Top 19 Best Money Transfer App For Personal And Business Use

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List of the Best Money Transfer App to install on your smartphone:

We are living in an age where everything has been made possible. Everything is within reach in just the palm of your hand.

The Internet and technology have facilitated you in each and every sphere of life.

Take an example for better understanding. In the past times, one had to travel hundreds of kilometers to take money from one place to another place.

He had to stroll through landscapes, deserts, etc to reach his destination. After days and months, he would arrive and feed his family.

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The money was a source of survival for his family which is not assured. There were always dangers of robbers and bandits throughout the journey.

However, today in this digital world, the case is different. You can transfer the money anywhere in some minutes.

You do not need to face the critical phases of a journey. Money transfer app and companies are there for this purpose.

They make your transfer easy as well as secure.

So, today we will discuss the top 19 best online money transfer apps for personal and business use.

Saving Money with Money Transfer App

A money transfer app makes it very convenient to transfer money and at the same time, helps you to save money.

Let us see the various benefits of using money transfer applications:

1. Cashback Offers

Regular customers can benefit from various features such as discounts and deals for transactions.

The money transfer app will also offer coupons and vouchers from different brands to increase their users.

2. Online Purchases

A Mobile E-Wallet is associated with every money transfer app which can be used for making online purchases.

With the mobile wallet, it becomes easy to do online shopping, where users can buy things online.

Users can purchase any items from an online e-commerce website and then make payments by using these application wallet accounts.

3. Secured Payments

Almost all the online money transfer app has the best security features to ensure safe and secured online transactions.

Moreover, complaint centers and call centers have also been made available for the ease of the customers.

Although there can be some chances of fraud and viruses, it’s usually the app that suffers the most.

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Top 19 Best Online Money Transfer App

Now, let’s discuss the most beneficial money transfer apps which are used by thousands and millions of users throughout the world and especially in India. They are:

Instant Money Transfer

1. PayTM

PayTM is actually a money transfer app in India. The PayTM offers Indians to store money in their accounts and make quick payments.

It is mostly used because users can send even larger amounts with it.

In it, a customer or a user can make payments to people who are related to companies or businesses.

It’s because like any app, it also demands the security of its users.

Ease With PayTM:

A special PayTM wallet is available to make cash payments and benefit from services of retail, journey, etc.

PayTM is available as an app on the Google Play store. Now, the most modern advancement has been made that people will be introduced with cashless payments.

2. PhonePE

It is a financial company that was founded in 2015 to provide an online system based on United Payments Interface.

Reserve Bank of India has licensed it for making prepaid transactions


The company was later on acquired by Flipkart. Now the company has also partnered with Yes Bank to launch a payment app.

There has been a controversy that it does not follow NPCI guidelines. After that, it closed its operations on Flipkart and associated itself with the terms and conditions stated in the NPCI verdict.

The controversy started by ICICI but afterward, the problems between both of these were solved.


Bharat Interface for Money is an app developed by NPCI. It has been launched by the current Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi in 2016.

The application launch was done after the 2016 Indian banknote demonetization to facilitate e-payments.

Bhim App has a connection with the banks of India to allow users to transfer money directly to bank accounts.

This money transfer app has no associated reliability issues due to its relevance to the Government of India.


BHIM can be used to send money to UPI accounts or even Non-UPI accounts.

It does not hold money but simply transfers it from one to another account.

BHIM services can also be used on holidays and weekends, unlike others.

A fixed QR code can be created by the users for making transactions.

4. Citrus

It is also a popular Indian app for making financial payments and transactions. Citrus is having connections with many online service providers.

Now to provide more ease and comfort to their customers, this money transfer app is pairing up with WOOHOO.

Woohoo is a shopping portal where customers can do online shopping at numerous shopping stores.

It is also available as a Google app on the play store. People are taking interest in Citrus to do its popularity.

The downloads have exceeded 100,000 on the Google Play store.

5. Citi MasterPass

It is a combination of two platforms, Citi Bank India and MasterCard, thus the Name Citi Masterpass.

It is used globally by people for online shopping and e-commerce.

The person who uses this card can do online shopping and make easier payments. It ensures faster credit and debit payment.


LIME is a money transfer app that has been launched by Axis Bank which is used for facilitating payments, banks, and shopping areas.

The most commendable feature is that it is available for both account and non-account holders. So, if you do not have an account, no worries, LIME is there for you.

It lets users add cash to their debit or credit and make easier payments. Moreover, different discounts and gifts are also offered by its management.

7. ICICI Pockets

It is actually a bank that offers money wallets to its customers or users.

It provides them with the ease of using any bank account in India for funding and making payments and transactions.

More benefits include booking online tickets, sending gifts online, and online shopping.

