and features and is therefore trusted by people widely.


9.) Pixlr:

Pixlr is a great app for presenting and marketing the images of your brand. With its background colors, different cropping options, frames, and other options, it’s a great tool to design images for your blogs and websites.

Pixlr is also available as an app on google play store where you can download and install on your smartphone for image designing.

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10.) Lumia:

You are dealing with your business here and it is not surely a joke. So you need a great app to improve the quality of your images. You can ensure the accomplishment of this task by using the Lumia.


11.) InDesign Secrets:

Indesign secrets have fantastic modifying options e.g. adding different effects such as vintage, crescent, neon.

Also, they have a wide range of frames and other colors to make the posters and brochures of your products colorful and captivating.


12.) Canva:

Canva helps to create beautiful designs of your blog and/or website. It helps to prepare designs and print business and formal cards.

It has a set of tools for media and digital designing of your images.


13.) My stock photos:

My stock photos is actually a platform for businesses to sell their photos online.

Photography is not just for amateurs nowadays, it has developed itself into a complete profession.

So My Stock Photos helps to sell the images of your brands online and market them.


14.) Images Bazaar:

Images bazaar founded by Sandeep Maheshwari is actually the largest platform of Indian photos throughout the world.

Sandeep has a deep knowledge of photography and therefore he is able to put emotions into his photos.

Businesses can use those high-quality photos in their articles and blogs because images do have a long-lasting effect.


15.) DSLR Camera:

DSLR camera is very expensive but is available as an app on the Play store. It produces high-quality images and you can use it to capture real images


16.) Design hill:

Design hill also helps to create web designs for brands and websites. A large number of businesses uses design hill for its templates, effects etc as it also helps in the designs of logos


17.) Sprout:

Sprout is a platform for business marketers where they can market the services and brands.

It has a large number of audience and therefore very helpful to reach your business to a large audience. It also helps to develop good communication with your audience.


18.) Autoresponder:

Autoresponder is a great as well as somewhat intellectual type of app. It really answers the emails sent to the business.

Yes, you heard it right, you do not need to spend hours answering e-mails. Just use one of the most loveable business tools!


19.) Feedly:

Feedly is an app available on Playstore which helps to gather feeds from sources and shares them with the users. It is available on many digital devices e.g. Android, iOS devices, laptops etc.


20.) Revive old post:

It is actually a WordPress plugin which shares your older posts on social media. It displays the links and backlinks of your blog posts time to time on twitter, facebooks, Pinterest etc.


21.) Weebly:

Weebly is a software used o create websites according to SEO. Statistics have shown that at least 40 million people use Weebly to create dynamic and static website designs.


22.) Tumblr:

Tumblr is a social media platform founded in 209. It is used by business to create informative blogs about their brands. It is a platform to discover your hidden writing talent and show your marketing skills.


23.) Snapchat:

Nowadays Snapchat stories are also getting popular. You can create groups and market your business. Moreover, you can also use it to create funky images.


E-mail Marketing Tools:

E-mail marketing is an established an well-known way of marketing. There are many tools available which accomplish this task for is a list of those tools :

24.) Aweber:

Aweber is the simply awesome marketing tool. It helps you to keep a record of your marketing campaigns in a very much effective way. it has different analytics feature to promote better marketing of your business. It helps to create engaging and attractive emails for the propagation of your business.


25.) Mailgun:

It is a research tool used frequently by many sites for their marketing campaigns. It also helps digital marketers to improve the sites of their client and make it according to the demands of SEO.


26.) Postmark:

Postmark is another effective tool which delivers emails to your clients and customers on time. It is basically a fast email system with god and efficient team of workers.


27.) Getresponse:

Getresponse is a great business tool for the best marketing of your business. It keeps a record of the activities of your clients and customers. It then sends the emails at the time when the customers are likely to be engaged.


28.) Thunderbird:

Thunderbird is a free application with a lot of amazing options. It helps to add symbols in the header plane and there is an amazing thing-an address book is also available.


29.) Convert-Kit:

Convert-Kit it is an acclaimed e-mail marketing platform. It helps in the export of your emails at the right time and provides features and tools to grow your business.


30.) Option Monster:

Option monster is an official tool which has some very dynamic features and with its effective tools, it can be responsible for the instant growth in traffic revenue.

More than 700,000 websites are currently using it as a business tool as it helps to create engaging and appealing business offers.


Social Management Tools:

Other than email marketing tools, some social management and communication tools are also available. These tools help business to develop good relationships with their customers.

31.) EDGAR:

EDGAR stands for Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval system. It accomplishes a set of functions e.g. indexing, gathering data, checking its validity etc.


32.) Buzzsumo:

Buzzsumo is another business tool which helps in competing your opponents. It provides search terms option to identify the niche performing well.


33.) Basecamp:

Basecamp is another email management tool which helps you to organize marketing projects and enable good communication to your clients.


