20 Successful Home Based Business You Can Start Today

Read some of the best ideas to start a small home based business in 2020.


Nowadays, many people were doing different kinds of home based business to earn money for their living.

Over the last few years, the influence of the Internet has dominated all the industries and it has created a unique revolution.

It broke the traditional rule of going for a 9 to 5 day job and completely changed the nature of work.

The Internet facilitates the work at home a reality for millions of people across the world irrespective of their culture, age, language, and skill.

Home Based Business Start Today

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The working culture in western countries has changed a lot and nearly half of all the employees were working at home.

There are many kinds of home based businesses or jobs are available such as Freelancing or working for a particular project from your home location.

The technology has laid all the possible platforms to start almost any kind of home business immediately either with or without investment.


Who can Start Home Based Business?

A very nice question indeed, and my answer is there are no fixed eligibility criteria to start a home based offline or online business.

For females, if you are a stay-at-home mom, or a housewife or a career woman and are you are looking for additional income opportunities?

For males, Are you a job goer, or a small business owner, or still searching for a job, while looking to earn secondary income?

All these categories of people are perfectly eligible to start a home based business by using any of the ideas catered in this article.

Every people has different kinds of talent based on their industry and hence, they can use the skill to find a perfect side business to make money.


Advantages of doing Home Business:

The business from home has gained a lot of potential attention among the different age groups of people irrespective of their location.

They can start any online or offline business from the comfort of their home.

Housewives and home moms can be able to spend more time with their husband and their children, thus increase family bonding.

Similarly, there are lots of advantages when you choose to start a home online or offline business. Let us see,

Working Hours: In the traditional office job, one has to spend nearly 8 – 9Hrs every day, but home based business does not require such conditions.

Personal Freedom: Since there is no one to control and ask for reporting, you can work whenever you want.

Earn More Money: Your earning potential is directly proportional to your hard work. You can earn as much as you want.

Multiple Opportunities: You can work for many companies at the same time. Hence you will get more exposure in the field.

The most advantageous thing in working from home was, people, can find more time to spend with their family.

This creates a healthy communal harmony thus helps to develop a great society of people.

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Let’s get into the actual phase of the article and that is 20 most successful home based business ideas for the people.

1.) Freelancing

The freelancing is a kind of service or work offered by an employer to an employee from the remote place for a particular project or for a shorter time only.

The freelancing is a popular home based business among various people from different industries and the skill set.

The companies and the businesses offer plenty of home based jobs to the freelancers because they can save a lot of money when outsourcing projects.

What are the available jobs? Nearly 1000+ types of jobs available for the freelancers to work.

Some of them are Data Entry, Form Filling, Writing Jobs, Web Designing, Web Development, Logo designing and much more.

The payment is made via PayPal and the freelancer website will take 5% – 10% commission for providing the platform.

All you need it to register a free account with Freelancer, Upwork, Elance, etc. Then complete your profile and verify your account.

Then browse for the suitable work from home and bid on the project. Once the employer accepted your bid, you will get a home job.

Complete on time and get your payment.

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2.) Virtual Assistant:

In every company, there is a position ranked as Personal Secretary which is called Virtual Assistant when done from a remote place.

A virtual assistant is a self-employed person who provides various professional, administrative, management and technical assistance to clients remotely.

If you have strong communication skills, talent, and self-confidence, then you can find a suitable virtual assistant job.

The main role of this home job is to organize various events such as meetings, conferences, parties, etc.

The requirements to start this work from home are strong internet connectivity and high inner confidence.

Where to Find the Job? Hmmm, that’s a nice question, don’t worry, I recommend some sites where you can find these jobs are: Odesk.com, Elance.com, etc.


3.) Drop Shipping Business:

The immense growth of the E-commerce industry has significantly increased the thousands of small businesses associated with it.

One of the common business with profitable growth that has gained momentum recently was Drop Shipping Business.

This is a kind of courier delivery business, which means, you act as a middleman between the merchant and the customer.

That is, you get the order from the consumer and pass the orders to the supplier and get the commission for the total orders you processed.

How to start? You can start an online store on Shopify.com and start this profitable home based drop shipping business today.


4.) Small Online E-commerce Store:

The influence of the Internet has created a trend that is notably known as Online Shopping.

More and more people are often showing interest in buying online because they feel more convenient and comfortable.

People hate going outside commuting to a retail store and negotiating prices. Online retailing offers the best price and best deals which people love.

Hence, there is a demand for the E-Commerce stores, thus I suggest opening an online E-commerce store can really generate a very good income.

