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20 Real Stay at Home Mom Jobs or Housewives in 2020

Introduction about Online Jobs for stay at home mom:

Getting an online job has become a trend nowadays and is the best choice for all women, who are working and for even stay at home mom were searching for online jobs.

An online service provider can be an independent professional who works as a company employee or a consultant.

There are so many online business and online job opportunities offered by many companies/individuals these days.

So, it is easier for everyone to search and find a genuine job to start working from home.

Stay at Home Mom Jobs

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Benefits of Working at Home:

1.) Reduced Journey:

A lot of hours are wasted in the commercial cities during peak office hours due to traffics and rush.

The average journey time is said to be between 30 and 45 minutes to reach the workplace.

All these times, when calculated, bring many unproductive hours. Working at home greatly reduces the cost of going from home to office.


2.) More Family Time:

Moreover, working from home can give you the opportunity to meet the needs of your family and create the right balance to meet their emotional needs.

The reason for this is that mothers working at home still look after their children and look at their homes while they make money.


3.) More flexible working hours:

As a dependent mother who is involved in housework, you’ll have more flexibility than regular employees from 9 to 5.

The work of mothers in the home does not have a strict routine as an office worker, but you no longer have to meet the expectations and goals set by other people.

You may have your own flexibility in your work and set your goals.

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Disadvantages of Working at Home for Mothers:

1.) Maintenance of productivity:

Mothers who are doing some home-based business, face the challenge of maintaining a level of productivity that is high enough to be satisfied with work efficiency.

Therefore, a large amount of self-discipline is needed to reduce the serious decline in work efficiency at home.


2.) Personal tasks exceed business tasks:

Those who work at home with a legal, online assignments may fall into the trap of placing their personal duties on professional business tasks.

This is due to the fact that the natural characteristics of the houses are a priority in the home environment.

Over time, things can be overwhelming and you’ll be delayed not only in personal tasks but also in the business task.


Types of Online Jobs:

There are many different types of legitimate online jobs that you can get started with, but first and foremost you must do your due diligence.

Blindly joining any opportunity can certainly lead to loss of your investment, disappoint and heartache.

Save yourself the trouble by thoroughly investigating any opportunity that has caught your eye.

By taking the time to analyze the job opportunity you’ll be ensuring that your time and investment is not wasted.

I’ve outlined three of the most known ways of earning an income online.


Affiliate Opportunities:

An affiliate opportunity is simply a way for you to earn commissions from promoting a product or service.

When you join an affiliate marketing program you’ll be assigned a special web link or ID.

That ID is used to ensure that all those who sign up under that link or under your ID will lead to a commission.

The amount of money you can earn will vary depending on the opportunity. There are usually two types of affiliate programs.

  1. In-house affiliate opportunities are run directly by a company that is offering you a commission for any sales you bring in.
  2. The second type of opportunity is run by a third-party company that handles the affiliate processing for companies willing to pay a commission for any sales you generate.

As a general rule, it is best to use third-party affiliate programs since it has stricter rules that will ensure you will receive your payment.


Multi-Level Marketing Opportunities:

An MLM opportunity is where you can invest funds to become an independent distributor for a particular product or service.

You earn commissions for the sales you generate and you also earn money on tiered levels based on recruiting others to join the opportunity.

There are many different compensation plans that are available with multi-level marketing, but the most popular are binary structures and profit-sharing structures.

With a binary structure, you earn based on a two-leg system, while with a profit-sharing system you earn a percentage of the profits the company earns.



If you have a specific skill such as web designing, digital marketing, you can earn money working as a freelancer.

There are certain websites have been set up where the entire focus is for employers and freelancers to connect.

As a freelancer, you are able to place bids on projects offered by employers.

You can have a back and forth discussion with the employer and if they decide to accept your bid you’ll earn the allocated fee.

There are usually no limits to the number of employers you can work with so the potential to earn a stable income is high.

It’s best to join multiple freelance networks to increase the odds of being awarded a project.

These are just three types of legitimate online job categories that you can get started within a very short period of time.

Take the time to analyze which option will be best for you, and when you do get started put your best foot forward and stay committed to it.


Why Housewives were looking for jobs?

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  • Women have always had to balance their homes, their children and their work.
  • Sometimes they can not find a balance, especially if they have a traveling spouse, who is not there to share responsibilities.
  • Women feel that they can not pay attention to the growing needs and demands of their children, resulting in a series of personal problems.
  • There is another sector, that of pregnant women, who are advised not to travel and who choose to leave their jobs to take their parents’ lives seriously.
  • Out of this busy schedule at home, there are some free hours in which women can search a number of online jobs and online businesses that can generate little extra income to increase their self-confidence.
  • Money can change many things and in addition to adding comfort, it helps to develop a sense of dignity.
  • There are many people who do not work for monetary gain. They seek to be busy and want to commit themselves and make the best use of their time.
  • There are people who feel they are worthless because they do not win. Therefore, money can bring great self-confidence.

