Paid Surveys for Cash: 5 Top Survey Sites to Earn Online

By Myilraj G 

Updated on Dec 30, 2023


Online Surveys

Online Surveys in India

If you are looking for an additional way to earn some extra income, then try paid surveys for cash. I have recommended 5 sites that pay for answering questions.

Doing Paid Surveys for Cash from Home was one of the easiest ways to earn money online. However many people won’t succeed in surveys because they don’t know how the survey panel works.

There are many online platforms conducting surveys on various topics and aspects. Some companies conduct surveys on social media platforms.

Swagbucks is a great place allowing me to earn some decent bucks daily by completing surveys. If you are searching for a quick money-making method, then online paid surveys are the best way to do it.

By spending a minimum of time, you can earn as much as Rs. 1,000 per day from your home. Still, many people fail to make money from surveys.

Paid Surveys for Cash
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Because they just register an account with survey companies and complete their profile with some random information.

People don’t understand the value of their profiles that determines their eligibility for getting more surveys.

There are no upper limits on attending surveys per day. It is suitable for college students, retired professionals, housewives, freelancers, etc everyone can work here.

You can take it as a Side Hustle or as a full-time online job at home. The more surveys you fill in, the more money you can make.

In this article, we will go through how these survey panels work and how to earn more from online surveys for cash.

I am sure that the next few minutes will be going to be a game-changer. Don’t miss the available opportunities and you may regret it later.

1. Why Online Surveys?

How Survey Works

Many multinational companies around the world are constantly engaged in improving their products or services for their market survival.

Hence these companies frequently conduct online surveys to get feedback from their customers and other people.

These MNC Companies are ready to spend billions of dollars on this research purpose.

But at the same time, they are not ready or have no time to take on all these responsibilities including meeting people, asking questions, getting feedback, and reporting.

This leads to the start of survey panels whose main work is to conduct online surveys on behalf of those multinational companies.

They acquire, organize, arrange, and conduct surveys and submit the report to the clients who were referred to as multinational companies.

Conducting surveys is a big process that involves technical skills and also needs a large group of people from different categories to attend the surveys.

The survey panel already has a large database of members of different categories from different parts of the world who are ready to attend the surveys.

These members are ready to post their opinions and reviews and in turn, they will be compensated with either cash or gift vouchers.

Multinational companies will pay huge money to these survey panels and in turn survey panels will take some part of that money for their administrative purpose and technical purposes.

Then the rest will be distributed among the members who attend these online paid surveys for cash.

surveys pay online

2. How does the Survey Panel work?

A survey panel is a company that conducts research on something for a client and rewards its participants with cash or gift vouchers.

The company will pay the said amount to this survey panel to meet the expenses of conducting the surveys and offering rewards.

Conducting surveys involves a lot of technical work, and multinational companies have no time for all these activities.

Hence they approach these survey panels to conduct surveys on their behalf.

how survey panel works

After getting a survey offer from these multinational companies, the survey panel will run a sequence of technical workouts to find eligible members to attend the survey.

The company that offers surveys does not provide all these technical supports as they just want results.

Survey panels after getting the survey offer first complete the technical part which includes organizing survey questions in sequence.

Then they start the filtering process to filter irrelevant people and finally send an email invitation to attend the survey for the eligible members.

Once you get the invitation, attend the survey and answer the questions asked. Once you complete the survey, you will be paid the promised amount into your account.

A little example: A survey panel charges $1250 from a client for conducting a research on behalf of them among 1000 members.

The survey panel will pay $1 for the 1000 members who attended the survey and remaining part of $250 will be taken towards fee for technical work and administration charges.

3. How to Get Paid Surveys for Cash?

If you want to make money online from these online survey jobs, all you have to do is register a free account with them.

join survey panel

1.) During registration, enter your real name, correct Email address, and all other details because many multinational companies spend billions of dollars on research.

2.) They need real people’s feedback and opinions about their product or services and hence they require you to provide real details to attend their surveys.

3.) After filling out the registration form, you need to verify your Email address by clicking on the confirmation link attached to the mail.

4.) After clicking confirmation links, log in to your profile dashboard and complete all profile surveys related to your Personal, professional, academic, travel, medical, entertainment, hobbies, etc.

Why this is because this will help the survey panel to send you relevant surveys?

If you are an IT technician then you will receive surveys related to the IT field and not any other manufacturing field or production field.

Your profile should be 100% completed and remember to review and update your profile surveys frequently as this will help you to get more surveys.

Do not expect paid surveys for cash from Day 1 because the survey panel may take some time to analyze your profile before sending you the invitation.

Add their email address to your contact list to not miss their email in the spam folder.

4. How to Earn Money from Surveys?

On the next day or maybe a few days later you will receive an email invitation asking you to attend the survey if your profile is eligible.

An invitation email consists of the details of rewards that will be offered at the end of the survey.

If you feel ok with the reward, just click on the link “Start the survey” for the next process.

You will be taken to a new page where you will be tested by asking screening questions.

If you successfully passed the screening test then you will be taken to the actual part of the survey.

