Why the Number of People Work from Home is Increasing?

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Work from Home

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Recently, the People Work From Home has increased drastically. Let’s analyze the reason behind this.

Over the past few years, especially in India, there has been a significant increase in the number of people working remotely online.

Why the number of People works from home online is increasing? A shocking 88% of all Indians say that they prefer to work from home.

But why is that number so high? In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of working online, and why so many people are choosing to do it.

Work from home – The trending word that rules today’s world means working remotely from your home instead of going to the office.

We can simply define this working scenario as digital transformation since traditional work requires employees to work in the office.

Mom Work from Home

Thus people are making use of apps like Skype, zoom, google meet, Hangouts, and so on. Working from home has a lot of benefits in the form of communications, cost, productivity, and more.

The work can be done effectively by using current digital transformation technologies, especially using the internet.

People nowadays spend a lot of time working from home for earning money in the fields of education and training, healthcare, computers, and IT.

Similarly, people earning from the positions include data entry and transcription, customer service, virtual assistants, teachers, and more.

What Percent of People Are Working From Home?

The work from home option enables employees to work more comfortably remotely from their houses. Hence the percentage has increased over the world.

3 years back,  about 30 percent of people have worked remotely during their part of the time. But now nearly 80 percent of people are working online remotely for their regular job.

The fields like affiliate marketing, animation, blogs, cooking, clinical research, virtual customer service provide more remote work options.

Also, real estate, data entry, copy-writing, online teaching, and more are the popular sites that people use often to work from their homes.

In India, nearly 57 percent of people are doing their work from home as they felt less job stress and more flexibility in this comparing to going to the office.

Recent statistics about the growth of remote work clearly define that the work from home employee percentage is roughly 62 percent in the USA.

In the UK, nearly 60 percent of the adult population are doing their office jobs from home. They have increased productivity and decreased the cost of commuting and buying lunch.

The fun but the important fact is 97 percent of people are interested to work from their home. Also, people are mostly liking to work remotely for the rest of their careers, according to the survey.

Is Working from Home Productive?

Technological developments make working remotely a possible one for business owners as well as employees easily and flexibly.

Actually, the working from home option has increased productivity. As the employees are working more days compared to the days they are working in the office.

Being at home is more productive than working in the office. Because you can take breaks at any time, eliminate distractions by avoiding the phones.

This is not only productive for the employees but also for the companies. Companies can save the staff cost, saves commute time, training the employees to think strategically.

While at home, employees can spend more time on the right work. Since they have a lot of time to focus deeply on the concepts of their work.

Working remotely promotes saving hours by not commuting and not participating in the in-person meetings that take place in the office.

According to a recent survey, people who are doing their work from home can finish the task more effectively. Moreover, they are feeling worthy of their accomplishments.

Why People Working Online is Increasing?

The people who are working online at their home by using their computers and the internet have enormous growth, according to the recent survey.

The major issue about going to the office instead of the home is balancing the workload as well as the employee’s family.

Working remotely prevents employees to overcome form lack of time with their families. Hence people prefer to work from home through online platforms.

Moreover, these online jobs are blessings to those people who are disabled as they are stuck with their physical moves to do their everyday routine.

Similarly, working online provides flexible timings, custom workplace, no targets, and most importantly no boss. As a result, everyone loves to work online from their homes.

The transportation charges, costume charges, lunch, and snacks are also less while doing the work from our home. Therefore, working online is increasing.

6 Reasons Why Working From Home Increased?

1. More Flexible

Working from home is one of the most flexible jobs in the world, as you can set your working hours to what is suitable for you.

It’s perfect for housewives and home moms with children or those that are after extra money on the side.

On top of that, you also have the opportunity to work while you travel, as long as you have a WIFI connection and a laptop.

The primary advantage of working online at your home is that you can start your work any time and end it(equal to your working hours).

You can work beyond your timelines if you have started it lately and also finish the work before the timeline if you have started it earlier.

When you are doing your work from home, you can give attention to your personal life. For example, waking up in the early mornings to do some exercise, studying some courses online relevant to your job, and more.

In addition to that, you can participate in school events for your children, schedule medical appointments, and do some home improvement activities.

Working online from home is just simple as you can wear cozy clothes, enjoy music while working,  easily make calls(without getting any restrictions when you are in conference rooms, meeting rooms).

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2. You can Work for Yourself

1 in 5 individuals reports that they don’t like their boss, saying that it takes away the enjoyment of their job.

By having a remote office job, you get the excellent opportunity to work for yourself, without having the hassle of someone watching over you.

While you do have to deal with clients and make sure they are happy, it’s much easier than face-to-face contact.

You can save your time by cutting out commuting with people at your workspace as it will help in saving your time and energy to finish your work.

In fact, you can work for yourself by spending less time commuting. Since you will not get any distractions and unnecessary conversations from your co-workers.

