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10 Best and Easy Ways to Make Money working online at home?

  • 09 January, 2020
  • / By Myilraj G

The smart answer to the question, How Can I find the Easy Ways to Make Money?


I’m the last person to say that making a change in your life is easy; all positive movements of finding the easy ways to make money fast upon which I ventured caused me troubles.

Through the years of challenges, there’s one thing which I’ve learned and which made all the difference.

Struggle makes you a stronger person, but the struggle is hard, that is why we prefer to avoid it; the recent study on students’ employment confirms it best.

Over recent years, the share of working students reduced by half. Most of the learners make up reasons not to work; they allege a busy schedule of activities, lack of time, or absence of necessity.

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Rules to Follow to Make Easy Money:

Those excuses appear quite pathetic by the side of potential benefits. While reluctant learners idle around, working students learn fundamental skills of time-management, gain their working experience, make their living.

  1. Don’t be frightened: You will not waste your time working. I will show you some tips on how to choose the perfect occupation and make the most of it, so you can start working right away.
  2. Consider the location: You don’t want to waste half of your non-working hours commuting; check the location in advance and save some extra minutes of healthy sleep in the morning.
  3. Estimate your pay: Usually, students work either to gain money or experience. Whenever possible, opt for the job that provides you with both a competitive salary and valuable working training.
  4. Schedule it up! Now your timetable is much stricter than before; that is why you need to allocate time wisely and plan every day carefully.
  5. Examine prospects: Some companies provide their worker with on-the-job training, which can save your money and give valuable professional experience.

Stick to these easy rules, and you will not struggle with finding the time and having more working hours. Let’s get back to the point: What are the easy ways to make money fast online?


1.) Easy Ways to Make Money With A Blog:

People have blogs for all kinds of reasons. Blogs are a great way to express oneself, share knowledge, develop writing skills, or find like-minded others.

Nowadays, the times when blogs were nothing more than enjoyable and time-consuming hobby are passing away.

Once bloggers realized that they could make money blogging, the tables have turned. Everyone can start a blog to make some extra money by blogging. And so can you.

I’m not saying that it is easy. Making a profitable blog is not easier than going into any other business. Why not try it? That’s how you turn your blog into a small business:

  • Start a blog. Well, thank you, Captain Obvious!
  • Choose your niche and create content that draws a wide audience.
  • Transform your readers into email subscribers. That helps you keep in touch with them.
  • Keep your blog and deliver useful content to subscribers. In other words, develop trust.
  • Provide your audience with valuable services or goods.
  • This scheme is almost perfect for people who use their blog as a platform to promote some existing business.

That means that they sell their services, education, or goods (digital or material). Then what should a blogger do if he or she doesn’t have his business?

You can sell or promote some business of other people to get a fee.

Bloggers without their product opt for advertising or do affiliate marketing; needless to say, that such blogs are the most common. They are also the least profitable.

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2.) Make Money from YouTube:

If your heart isn’t in writing articles, write an essay for the services, you may try shooting videos.

All you need to start your YouTube channel is a camera, some free time, and a bit of creativity.

The process of YouTube blogging is in many aspects similar to conventional text blogging:

  • Start your YouTube Channel.
  • Decide upon your audience and create appropriate content.
  • Draw enough audience.
  • Keep it up! You need to invest your effort to maintain the number of devoted users.
  • Sell or promote products, services, or other bloggers.
  • The most important thing if you keep a YouTube channel is to be genuine with your subscribers. You should not turn the profit into the main aim of your channel.

Keep in mind that viewers of your channel will instantly smell out two-facedness of the blog.


3.) Work as a Passionate Writer:

Content writing jobs

The obvious advice for a person who wants to write is to try doing it. Nobody is going to endow you with economic wealth for your noble aspiration for writing.

Becoming a writer is not at all sunflowers and daisies. This work requires a lot of effort. So take your pen (or keyboard) and delve into work!