This is a perfect home-based business for all people who have Internet knowledge. Many merchants offer 40 – 60% profit margins for each product you sell.

You can start any E-commerce business online such as a small online stationery item to big clothing sites.


5.) Blogging:

There is no way you can find another best home based online business, which is none other than Blogging.

A blog is a collection of information available on the internet about the various niche. You can start a blog on any topic as you think you are passionate about.

Some of the best examples of a successful blog were, food blog, entertainment blog, finance blog, money-making blog, and tech blog.

How to Start? To start this work from your home, you need to buy a .com domain name, a web hosting and a Word Press Theme.

Then write articles on the subject you chose, publish on your blog, and perform SEO activities and content marketing activities.

How to Earn? Once your blog starts receiving a good volume of business and when your audience starts growing, you can then monetize with Google Adsense Program.


6.) Affiliate Marketing:

Another most profitable home business that is suitable for any people who may be a housewife, a college student, or even a job goer.

Affiliate Marketing is a performance-based business model where an individual makes money by selling someone else product or service.

On every successful sale, the merchant will pay a percentage of commission of anywhere between 10% – 60% of the product value.

You can even make more than $1000 every month by starting an affiliate marketing business from home.

How to Start? You should have a blog and an affiliate account with various affiliate programs such as Amazon, ShareASale, Commission Junction, etc.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a blog, you can use your social media influence for this business.

Start writing articles about the product and promote it on the internet. The people who visit your blog, if purchases something, you will get a commission.

You can get your payment either via PayPal, or direct bank deposit.


7.) Photography (Selling Photos):

Do you have a Smartphone? Are you a photographer? Do you love photography? Or is photography is your hobby?

Then earn some bucks by transforming your hobby into regular work. There are so many sites ready to pay for the original photos you share.

Sites like Shutterstock, Istockphotos are ready to pay you up to $10 for every high quality and original images.

You can make somewhere Rs.5000 – Rs. 10000 every month by selling your photos, and the photos you took during your picnic or tour.

You should have a computer and some photo editing tools to tinker your work before submitting it to these sites.


8.) Event Management:

This is really a profitable home based business for educated housewives or any young aspirants who have creativity and guts in organizing some events.

There are different types of events such as birthday parties, anniversary parties, business meetings, wedding events, and other cultural events, etc.

You can make up to Rs.1 lac per event and it depends on the client you take the order.

How to start? You probably can’t start individually because you should have people to assist you in performing various tasks.

Then, you should create a tie-up between you and some merchants to buy various items needed to conduct the event.


9.) Influencer Marketing:

This is an alternate form of advertising tactics being practiced by many marketing companies to reach their potential customers.

They have come out of the traditional marketing styles and recently they contact influential people to market their brand directly.

The best and the notable examples are Harsh Agarwal from Shoutmeloud, Anil Agarwal, to whom advertisers contact directly for promotion.

If you have a strong social media influence such as if you are having some 1 million Twitter followers, then you can make a very good income out of it.

Many big brands will contact you directly to promote their products and you will earn a lucrative income from this home business.

This will not happen over-night and it will take some time to gain social followers and to become an influencer in the particular niche.


10.) Web Design and Development:

Today most of the traditional business has started building their online presence and it can be made possible by creating their own website.

If you have knowledge of web technology, then you can find a lot of potential home based opportunities for big companies and small businesses.

Several firms are looking for the right developer to work for the long-term for their project. You can work from your home and at your own comfortable timings.

You can start the work from your home else you can rent a room and put a small office. Initially, you can begin developing your own site.

Later reach the local market and offer them an affordable service. Slowly, gain market and expand your home business.

All you need is to develop and monitor their online application to be up and running 24/7. You can earn a minimum of $500 per project development.


11.) Small Scale Manufacturing:

There are still various FMCG items, consumer durable goods are still manufactured with the help of small-scale industries.

These small-scale industries further outsource these projects to housewives and this turned out to be a nice business idea for housewives.

You can manufacture candles, paper plates, paper cups, incense sticks, etc. from your home. Hence that is why I am saying this home business will earn you a nice profit.

Also, read – 25 profitable small scale manufacturing business ideas suitable for other people.

Over a period of time, you can grow your home business to medium scale business and create your own fortune.


12.) Start a YouTube Channel:

The advanced version of the blogging revolution is Vlogging (Video-blogging). YouTube is Google Alias and the world’s largest video hosting website.

There are so many videos in many different categories that have been published every day and viewed by thousands of people every day.

Do you know you can earn money from uploading YouTube videos as well?

