16 Profitable and Trending Digital Products to Sell Online in 2024

By Myilraj G 

Updated on Jan 3, 2024


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Have you ever heard of Digital products? Even if you haven’t perceived the name, you may have come across digital products several times in your life.

But what about thinking of selling such a digital product online by yourself? Huh, You itself. It is not rocket science to create a digital product to sell and make a decent income from home.

There are many people around the world selling digital products online and making a livelihood from them.

If you can’t create one, there is an option for reselling too. Don’t worry if you are unaware of all these.

I can explain you in detail, and by the end of the article, you will surely be able to decide on a product and initiate your business.

Digital Products to Sell
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In the present era, having a single source of income is not sufficient for running a family. In such a situation, how can someone save and lead a decent life with a single income?

People are so intelligent these days. They have found various opportunities online and, one among them is the selling of digital products.

So If you have not thought of trying this area, You should rethink and I am sure this article will help you with that.

Let’s get into detail.

What is a Digital Product?

A digital product is a product or service created with the help of electronic devices and doesn’t have a physical form.

It exists in a digital format that can be sold and distributed online without reproducing it several times.

Digital products are found in computers and sold or shared widely among people. Some of the examples are E-books, mobile apps, images, audio, videos, etc.

Before digitalization, all products or services were in physical form. Each was acquired either by cash or barter system.

But now everything has changed. Our shopping and our lives have changed in the digital world.

Hence in such a scenario, digital products are in high demand because of their innumerable benefits over their counterparts.

Some digital products are possible to reproduce in physical form. Some of them are E-books, images, etc.

So it provides easiness to all kinds of people whether uncomfortable with digital usage.

But I think in this 20th century people are more into digitalization and, each and everyone prefers every service online.

You can check yourself what changes have digitalization brought to your day-to-day life. It includes banking, shopping, consulting a doctor, entertainment, education, etc.

Hence digital products are in high demand these days. If you can create one by yourself and sell it to others, it will be a good source of income for you.

Why are Digital Products Preferred over Physical Products?

People around the world prefer digital products more. It has many more benefits than physical products or services.
Few are,

Do Not Require a Lot of Inventory

Consider the example of a book. If you are selling it in physical form, you need machinery to print and develop it even if you are ready with the content.

It can cost you a good amount to invest in the inventory and also is risky.

But when it comes to e-books, you need the content and a few design tools to publish your book.

The process will be much faster than developing a physical book.

Do Not Require a Physical Space

Consider an art workshop running in physical form. It will require some space to conduct the class.

If you do not have one on your own, you either need to rent it or lease it. Both will cost you money.

Only nearby people can approach such a workshop, and hence the student counts are fewer in numbers.

But if you conduct online, you can let a lot of interested students all around the world. Also, provide your service from the comfort of your home itself.

They also can be in their comfort zone and attend the workshop peacefully.

No Delay in Accessing the Service

For physical product delivery, it takes a few days to receive an item sent to be delivered.

It requires the help of intermediate persons for packaging and delivery.

Be it any product like books, music albums, videotapes, etc.

But in the case of digital products, just at the time of sending itself receiver gets the product or service.

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16 Profitable Digital Products to Sell Online

Apart from the fact that digitalization has changed people’s perspective toward all products and services, Digital products are highly profitable.

Some of the reasons I have mentioned above, and without any delay, let’s check a few of the most profitable digital products you can create quickly and sell profitably.

1. Create E-books (educational products)

If you are interested in writing, then E-books are the best choice for digital products to sell online.

Depending on the area you have chosen, write fascinating and informative content that attracts people.

You can also record audiobooks, recipe books, journals, etc.

E-books help people to save space. They can be carried anywhere on mobile phones, tablets, and other electronic devices.

Hence people prefer digital books more these days. And it can bring you a decent passive income.

Properly marketing your product is highly important for digital products.

You can either create a website of your own or sell it on other e-commerce sites.

2. Create Online Courses

If you know about any topic or skill that someone finds handy, you can share it through online classes and earn it for yourself.

In the current pandemic situation, all classes and courses have moved online.

Hence sharing your knowledge at the right time with the right people will surely help you earn more.

You can create the online course either as a video, as an audiobook, or through text.

There are many topics which are in high demand always. If you are unsure of choosing one, you can research to select one and begin your journey.

Providing offers and discounts will attract more people. You can sell your courses either through your website or through social media pages.

By providing access to only paid members, online classes can preside over YouTube and Telegram.