Be a freelance writer: It is a great way to have more pocket money or even to build a steady second income. You can choose either full-time work or part-time work. You can become a freelance writer to develop your writing abilities or just to try things out.


Become a copywriter: This profession may seem childish by the side of big novelistic dreams, but copywriting is more serious then it seems. The copywriter is a wizard and a judge of character.

He is the one who makes you buy all this cool useless stuff on the net. He is the Jack of all trades who creates all texts on the web. Delve into copywriting and discover your ideal niche of writing.


Self-publish your book: Yep, you can do it. What is the problem? You need to sell it! If you succeed in writing your debut book (which is doubtful), you need to make a great effort to advertise it.


Create your blog: Finally, we reverted to the point we started from. A personal blog is a must-have for any modern writer.

It is a powerful tool that can help you introduce your writings and yourself to your audience. Not to speak of the fact that some blogs bring much better profit than some books.



4.) Use your Car to Generate some Revenue:

Do you have a car? No matter whether it is an old-school beater or a luxury sports vehicle, it can generate a sizable profit. You don’t even have to sell your beloved beauty to get some money from it!

Deliver pizza and other food: Does your car resembles a doomsday device and discourages all potential clients? Or you don’t admire people at all?

Then you may try food delivery. Pizza will newer wreck your nerves with lofty phrases or spoil your rating on Uber.

Deliver groceries and packages: There are a lot of apps that will help you find your clients.

Deliver newspapers: Funny enough, paper newspapers are not dead. If you are a near riser, you can earn your share by spreading the news around your area.

Run a taxi service: If you are not afraid to drive people, you may try out Lyft or Uber. All you need to have is a year of experience, the car made later than 2007, dash, and courage. And free time to cruise around town.

Finally, your car saves you money, and you can handle all the maintenance checks. Using your car as a way to make money can produce outsize rewards. It is possible to earn your living just by driving a car around town!


5.) Work as a Video Game Tester:

Game Testing

It seems that you are serious about making your living by doing something you adore. You are a lucky thing, for sure, you can try it!

Keep in mind that a lot of gamers come to hate gaming by turning it into their work. Professional gamers deal with a jugular competition in their field.

If you are brave enough to face that fresh challenge, there are some of the most common ways to earn money by playing video games:

Start blogging and put ads on your page: It is the easiest way to get profit from video games. However, as this niche is highly competitive, you will need to post high-quality content or find some less popular games.

Start blogging and sell merchandise: This way is not easier than the previous one. However, it is more beneficial. People who sell their products always make more money than ones who promote the goods of other companies.

Make brands sponsor you for playing: Some brands seek to collaborate with leading bloggers that have a vast auditory. They may pay you for introducing them to your video or provide you with some goods to be demonstrated to the viewers.

Take part in promotion campaigns: Some companies may want to announce their game in advance.

In that way, when the official version will come on the market, the audience will be familiar with its main benefits.

For this purpose, the company may hire you to make a promotional video.


6.) How to Sell your Knowledge?

Have you been a straight-A pupil for all your lifetime? Or your mark is just a bit higher than average?

In any case, there is always someone who knows something worse than you do.

The plain fact is that knowledge is the best thing to sell to other people. How do you start?

Choose a subject: Opt for your key strength, something that you are passionate about.

Choose an audience: Obviously, your students should know your subject not as good as you do. Depending on the depth of your knowledge, you can choose between college or school students.

Make a plan: The well-planned program is an ace up professional’s sleeve. Don’t rely on your impromptu skills.

Improve your knowledge: You should constantly cultivate your abilities. Students prefer open-minded and enthusiastic professionals.

If you are not sure that you are ready to learn with your students, some other variant on the list may fit you.


7.) How to Make Money If you Love Sports?

fitness trainer jobDo you tear hair after a missed training? Are you fond of posting photos of every your meal on Instagram? Had you ever felt that training sessions consume all your spare time?

It seems that you are one of these hot guys with sports obsession!

Use this chance as the ways to make money fast for your hobby!