34.) Redbooth:

If you are chaotic about your emails management, then try red booth. It helps to handle emails in a more efficient and productive way.


35.) TweetDeck:

Tweetdeck is a dashboard by twitter used to manage Twitter accounts it helps to view multiple timelines in one easy interface. It includes a list of features to extract the most from the tweets.


36.) IFTTT:

IFTTT is a multi-tasking application. It connects different app and websites. E.g. it is able to connect Weebly and Twitter platforms.


37.) EClincher:

Eclincher is used as an analytic tool. It helps to reschedule the social media post, suggests a suitable time for posting, manages inbox and news feeds. It also helps to connect different social media accounts and profiles.


38.) Agorapusle:

It is again a marketing platform which is acclaimed internationally. It connects social media platforms and helps brands to raise their sales.


39.) Social oomph:

It is a very productive and creative app. Digitally convenient and user-friendly features make it easy to use. It helps to increase the sales by social media presence.


40.) Flipkart:

Flipkart is an e-store where you can place your products for sale. Out of business tools, it can provide you a quicker way to tell people about the details of your product. It not only drives more people but also helps to ensure trust.


41.) Pinterest:

Pinterest is used by millions of people throughout the world. It has a huge collection of images which businesses can use or their benefits. Moreover, business an also display images of their brands on Pinterest.


42.) Instagram:

Used by over 700 million users daily, it is a great tool to market your business. With instant stories, captions, options e.g. grum and own metrics, you can drive more customers to your sales. Many of the entrepreneurs are successfully marketing their business on Instagram.


43.) Twitter:

Twitter is an acclaimed marketing tool or software. With tweets and videos, you can attract a greater amount of audience.


44.) Facebook:

Although facing criticism nowadays, Facebook is still a good way of marketing.


45.) Google Play store:

If you want to market your brand or app, the best way is to place it on the Google play store. Google play store is being used by millions of people and your app can help you make billions.


46.) Gmail:

You can also use Gmail for marketing. You need to identify some email ids and send them emails on regular basis.

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Outsourcing Business Tools:

Outsourcing tools are those which businesses use to get their work done by hiring consultants and employees on a short-term basis. Nowadays these outsource tools are a well-known platform for freelancers.

There are a variety of websites, applications, and platforms for people who want to associate themselves with any company or business on a short-term basis. These all are the platforms where you can market your skills. Some of the famous and commonly used platforms are:


47.) Freelancer:

If you have a talent for writing, graphics or web designing or any other skill, then freelancer is the best platform for you. Freelancer connects the employers with short-term employers


48.) Upwork:

Upwork is another known platform for freelancers. About 7,00,000 jobs and offers are posted every month on work, so it’s a good platform for you.


49.) Guru:

This is a website also available as well as an app on play store which provides freelancing jobs. With a competitive profile with useful portfolio, you can attract many clients


50.) Fiverr:

It is probably the most commonly used platform throughout the world. Many of the freelancers are earning a handsome amount of money with Fiverr.


51.) Amazon Mechanical Turk:

Amazon has a network spread throughout the world that provides you with simple and competitive tasks but it does have some strict terms and conditions.

They offer large varieties of Micro Jobs for people and also helps webmasters to find the right freelancers for their project or tasks.


52.) Crew:

Like the above-mentioned platforms, is a website for marketing your talent. Just build a good portfolio and then the game is on!


53.) Supertasker:

Supertasker is another platform where you can edit contents do copywrite and perform other digital tasks.


Business Research Tools:

Research tools are those which help to perform tasks required for growth and ranking of your business. Examples of research business tools are:


54.) Yoast SEO:

Yoast is a commonly used tool used mostly for keyword research.


55.) SEMrush:

SEMrush is a tool used by people and businesses to search the keywords and performance of their business.


56.) Google keyword planner:

Google keyword planner helps to improve your content by adding suitable keywords.


57.) Ahrefs:

Ahrefs is an SEO tool for backlinks checking and analysis of your content.


58.) Moz:

Moz is a software which makes it extremely easy to analyze your keyword and improve the quality of your contents. It takes measures e.g. addition of links for this purpose.


59.) Google AdWords:

If you want to grow your blogging business, then your content matters the most. Google AdWords helps to optimize your keywords.


60.) Google Correlate:

It is an effective tool to find out the credibility of any keyword.


61.) Word Tracker Scout:

This tool helps you to generate a list of keywords for any niche topic.


62.) Wordstream Free Keyword Tool:

With this tool, you just need to enter your keywords and then you are given a list of relevant keywords.


63.) Chat Suggestion Keyword Finder:

The most important thing regarding this keyword tool is that its free to use!


64.) kW finder:

No finder is actually an epic tool for keyword search. It helps to set less competitive words for your topic.



It is a website used to generate long-tail keywords and its also free.