3. Conduct Digital Workshops

Like online courses, the workshops are always in demand. Even if we have theoretical knowledge, practical works help us to apply whatever we study in our lives.

So many people are more interested in workshops to attain deep knowledge.

If you are not interested in conducting a complete course or developing an E-book, but wish to share your knowledge and earn from it, then digital workshops are the best option.

It can be either pre-recorded or live sessions.

Pre-recorded workshops allow you to sell it whenever a client comes. Conduct live sessions when the workshop is in high demand among people.

Through the online workshop, you can also promote other people’s products or services. Promote that matches with what you are conducting and earn a commission.

4. Prepare PDF Guides

It is similar to an online course, but the difference is, it’s in PDF format and is on a single topic.

For example, If you are good at drawing, you can make a PDF guide of a step-by-step process on how to draw.

Or it can be a recipe guide which is of very much interest all the time.

Diet plans are also widely sold as PDF guides nowadays.

To sell your PDF guides, you first need to create a brand feeling with people to buy your guide.

People should feel you are a knowledgeable person, and for that, you need to market yourself and your knowledge.

Initially provide free sample guides. Then start selling complete guides to earn the trust of people.

5. Run Membership Sites

Membership sites are those sites where the members have to pay some money monthly to access the site.

In membership sites, you need to provide new content regularly and should entertain or inform your subscribers.

Don’t worry if you can’t make content regularly to update. Create in bulk and give access one by one to subscribers.

These membership sites may contain any information people will find captivating. It can be a diet plan according to the seasons or a fashion blog or DIY tutorial etc.

Your ultimate aim is to maintain your members within your site by providing quality content they wish to see from you.

You can create your website with a small investment and, the details are another topic to discuss.

6. Prepare Templates (PowerPoint, Excel, Social Media Graphics)

A template is a type of file or document pre-created. It enables the user to save time and avoid the need to design everything from scratch.

So these days, templates are in high demand.

You can create an attractive and different template like a PowerPoint or resume or wedding invitation template, etc.

These templates help people start their work by just adding their content to be shared.

So if you are providing templates for a price, always make sure your service is outstanding than the free templates available online.

Then only people will buy your service and recommend others too to buy one.

7. Create Commercial Music for Businesses

People from all fields require music for their smooth working. Be it filmmakers, YouTubers, podcasters, advertising teams, etc.

So making themselves stand out from their competitors is what every business-minded person thinks of first.

And music available for these kinds of people is limited as almost all have royalty issues.

So all are looking for royalty-free quality music they can add to their videos.

If you can create quality music (either beat, or sound effects), you can choose this area.

The plus point here is that you can create a single type of music and sell it to any number of people.

But to maintain customers and attract more people, you have to bring out new pieces of music people find engaging.

8. Commercial Pictures, Images, and Media

You may have come across pictures of laptops, people, animals, nature, or anything related to the subject you are reading or watching on online platforms.

These are commercial pictures taken by professionals and sold for a sum.

You may create quality images that someone else can use in their business. You can sell them through your website and make money.

Not only pictures but short videos conveying some pieces of information are also on-demand.

Start taking pictures and create images. With some editing skills, you can generate more profit by selling photos online.

9. Programming Scripts (for websites, apps, and other programs)

Are you good at programming languages? Can you write good scripts that enhance the website look or apps and then try to sell it?

You can sell the license or provide membership access to the programming scripts you develop.

Providing membership access is found to be the best way to earn a continuous income than licensing.

The licensing model will pay you only once. But in the case of subscription type, you will have a monthly income.

You can also make necessary changes to the programming script according to the latest trends. It is a plus point for both you and your clients.

If you do not have time to work on a single script polishing it but like to create new ones often, choose the licensing type.

10. Create Mobile Apps (Android / IOS)

Today, everyone is using smartphones. Be it a simple person or a high-class person. Thus, mobile apps play a vital role.

Companies are making their mobile apps to build their identity.

It also helps the business to understand who all genuinely are going to make a sale with them or are potential customers.

So if you are capable of creating apps, then your service is in high demand. Even if you are not making apps for others, create one on your own and sell it.

Gaming apps, diet plan apps, calorie counter apps, to-do list apps, money making apps are on the top list to try. Many apps are available for free online, and you too can try a hand by providing apps for free.

But make sure you get frequent ads and can provide in-app purchases. These are the ways through which you can earn if providing Apps for free.

11. Make Your Own Podcasts, Videos

A podcast is a series of audio files that the user can download to their device for hearing or watching later.