Here are a few online jobs that suit women who are at home.


1.) Selling Jewelry Online:

Selling jewelry online has become a trend nowadays and of course, we can gain a lot.

One has to have a social media page with lots of followers. We can share the picture of jewelry, fix our own price and sell it across.

This is one of the most lovable jobs by women.


2.) Garment Design:

If you have the art of designing garments and stitch them, you can be a perfect designer. These days designer clothes are very much expensive.

If you have the talent and know-how to stitch it, there is nothing more interesting than having your own shop of designer garments.

You can sell these online, with no investment in social media pages.


3.) Article Writing:

Those who have the talent to write, and have the knowledge of words and language, are best suited for this online job.

It pays very well and we are having a lot of opportunities in this field, which can be done at home.


4.) Cookery Classes:

These days searching recipes on the internet is very common.

If you are someone who is a good cook and are interested in cooking, there could be no better option than trying to start a cookery class and show your talents.

You can start your own website if required, or post your recipes on the cookery sites or start a youtube channel.

All you need is a good audience follower and traffic, and thus you can easily earn money with your own skill.


5.) Consultancy Service:

Experienced women from the IT field are very much fit enough to start a consulting service at home.

You can set your own business rules to have a successful effect.


6.) Greeting Card Making:

Greeting card making is one of the good home-based business ideas which is opted by many homemakers.

Since these days, the demand for greeting cards is increasing and greeting cards are required on almost every occasion.

So, starting a greeting card making business could be a very good choice. This business requires less investment with more profit.


7.) Blogging:

It is the most popular home-based business for everyone including housewives.

To become a good blogger, you should have a good knowledge of content creation and knowledge.

Today blogging is a primary source of income for many people in India and even other countries.


8.) Filling forms or Data entry:

Supermoms and housewives with computer skills can do form filling or data entry jobs provided by many companies.

Many websites offer tasks related to filling out forms and entering data. You will be paid at the end of the data entry work.


9.) Beauty Salon:

The beauty institute is the best part-time business idea for housewives and mothers. You must undergo training before starting a beauty institute.

You need a little time to establish yourself as a good beautician.


10.) Taking Home Tuition:

Tuition classes are one of the best ideas for small businesses that can be launched from home.

It is essential to acquire skills in a specific subject to start this business.

Initially, you can start with few students, as the demand grows, you can turn your small coaching courses.


11.) Candle Making:

The next home-based business idea for housewives is the manufacture of candles, which are widely used today not only for religious purposes but also as an object of decoration.

To start this business, you must learn a technique to make a wax candle or undergo training.


12.) Start Daycare Center:

Daycare is one of the best businesses you can start at home, especially if you love children.

Operating a daycare center allows you to spend a lot of time with your child while taking care of each other’s children.

This is a good choice for mothers and women who already have childcare experience.


13.) Start Medical Transcription Service:

It is a good option to go for ladies who have command in their communication.

Many doctors hire medical transcripts and are a famous job opportunity that can be easily done at home.


14.) Craftwork Making and Selling:

The craftwork will help you to earn a lot. If you spend little time to enhance your network, you can be a king in this field of business.


15.) Publish your own book:

If you are a good writer, you can write and publish your own book. Who knows, at any point in time, your book may become famous and you can earn a lot through it!!!


16.) Start a Housekeeping Service:

Nowadays it is difficult to get a good and reliable housekeeping maid. But if you start a housekeeping service, you can recruit reliable housekeeper and give them a job in various houses, who are in need.

With a span of time, you can gain popularity in this business.


17.) Virtual Assistance:

There are many opportunities available to become an online virtual assistant.

A virtual assistant is nothing but a self-employed and provides professional assistance to clients remotely from a home.


18.) Online Clothing Store:

It has become a common phenomenon to sell clothes online. Many people find it difficult to go out shopping.

Since there is an option to sell the clothes online, be a reseller and sell clothes online by deciding your own profit margin.


19.) Internet Research Business:

Another very good business opportunity for mothers is to start their own Internet search business.

Many companies provide opportunities to search on the internet for their companies.

If you have good research skills, you can go for it.


20.) Dance Tutor:

If you are a good dancer, it would be a great option to start a dance class. In the fitness world, many people look for ways to burn calories.

Dancing is very good for our health and helps us to stay fit in all aspects.

All you need is to gather your friend’s circle to initiate and slowly grow it to a dance class academy. It all depends on your skills to enhance further.



Being a mother is not as easy as others think. She has to take care of her family, her kids, her husband, cook, clean and shopping…

But she has her own dream in her and always thrive to achieve that dream. If she has good family support, she can achieve a lot and succeed in life.

There are many opportunities, which allow a mother to do the job at home in her free time.

She can either start her own business or can work for others. You need to choose your own field by analyzing your skills.

This article has many ideas on various online jobs that are suitable for stay at home moms.

Follow these ideas and start making a lot of income to support your family economically. So, start working at home and be your own boss!!!

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