SISTRIX is a keyword search tool used for competitive research. Its used by people for its user-friendly features.


67.) Search metrics:

Like the above tools, search metrics also provide you with a wider range of keywords. It also provides organic search and competitors for your business and brands.


68.) Market Samurai:

Market Samurai acts as a fighter against negative forces and helps to gain more traffic


69.) Google Trends:

It is an extension of google networking system which helps to bring more traffic.


Online Analytics Tools:

Every online business needs to be monitored so as to bring the better ROI on their investments.

These are the following tools which help you to create a strategy for your business and helps you to monitor the growth as well.

70.) Knime:

It is an analytic software which helps people to learn more about data management and quality.


71.) Market must:

Artificial intelligence is the backbone of this tools. Its uses technical learning to build good content strategies.


72.) Seed keywords:

It is one of the business tools which helps to find relevant keywords.


73.) AnswerthePublic:

It helps you to learn that what people are searching for on Google.


74.) Infinite Suggest:

It also displays a list of keywords to rank your content higher in the Google list.


75.) Accuranker:

It is a tool which helps to organize your traffic and boost it.


76.) Inboundwriter:

Inboundwriter helps to develop models of content for marketers.


77.) QuestBack:

It helps to improve management and engagement and helps to drive organic traffic.


78.) Klout:

It’s a website and an app which helps to analyze the performance of social media users. It was formed with a purpose to inform business about the frequent social media users.


79.) Peerindex:

It is a company in England which provides analysis about activities of social media users. It keeps a keen eye on the posts, videos, and uploads frequently on social platforms.


80.) Google Analytics:

Google analytics helps to analyze the performance of your business. It shows the ranking of your site by google, graphs, and traffic drove to your site.


81.) Google drive:

Google drive can store GBs of your valuable data. You can use its secured and credible services to store your most critical information.


82.) Social Mention:

It is a search engine which searches and finds contents regarding the social media users. It reviews the facebook posts, twitter trends, Instagram stories etc.


83.) SurveyMonkey:

SurveyMonkey conducts surveys to know about the viewpoints of the people. It helps to gather the interest of the people by surveys and then business can use the surveys ton make betterments in their product.


84.) Typeform:

It is a great platform for the growth of your business. It offers a 30-day free trial and also provides live support to its customers.


85.) Youtube:

You can actually use Youtube to access a larger audience. It is a frequently used search engine and by creating videos, you can market your business.


86.) Amazon:

Amazon with its extensions throughout the world is a networking system to market your brand and business. Its one of the most used business tools and platforms where you can display ads and posts of your business.


87.) Usability Tools:

Usability tools are present on usability hub which helps to design surveys for the websites. It helps to improve the content f your site.


88.) Remarkable:

It is a writing digital pad which is interactive and user-friendly. Its lightweight, easy to touch and has a number of writing features. You can use it to create an article anywhere about your business.


89.) Pew Research Center:

Pew research center is strictly related to America. Like fact finders, it provides information regarding general public., expenditures etc.


90.) Business Dynamics Statistics:

It is a website to study trending businesses. The stats of assets, brokers, and shareholders can be accessed through it.


91.) Facebook Audience Insights:

Facebook insights help to learn more about the audience. When you know more about your audience, you are more likely to inculcate yourself into their style.


92.) Temper:

It is one of the most alarming business tools. It t helps to synchronize the most advanced site functions and works on the drag and drop behavior.


93.) Survata:

Survata is a research and marketing company which helps to conduct surveys. These surveys are affiliated with sites which are to be completed to gain access to the site.


94.) Userlytics:

It is a modern user testing platform. It is a website testing program available to freelancers where you just have to review a website. After reviewing, you can actually earn money.


95.) Makemypersona:

It is an app which creates professional and multifunctional persons in a few seconds. After answering a series of questions and surveys, you can actually create personas.


96.) Fedstats:

Fedstats is actually a window which provides knowledge about information regarding the government policies. The business policies change from time to time. By being a regular user, businesses can actually be updated about the ongoing policies.


97.) American Factfinder:

American face finder, though not specifically related to business helps to learn about the audience. It conducts different surveys about the likes and dislikes of the people. Businesses can use this information to improve the quality f their brands and marketing strategies.


98.) County Business Patterns:

County business patterns commonly known as CBP provides quantitative and qualitative data about a specific industry. It has a number of features which provide detailed information on earnings, employment, assets etc.


99.) Business Writings:

It is actually an app and research tool which provides a valuable amount of information to people about formal writing style, marketing, and other business subjects. It has different sections regarding different sub-topic so that you can actually learn about the techniques of having a successful business.


100.) Loop 11:

It is a navigating tool which helps to identify different navigational issues. It requires completing attest to identify the major usability issues of your website.



These business tools in one way or the other provide marketing techniques and actually do marketing so be sure to try these tools to spread your business and ensure its growth.


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