Yes, this home based work is similar to blogging where you write in text and here you shoot and publish videos of any niche.

  1. All you need is to create a perfect video for any interesting subject and publish it on your YouTube channel by creating a free account today using your Gmail ID.
  2. Once your videos get at least 10,000 views and your channel gets 1,000 subscribers, you are all set to earn by displaying Google Adsense Ads on your videos.
  3. When someone watching your videos attracted by the ad and if he/she clicked the ad, you will earn a commission.

You can make more than thousands of dollars if you have plenty of quality videos and decent subscribers to watch them.


13.) Online Tutoring:

This is suitable for school teachers, college lecturers, and professors to earn some additional revenue from the comfort of their home.

Anyone from any field can start this home based business which helps to empower education among youngsters.

You can make anywhere between $10 – $50 per hour depending on the subject you teach.

How to Start? Already, there are many online tutoring jobs providing websites such as TutorVista, I tutor, etc.

Register an account with them and once you passed the moke interview, they will list you in their listings.

You can fix your own working hours, timings and the subject you are sound in good teaching.


14.) Home Tuition:

There is nothing more than making money by sharing your knowledge with other people.

Over the above, we have seen online tutoring work from home, and here, we will see another cost-effective home business with zero starting cost.

Taking tuition at home is the perfect home based business in India among many school teachers especially female teachers.

You can use a room in your home to conduct tuition classes. The maximum income potential from this business opportunity was between Rs. 10,000 to Rs 30,000.


15.) Handmade Craft Business:

If you have the creativity in making home decor items and other hand-made jewels, then there is a high demand to market these products and make money.

This is best suitable especially for college going girls, stay-at-home moms who search for some part-time home based business.

There are two ways to make money from this business: one is by selling such handicrafts to other merchants for a profit margin.

The second way is by manufacturing own handicraft items and sells to the local marketplace.


16.) Content Writing:

Ever since businesses made online, they have been an increase in the demand for content writers for blogs and websites.

If you have time to write content on any subject, then there is a huge scope of opportunities available on the Internet.

Writing unique niche-based content that will engage readers and attract new visitors is the basic requirement for this home business.

This content writing job is suitable for college students, educated home moms and housewives.

You can write for a blog or a website or work as a freelance writer. Many businesses are ready to pay up to 100$ for a 2000 word article.


17.) Consulting Services:

Home-based consulting services have been recently growing in major industries in the past few years.

If you are an expert in your field and if you think you are able to support other businesses, then you can start this opportunity.

There are different consulting services such as Blog SEO consultant, digital marketing consultant, Vastu consultant are some of the notable choices.

To get started, you have to create a blog and publish your services and then perform certain marketing strategies to drive customers.

For example, take a look at my personal consulting blog, myilraj.com where I offer SEO consulting services and along with them, I do blog development service also.


18.) Catering Services:

Are you a Cook? Are you the only person who cook for all your family events?

Then, there is a nice home-based opportunity to turn your routine work into a profitable home based business.

Starting this business does not require any huge investment and begin with small orders in your place.

While time goes, you establish your catering business on a large scale by taking large catering orders around your place.

This industry is growing rapidly increasing and more new people were starting this business every new day.

Similarly, the income potential is also variable nominal from this business.


19.) Beauty Parlor:

The changing lifestyle and modernization of western culture have implemented vast changes in the beauty and cosmetics industry.

Increased demand among the females especially college students, does give the greatest importance to make themselves look pretty and beautiful.

Many educated housewives have been attending special beautician classes and starting a small beauty parlor business based at home.

This home business is the most profitable one if you have special skills in skill care and facial treatments.


20.) Social Media Specialist:

Social media is an essential tool for most of the business to enhance their online presence and meet the more new audience.

Therefore, maintaining an active social media platform has become an integral part of running a business.

If you are an active social media user and have the power of words to convince people, then you can become a social media manager or a specialist.

A few social media accounts with 1000s of followers helps you build profitable earnings over time.



It is possible to earn a substantial income by doing home-based work every day and it is a very good idea to begin one home based job today.

Moreover, starting a home based business does not require any huge investments and always profits are higher than your input.

Even though there are some risks and barriers, just concentrate on putting your true efforts to become a successful entrepreneur.

You don’t need to have any special magical skills to start a business based at home, the passion and your interest drive you.

Prepare a perfect business plan before starting this business so that you won’t get stuck in the middle.


Thanks for spending your valuable time to read my ideas that I have written in this article.

I am sure this information has somehow enlightened your inner abilities and helped you to lay a road for your successful career.

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