A VISA cardholder can make transactions to any app or website. They can also affiliate themselves with discounts and packages offered by different brands and businesses.

8. State Bank Buddy

The State Bank of India launched this money transfer app for the betterment of the people.

This app allows users to make transactions, do payments while shopping, and book tickets.

It also has a prepaid service that allows users to set a schedule for money transfers and payments.

Users can set reminders for making payments and other purposes.

9. Mobikwik

It is also a payment network which according to a survey has connected 25 million users to retailers.

It lets its users use debit or credit cards. Cash can be collected at the doorstep of your house which can be used for recharging and shopping.

This money transfer app is liked by millions of users for its convenience and reliability.

Due to its increased demand, it recently tied up with many food stores, restaurants, and other shops.

10. PayUMoney

It is a company located in India which provides solutions as well as a mobile wallet to its users.

It ensures the users with the security of making safe transactions and providing them with different services.

As they compete with many others, they offer discounts and deals to lure and engage people.

Their lucrative and appealing offers are a source of popularity.

Customer satisfaction has always been their utmost priority and that is why they offer different services to their customers.

11. FreeCharge

It is an e-commerce money transfer app to facilitate prepaid mobile phones and postpaid services.

It has been regarded as the second biggest takeover in the Indian e-commerce sector so far.


Freecharge has partnered itself with a number of networks and companies.

It was bought by Axis Bank of India in 2017 and has been regarded as one of the most promising technology startups.

12. Google Pay Send

It is a global digital wallet used mostly in the U.S. or U.K. to help people send money.

We can also request our friends for money through Google Pay Send. A fingerprint sensor is also available in it.

This fingerprint sensor is required for accessing the app because Google always takes care of your security.

It has a friendly and compatible feature. Unlike other apps that require days for money transfer, it works in a better way.

With this app, money can be transferred in just some minutes to the bank account.

13. PayPal

PayPal is a very old money transfer app being operated in many Asian countries. It can be used for various reasons by its users.

Users or customers can buy tickets, do the shopping, and access themselves with other features. It is widely trusted for its liability.

However, one problem is that it takes time for money transfer.

14. Square Cash

It is a connection with the debit card of a person. With it, users can send, receive or request money from their folks.

The most commendable feature is that people can send money quickly and instantly.

After the completion of the transaction, money can be easily withdrawn in some minutes.

15. Chase Quick Pay

It is also a money transfer app where users can benefit from a variety of options. To be a customer is not necessary.

If you have an email address then you can send and receive money. It’s by using the features of the bank.

16. Snapcash

Snapchat is being used by at least 500 million users daily. After the snap chat, the company has launched snap cash.

It’s actually a modification of snap chat where users can send money to anyone adult having age 18 or more.

While using snap chat, by clicking on the $ sign, money can be sent directly from your debit card or account of your bank.

This money transfer app is gaining popularity due to the widespread use of snap chat.

17. Western Union

Western Union also operates in dollars. It requires usually fewer transfer fees than other apps and helps send and receive money to your folks.

It has access to more than 215 countries.

If you want to know how much will be the fee while transferring money from one to another accounts, you have to type it in the bar.

Western Union will display the fee in dollars.

18. Payoneer

Payoneer is a money transfer app that provides online money transfer and digital payment services.

The account holders can send and receive money into their bank account, e-wallet, or a Prepaid Card.

This app can also be used online to make a transaction from Payoneer, a Payoneer Prepaid card is necessary.

Cross-border payments can be facilitated with Payoneer. More than 150 local currencies can be used in Payoneer accounts.

Other Networks and Companies:

Major networks and companies use Payoneer to send amounts throughout the world.

It has partnered with many companies e.g. Rakuten and IndusInd Banks.

It also has connections with the American e-commerce site Linio.

19. Skrill

Skrill is an app used to transfer money directly to Skrill members or required bank accounts.

It mainly has focused on low-cost international money transfers. Its headquarters is located in the United Kingdom and its related branches are spread out throughout the world.

Usually, Paid-to-click sites use Skrill for transactions and depositing money in the accounts of their customers.

Users can then transfer the money from their Skrill account to their bank accounts.

Although Skrill is being used by many people, some people have strong complaints against it.

Sometimes, Skrill even had some funds from its customers. Moreover, some international-based companies have also given a bad rating to it.


Skrill accounts not only deal with the dollar but can be held in any of the major currencies.

However, there is a rule that once you have made your first transaction in any currency. E.g. Dollar, then you cannot change your currency.

A Skrill Prepaid card is being provided to the customers who link them to their accounts. Premium memberships are also offered to those customers who have a high turnover.


A money transfer app has a whole set of benefits for its customers.

Next time, you make a payment, you can facilitate it from any of the above.

They are credible as well as reliable and used throughout the world for their characteristics.

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