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7 ways Working From Home is better than office work

Work from home has advantages in balancing your financial life and family life, know why home is better than the office?


Money really playing a vital role in everyone’s life. No matter what it is? but all people every day were looking to earn money to manage their survival in this world. There are two possible ways to earn money, one is by going to 9 – 5 office work and the second one is working from home.

The trend is changing and most companies were looking for people to work from the comfort of their home for their projects and tasks.

A Computer once was treated a costly thing has now occupied a part in everyone’s home and the Internet has developed a lot.

With just one computer and the internet, you can start your own start-ups at your home based and can lead a healthier life style over time.


Why Working from home was the best?

Many people like to work from home for some reason. But others hesitate because of some reasons.

But in my view, I can say it’s a great thing for your business.

Working from home

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I have been working at home for almost a decade now, just watching movies, spending time with my family, doing other activities in between my work etc.

In native business set up, you should have an office and an infrastructure to commence work.

You should wake up every morning on time, get ready to reach your office for work.

In this millennium, technology and connectivity have grown indigenously made it feasible for most people to work from their home. It minimizes the hectic process involving getting up on time, dressing up a formal code and traveling a long way to office etc.

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This saves your precious time to a huge extent, and a recent study from the US states that a person who works from home is more efficient than a person traveling to get to an office.

Let’s in this article, we will further discuss the pros and advantages of working online from home.


1.) You can schedule your work:

Working in an office is followed by a tight work schedule but that is not needed in the case of working from home.

You can plan your timing and work according to your wishes.

In the mean while, you can get some work done on early in the morning and can take rest or do other activities in the late morning. The rest of the work for you can be done over an evening or late nights.

Planning work according to your preferred time will give more efficient results than working at the office.

Employees who have workplace flexibility and controlling their own schedule are happier employees.


2.) Less Travel and better health:

If you started working from an active home, then probably you need not wake up in the morning and getting ready to travel a long way to the office.

Traveling all day will give poor health conditions. because waking up early morning, no time to exercise or walk, and getting ready in hurry.

Any mode of travel like two-wheeler or four-wheeler through heavy traffic and pollution often causes ill-hazards and you look tired once you reached office morning.

It often spoils your mood which will affect badly all day. It increases stress level too.


3.) You can become a better parent:

a better parent

This mostly suits to housewives and home moms, because parenting is the greatest benefit receiving through working from home option.

Especially you can spend a lot of time with your child, look after other works in your house also.

Particularly in countries like India, people do give a bit higher importance for relationships and commutes have created a huge space between family members.

More precisely between child and parents, work through home put a lot relief over long commute, so parents can find more time to spend with their child.


4.) There is no Boss to command:

This is the best benefit of working from home because you do not have a boss who always watching your activities every minute and asking for the status.

Only thing is you need to complete the work before the deadline. So, you can set your own working hours based on your deadline which will give a comfortable working environment.

You need not answer every hour about the project status.

This helps you to work peacefully and increases your concentration without any tension.


5.) You can do what you love:

Business Productivity

If you work at home, you usually do things on what you love?

This automatically puts you into a great interest in the work you do and helps you get an efficient result.

If you do any activity you do not like to do, probably it affects your performance too.

So when it comes to a thing of your likings, will produce good and better results.

Working at home brings something different and beneficial to the table but those employees work at the office continues the same thing again and again.

People who love their work will produce creative things.


6.) No dress code:

Working at home requires no formal dress code and you need not worry about dressing up.

But at the same time, when you required to working at the office you should care about your dressings every day.

You can dress up the way you like when you work from home.

You can work in casual clothes, even you can wear your pyjamas if you are too lazy.


7.) No time management:

Yes, if you work in an office for a project, you need to report every move to your officials on time.

But when the same project is working at home requires no time limit.

Only thing is you should submit the project completed only before the deadline and on time.

This helps you to produce better output because you can concentrate more, be comfortable with what you do?

Higher the satisfaction the greater the result and highest satisfaction will come if you like to work.


DOs and DONTs in working from home

1… Work near the window where you can see greens like trees and animals and other things that are life.

2… Get used to the weather, because it helps your body and mind acquire rhythm with the environment.

3… Constantly change your workstation like from bedroom to hall to work-desk to veranda. This will give you freshness over time. Do not stick to a static position by allotting a desk or a corner.

4… Working from home gives you more time to look after yourself. Waking early morning and get some exercise and prayer out of the way before starting work at your home.

5… You can have more time to learn new things apart from your work. I am spending more time to read books and other articles that made me an elaborate minded person.

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Things you should know to work from home

Working from home has a lot of advantages towards both your personal and professional career. Although you should aware of some points below which I am going to mention.

advantages of work from home

Last year, 43 per cent of Americans reported working from home, according to a Gallup poll, up from 39 per cent in 2013. And the U.S. Census Bureau revealed that 52 per cent of all businesses in the U.S. is home-based.
Source: Forbes.com

1.) A well-equipped, home office is must:

If you decided to start your own home based start-up, then it’s vital to have a designated office space that will work for you.

Arrange all things on order in your home office which will make easier to find things.


2.) You should be a master:

Not every people can start their own start ups as it requires a sound knowledge of some latest technologies.

You need a communication medium even if you work at your home, so you’ll likely be known to use technologies like IM, web or video conferencing, Skype, Social media usage etc.


3.) You need to be focused:

So, you been working in your home, there is no Boss to control your activities and hence this causes yourself to get distracted on many occasions.

You may easily be distracted by social media, watching non-subject YouTube videos etc.

So, you should develop yourself to be more concentrated and focused on your tasks. You should plan your schedule between home and work at home.


Few last words, with the massive growth of internet and communication, have given every people a new dimension to manage their family and work.

People who use these things effectively becomes a successful entrepreneur and leading a rich and healthier lifestyle.

All people dream to have their own home office, but most do not succeed because one should give importance and do what they passion on.

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Home business gives you the freedom to work flexible hours and at any place along with your comfortable work-space.

It gives more productivity than working at the office.

So, beware and start making a business plan to work from home with caution until you know the ups and downs to play this game better.

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