Now you will have time both for training and work.

Just choose one of these beautiful opportunities:



Become a coach: Well, you’ve missed your chance to become a professional athlete. We need to face the truth: not everybody becomes one.

Instead, you can put all your effort to share your knowledge with others or even bring up your professional sports person one day!


Run a fan site: There is only one thing that athletes love more than sports itself. It is another athlete, their cult-hero.

If you feel that more people should get involved with your passion, create a community for other sports fans. You use this community to sell merchandise, advertise products, or do affiliate marketing.


Start a career as an online commentator: Do you feel that you are a more excellent player than those guys running around the football field?

You know what to do then! All you need to become a sports commentator is an excellent memory, knowledge of rules of play, and a good personality.


Take up sports photography: It is a great way to see your favorite sportsmen in reality. Breaking in the photography business without experience is hard.

You don’t need to have a degree in photography to become a really good one. More often than not, your good taste and eye for beautiful sports moments will make you a flying start.

A starting photographer needs to know some photographers’ basics and is eager to learn.


Become a referee: Are you keen on some particular kind of sport? Do you know it inside out and see the smallest departure from rules?

You can try out the profession of the referee. Start working in some local organizations. You may need to attend training courses.


8.) How to Start a Retail Business?

Do you feel being the boss of your own? You should try a retail business! To start this career, you need to have good analytical and planning skills.

And, for sure, you need a lot of free space! If you are not afraid of numerous goods cluttering your apartment, you’re on the right path. Get ready to convert your dwelling into storage facilities! How to do it?

  • Check all the local policies considering retail. You need to avoid any possible violations.
  • Think about whether you will do drop-shipping. It is a perfect variant if you don’t possess private halls.
  • Develop an image of your customer. Brainstorm the interests and tastes of your ideal consumer. It is a necessary stage to carter client’s needs.
  • Create a store name. Take into account the tastes of your client.
  • Develop your financial plan. Think about the best pricing, read related material if needed.
  • Develop advertizing and marketing strategies.
  • Assess your progress. You need to notice errors before they caused any serious damage.


9.) How to Earn in Social Networks?

Do you feel that you give too much time to Instagram or Facebook? Are you fond of writing posts and creating lucrative illustrations?

Do you enjoy chatting with followers? Make money out of it! Your vocation is to be a social media manager.

If you have a thriving social life of your own, it is the crucial step to get this work. You can start doing this right away.

Develop your social image: To become an official social manager of some company, you need to have good personal statistics. Not until then you will get your position.

Drive clients to your page: You need to find your customers and talk to them about your business. You need to interact with them and deliver supreme content. That is how you win their trust.

Improve your time-management skills: Now you can spend as much time on the internet as you please. You need to spread your time wisely. You need to manage numerous platforms and work effectively.

Learn marketing skills: Basic knowledge in marketing is very helpful in the work of social media managers. They will help you to hone your skills. Stick to these easy rules climb up your career ladder!


10.) Make Money with a Good Camera:

stock photography

Almost anyone has a camera nowadays. Surprisingly, the demand for professional photographers has never slowed down.

A professional photographer aims to produce pictures of supreme quality. You may put a lot of effort into your development. The result will be worth it!

Decide upon the style of your shots: Look through modern directions of photography. You are free to choose the most appealing of them.

Examine the demands of your customer: You need to know who will be interested in your product.

Don’t be afraid to experiment: Your final aim is to develop a personal style and become a brand of your own.

Share your pictures on social media: It is the best way to attract customers and gain recognition.

Arrange free photo sessions: Another way to attract customers is to make professional photos free of charge. Once you get enough customers, the steady income is guaranteed!



These were some ideas on how to start making money in your spare time. You can learn more about part-time jobs for students.

This article was crafted targeting college students and job seekers to supplement their income with some additional ways.

These ideas help them to find some legit and easy ways to make money during their free time.

If you have ideas or suggestions, share here in this comment section. Online Home Income is ready to support you.

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