You can think out of the box instead of when you are working by yourself instead of copying the same ideas and methods from others.

Similarly, you will get a deep knowledge of the concepts if you are in your home and your custom workspace. Thus you can achieve your targets.

Last but not the least, you don’t have any boss or any targets and restrictions. Therefore, you can be your own boss and simply work from your home.

3. You Can Be More Productive

Sometimes working in a busy office can be distracting, especially with all the hustle and bustle. By working online from home, you can create your own peaceful workspace.

While it can be challenging to stay motivated, freelancers report that it is much easier to get work done in their own home environment.

Work from home offers larger benefits as it contains fewer interruptions, a quiet and less noisy environment, fewer workspace politics, and also fewer meetings.

These all help you to be more productive as you are no more in commuting with the co-workers as well as you will not have any distractions.

Since you have a lot of time and stress-free minds, you can work more efficiently and this will lead to an increase the productivity.

If you are an employee you can be more productive as you can take breaks at any time, you can wear simple clothes, you can avoid distractions, and more.

Similarly, you can save money by cutting the tea breaks, transportation charges, electricity bills, internet charges, if you are running a business.

4. There are Multiple Payment Methods

The online world opens you up to a whole different system of payments, which can be a great benefit.

You can connect with more people that want your services and build up a great digital wallet.

In India, cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly popular and can be used online to pay for products and services.

Check out where to buy bitcoin in India if you’re interested.

Most of the work from home companies provide online payments through popular apps like Paypal, Bhim UPI, Paytm, Google Pay, and more.

Similarly, there are no signup charges, annual fees, and also membership charges as you can save your money without investing.

All the trustworthy companies that provide work from home option genuinely gives payment through online payment transfers.

There are various payment methods available that include weekly payments, monthly payments, and hourly pay.

You can earn and save money from your home in your free time using multiple payment methods as well as work as a full-time online worker.

5. You can Save Yourself Money

If you have to travel to work each day, you can spend thousands of dollars a year on transport, including fuel and public transport expenses.

By working from home online, you no longer have to worry about travel, as all of your clients come directly to you.

Working at home can help you to save money for yourself in multiple ways when you use it correctly in your free time or full-time.

Doing your work from home allows you to spend less on commuting. Since your transport charges will cost lower or will become nonexistent.

If you are a parent, then the amount you are spending on your child’s before and aftercare will become zero. Thus you can save money for yourself.

In addition to that, you can cut the expenses by what you are spending for your lunch and parties at your workspace and save money for yourself.

The most important fact is you can save money that you are spending on your wardrobe. Since we all are spending a lot of money buying clothes and accessories.

6. You can be Happier and Healthier

By having a great work-life balance, your mental and physical health can be the best it’s ever been.

Not only do you have more time to spend with your family and friends, but you can also take time out to rest and relax.

Many freelancers also report eating healthier when working from home, as they can cook their own meals and save money on takeout.

Workspace sometimes causes stress and anxiety that causes blood pressure, blood sugar, higher cholesterol, increased depression, and more.

Work from home is location independent as job seekers can find their perfect matching jobs based upon their location and that makes them feel comfortable.

When you are working at home, you can do some physical activities to make you fit and healthy then lower your stress levels. Hence you can spend some time on your hobbies.

You will become happier and healthier when you are working in your comfortable location, environment, flexible timings, fewer politics, and more.

Work from home offers all those comforts to live a happy and healthy life as you can spend a lot of time with your loved ones and at-home events.

Benefits Why People Work In Their Homes?

In comparison with the early stage where people go to the office, the work from home options enables them to earn in their free time and flexible periods. Therefore people choose this to earn more along with their regular work.

Employees who are doing remote office jobs can enjoy lots of perks such as flexibility, homely clothes, a custom environment, no distractions.

Also, they do need to follow strict rules and regulations, save money by avoiding traveling and eating junk foods.

On the contrary, from the company side which provides the options to their employees to work from their home may increase productivity, decrease organizational costs such as electricity costs, tea break costs, internet costs, etc.


Work from home plays a major role in the current scenario as everyone is busy making money online easily and effectively.

There are lots of online jobs available to work from home such as data entry, freelancing, copy editing, proofreading, online teaching, writing blogs, etc.

Even though there are some security risks and a lack of payment issues, there are many trustworthy companies that provide genuine payment.

Work from home provides different payment methods such as hourly, weekly, and monthly. Hence you can earn whenever you want from this method.

To conclude, work from home is the best option to earn money online easily with simple efforts. Hence anyone can do this and save money to live a happy and healthy life.

By taking all of the above into consideration, it’s understandable to see why more people each and every year are choosing this work method.

With increased opportunities and more time to balance work and life, it’s a smart option. You just have to be able to motivate yourself, so that you can source out jobs and keep busy.

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