A podcast series contains talks or discussions between a single person or between two about a topic or current issue.

Major podcasts are free, and their primary income comes from the ads and promotions it does. Through podcasts, you can provide a link or notes to your listeners.

Some podcasts need small payments to access. Create a podcast and offer it for a subscription fee. Allow your subscribers with additional features and an in-depth guide to bring you a passive income.

It may look like a membership site, but the difference here is you are selling them audio files. Selling podcasts is a highly profitable business these days.

12. WordPress Themes and Plugins

WordPress is the most used website builder. It is a free content management system with different themes and plugins that can provide 24/7 support if any issue arises.

So people are looking for these types of paid themes and plugins rather than hiring a web designer full-time.

You can either create one by your client’s wish or make one of your own that you think people will like.

You can either sell it through your website or on online marketplace sites like ThemeForest.

Continuously updating your plugins and themes will help you make a good income from website themes and plugging designing.

13. Make Website Templates (HTML, PHP, Bootstrap)

A website template is a pre-designed outline of a website. It displays all the features of a website and provides a comprehensive layout of how a website looks.

Website templates ensure quick website design.

Someone with no technical knowledge of how to design or who doesn’t have enough time may depend on these types of website templates.

Many free website templates are available online. Create unique ones from those free templates and provide more features to attract more customers.

There are mainly two types of templates. HTML template and CMS template. Both are in high demand. If you can create one, you can earn it by selling it.

14. Take Photographs for Digital Reselling

Photography is a skill and, if you think you are good at taking pictures, then selling them will bring you a steady passive income.

People prefer seeing an image rather than reading long paragraphs to understand a message.

Hence to grab people’s attention, business and non-business groups require images for conveying some information to their audience.

Images also make the look of any content pleasing and engaging.

So if you have a quality camera and can take impressive photographs, you can sell it on sites like Shutterstock and iStockphoto.

They accept images from you for an amount. You are stress-free from running a website of your own to sell your photos.

Their payment may not be high or up to your expectations, like when you get from your website. Still, you can earn a decent sum.

15. Develop New Web Elements

Web elements like fonts and icons are always needed for websites. If you are creative in designing such things, then it brings you a decent income.

Hand-written words and calligraphy are super impressive. It doesn’t need to be updated like other digital products.

These are necessary for event planners, wedding card designers, business websites, etc.

Icons are pictograms seen on computers to help users navigate easily through the system.

Try this if you are capable of creating and selling them on Creative Market or MyFonts.

16. Make Printables to Sell Online

It includes coloring pages, worksheets, an outline of the timetable, or anything which are printable.

It is highly profitable because you don’t need any special equipment.

These digital products can be easily swapped into a physical form as well.

You can create them free using sites like Canva and sell them on Etsy to earn.

If you are confident that your printables are good and people will buy them, don’t hesitate to try.


Having discussed the 16 different profitable digital products here, I hope you can decide on which one you can choose to sell.

Though it sounds simple, the field is booming, and competition is very high.

If you have the right talent, then nothing can stop you and, it’s easy to earn selling digital products.

But if else is the case, I can’t assure your success.

So before deciding to start a career in selling digital products, understand customer requirements and be creative in developing quality content.

There are many good platforms to sell digital products online. Don’t waste your time. Start creating digital products to promote.

FAQ on How To Sell Digital Products

How to Sell Digital Products Online?

Research and develop the product you want to sell. Choose the right platform according to your product. Having your website will provide you with complete control over the products. Otherwise, you can choose suitable platforms and be stress-free. Drive more traffic to your product to increase sales.

Can I Sell Digital Products Profitably Online?

Of course, you can. Choosing the right product people are interested in and using free tools to generate them will bring you more profit. Do not underestimate any digital product. Maybe the competition will be low in that area you think there is no crowd, But that can bring you a higher income than those evergreen products.

How do I Sell my Digital Printables?

Newbies can sell their digital printables on sites like Etsy, Fiverr, and Creative Master, etc. If you want to earn more, you have to create your website and quote your price. But be sure your printables are in high demand, and you will get good sales.

Can I Make Money Selling Templates?

Yes, You can. Templates are in high demand these days. But make sure your templates are much better than those free ones available online. You can sell them on eBay, ThemeForest, Sitepoint, etc.

Is it possible to make money by selling digital downloads?

Digital downloads are high in demand as they are easy to carry. Some can be converted into physical products too. Digital products have many benefits when compared with physical products. People are shifting to use digital products. Hence making money by selling digital products is possible.

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