Answer all the questions patiently and truthfully. Remember all your activities including answering a question and previously answered questions will be registered in their server log and monitored.

If found any mismatch you will be banned.

how does a survey operate

So to avoid being banned, read the question carefully and properly answer the question. Do not answer randomly and answer in a very short period of time.

To prevent bots, a survey engine somewhere in the middle of the question will ask you to select an answer like, “select red on the answers”, “select option 3”, and “Tick all the boxes except 5”.

If you were not aware of these questions you will be screened out immediately from the survey.

On successful completion of the survey, your reward will be credited to your account immediately, or in some cases, it may take a pre-defined time if the same was mentioned in your email invitation.

5. Can I Make Money with Surveys?

A nice question, many people want to know the exact answer.

👉 The answer is, that the more your profile looks genuine more you will get surveys.

  • If you frequently fail screening questions the possible chances of getting more surveys are low.

Usually, a survey will take around 5 – 20 minutes to complete with a cash reward of $0.5 to $5.

It is based on many factors such as geographical location, and age group, and targets people like only students, and only job goers, housewives, etc.

Join more survey sites to earn more because the number of surveys from one survey panel is limited.

So, join the list of paid surveys in India on as many sites as possible to earn more. You should also know these disadvantages of online surveys and protect yourself from getting frustrated. 😱

6. What is the Payment Method?

Most survey companies pay via Payment Gateway like PayPal, Payoneer, etc. If you are from the US, you can get paid via US Cheque (or other alternative payment method).

Depending on the site, the participants can choose the rewards. Some sites may offer Gift Vouchers and/or coupons that you can redeem for online purchases.

You have to reach the payout threshold before requesting a payout. For example, in Swagbucks, you need to earn a minimum of $5 to redeem as Amazon or Flipkart Coupons.

Your account will be accumulated with all your earnings from the successful completion of the survey. Your payments are 100% guaranteed.

Do not expect a huge income from paid surveys for cash, because you will be invited to attend the survey only on demand.

You cannot withdraw your earnings immediately because survey panels have set a minimum payout threshold and you will be paid once you reach the same.

7. List of Best Paid Survey (Sites) for Cash

Site #1 — Worthy-Shout

Founded by Sridhar Mani from India in 2013 was one of the best-reputed marketing research companies in South India with services across the world.

Having more than 1 Million member database and still consistently growing with the view to provide Legitimate work-from-home online free paid survey jobs to all people.

Register them free and make a great move today to create a residual income from survey jobs.


Pay per Survey: Up to $5

Currency: US DOLLARS

Payment: Cash Rewards (or) Gift Vouchers

Click to Join Worthy Shout!

Site #2 — Clixsense (Now Ysense)

Of course, no words to say about this Queen of PTC has embedded with them providing more earning opportunities to their members.

Apart from viewing PTC Ads, as a Clixsense member, you can earn from attending surveys online.

It is one of the best survey sites which accept members worldwide. They will pay you money for every successful completion of surveys.

Once you reach a minimum of $6 you can request your payout through Payza.


Pay per Survey: Up to $10

Currency: US DOLLARS

Payment: Cash Rewards (or) Gift Vouchers

Click to YSense Program!

Site #3 — Paid Polls and Surveys

A division from Worthy Shout market research especially targeting Indian customers launched in 2016.

Running successfully by providing timely payments to their members since startup.

Free to register, open to all Indians to earn some extra money during their spare time.

Panel Country: INDIA

Pay per Survey: Up to $10

Currency: US DOLLARS

Payment: Cash Rewards (or) Gift Vouchers

Join Paid Polls and Surveys!

Site #4 — Swagbucks

Definitely the oldest and most legitimate paid online survey jobs provider worldwide.

You will get paid for many actions such as completing surveys, answering daily polls, and trying products.

You will earn as Swagbucks and you can either convert it into PayPal cash or Flipkart, Amazon, or Freecharge Gift vouchers.

I am making my mobile recharge through Free-charge by earnings from Swagbucks. Read this article that explains how to make fast money with Swagbucks.


Pay per Survey: Up to $5

Currency: US DOLLARS

Payment: Cash Rewards (or) Gift Vouchers

Join Swagbucks!

Site #5 — Banking Consumer Surveys

Banking Consumer Surveys (BCS): Another brand portal from Worthy Shout Inc., particularly dedicated to people in the area of Finances and management.

All people in every sector were important in their views and have given rise to this new portal.

Complete your free registration in five steps: Complete the registration form, confirm your email, answer profile surveys, check email for survey invitations, attend, and complete to get paid.

Panel Country: INDIA

Pay per Survey: Up to $5

Currency: US DOLLARS

Payment: Cash Rewards (or) Gift Vouchers

Join Banking Consumer Surveys!


Taking surveys is a great source of income but your profile should be eligible to get more invitations.

The only problem is that many people answer every question randomly and sometimes irrelevant answers will be given.

Some people even create multiple accounts from one survey site to get more paid surveys for cash.

But in practicality easily you will get caught and the survey panel will close all your accounts.

Hence, learn how survey panels actually work and modify your activity to get more surveys in the future.

Good Luck, and All the Best.

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