Best 15 Top Selling Fiverr Gig Ideas to Work and Earn in 2024

By Myilraj G 

Updated on Jan 3, 2024


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Fiverr Marketplace is a great platform to generate extra revenue. Know the top-selling Fiverr Gig Ideas that can multiply your income.

Nowadays with a 9-5 job people find it hard to manage their monthly expenses. People are looking for additional income and these Fiverr Gig Ideas can provide you great earnings.

Here comes the importance of freelance websites. Before that, let me tell you who is a freelancer?

  • A freelancer is someone who sells his/her skills as a service for a fee, during his/her free time.
  • The main advantage of being a freelancer is that you can travel anywhere around the world and still provide your service and get paid.
  • Freelancing is one of the best ways to earn if you want to work remotely. Remotely means, like work from your home and be your own boss. There are no fixed hours of working in freelancing.
Popular Fiverr Gig Ideas
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There are many online platforms on the internet which provide several types of remote jobs. Fiverr is one among them, which you have come across at least once while searching for independent work. 

Fiverr is a top marketplace providing a large variety of services, tasks, mini-jobs for people looking to work from home.

It is an ideal choice for beginners without prior experience. If you have the right talent then earning money from Fiverr is a cakewalk.

Now a question may arise in your mind.

  1. How can I make money on Fiverr?
  2. How People Are Making Money on Fiverr?

How to Get Started with Fiverr?

There are mainly 3 steps involved.

  • First of all, you need to sign up as a Fiverr seller
  • Second, learn what are Gigs that you can offer as a service
  • And finally, Create a compelling Fiverr profile

By just signing up to Fiverr will not help you make money. As you know, Fiverr has more than a million sellers listing their gigs on their websites.

So to make your service noticeable, a good and detailed description of the Gigs you offer is very important. If you can add real images and videos of your work along with Gigs, it will be a plus point.

You should write about your service like you are an expert in that field.

Confidently mention in the description, within how many days you can deliver the service. This creates a feeling with the buyer that you are faster than other sellers.

15 Top-rated Fiverr Gig Ideas to Start Earning Money

To market your services to buyers you need to promote them by sharing your services(Gigs) on social media platforms like Quora, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

So whatever talent you have, you can provide it as Fiverr Gigs. Fiverr has tremendous opportunities for you to expose your talent to the rest of the online world.

Here are the 15 different ways through which you can earn from Fiverr starting from 5 dollars.

1. Be a Human Billboard

Human Billboard

A human billboard means promoting the buyer’s business making yourself their model. It is like you displaying the business name or logo on your body parts.

Body parts mean anywhere like hand, leg, face, chest, etc. You may display their business name either by tattooing or painting or writing on your body and sending a photograph of it.

It can also be like you wearing a t-shirt with the company’s name/logo. You can pose holding or wearing the product of the buyer in an eye-catching manner.

In fact, the ultimate aim is to attract customer’s attention. Not only photos but short videos are also on-demand. For this job profile, you need to be very creative in showcasing the task assigned.

How creative you can display buyers product or service to attract customers make you an expert in this area.

Skills Required

Language (Communication)


Video and Animation Software

2. Create Video Testimonials

Create Video Testimonials

So what does a video testimonial refers to? It is a video explaining how much a product or service, provided by the buyer, positively helped you to solve a problem or condition.

The task here is to create such a video.

Your aim should be to make your audience or followers believe that the product or service is good, tempting the audience to try the product or service at least once.

The thing to consider while making a video testimonial is first you need to explain the issues you faced before using the product or service, negatively.

Then introduce the product or service and say how it was a boon using it.

The video has to be crisp and up to point, without unnecessary talks in between. Should have to focus on explaining all features of the product or service.

For all these, you need to have good communication skills. It can be in any language according to your buyer’s demand.

Skills Required

Language (Communication)


Video and Animation Software

3. Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant Gig

One of the most demanding tasks in Fiverr is Virtual Assistance. A person who is responsible for managerial tasks such as assisting top-level management.

A virtual assistant means one who is specialized in offering administrative services to business persons from a remote location.

So why a virtual assistant task is so demanding nowadays? The answer is simple, For small or large business persons, to handle entire business operations all alone is a hectic task.

It creates too much pressure on the business person that may be a barrier to his journey to success. But, a remote assistant will be a great help for such people.

They will manage activities like fixing meetings, scheduling appointments, attending phone calls, etc. Also, they handle financial transactions, prepare presentations for the product/service.

Hiring a remote personal assistant is affordable than hiring a person to work physically in the office.

So the best and most effective choice is a virtual assistant to such business persons especially if it is a small scale business.

Some of the tasks performed by virtual assistants are:

  • Scheduling appointments
  • Managing email accounts
  • Making phone calls especially cold calling
  • Making travel arrangements
  • Researching and data collection of potential competitors, etc.
Skills Required

Language (Communication)

Marketing skill

Organizational Skill

So in short, any sort of help to business person to his or her business comes under virtual assistant job.

surveys pay online

4.  Social Media Manager (Promoter)

Social Media Manager

These days social media plays a major role in almost everyone’s day-to-day life. For any business to reach more targeted people, social media is one of the best mediums.

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc are helping people nowadays to market their products/services directly. Social Media presence is therefore becoming an essential marketing factor.

The role of the Social Media Manager is to manage the social profiles and post updates from time to time. Your responsibility extends to creating images, writing promo content, and sharing.

A social media promoter’s job is to promote the buyer’s business in social media in all ways.

If you choose this task, you have to find different ways to promote the business, handle customer’s technical doubts, work along with the trend, handle customer care through telephone, email, etc.

Some of the skills required are:

  • Good communication
  • Marketing
  • Writing ability and content creation
  • Creative mindset
  • Strategy planning and execution etc…

You can charge anywhere from $5 to $500+ based on your experience. Most experienced social media managers are charging $100 per project to manage two social profiles.

5.  Become a Review Writer

Review Writing Gig

As technology grows, the shopping trend among people is also changing. Today people like shopping online from their homes by visiting online shopping sites.

One most demanding jobs in this online e-commerce are Review Writing. It involves writing a review about a product or a service and posting on these e-commerce sites.

It is a similar job to creating ‘video testimonials’. While buying any product from an e-commerce site, customers may doubt the quality of the product.

A good review will surely bring more customers to the product. So these days business parties search for people to review their products and give feedback. Hence the demand for review writers is increasing day by day.

Some of the e-commerce sites like Flipkart, Amazon, etc. ask, for photographs too. That depends upon the buyer’s demand.

Usually, the seller will be sending you the product for review.

The review should be written without any grammar mistakes and in simple language understandable by common people. You don’t need to be more creative or use high-level language.

You can earn a charge of up to $100 per review. Create a Gig and write a detailed description that explores your talent and make buyers to think that you are the right fit.

6. Take Pictures With a Sign

Take Sign Pictures

In our day-to-day life, we come across different signboards. some go unnoticed, some may catch our attention.

The use of these signboards is that anyone who is viewing this picture should get a piece of information about the area.

The task here is to create pictures with signs in a creative manner that will attract people’s attention.  For eg: a board with a picture of a plate and a fork indicates that there is a restaurant nearby.

An attractive signboard will attract more customers to one’s business. So nowadays buyers are searching for creative people to get a signboard designed.

Now coming to the some of the skills of a sign designer is

  • Obviously photographic skill.
  • Knowledge about different photo software will also help you create a variety of signboards.
  • Also, you need, to know or study your camera operations thoroughly.
  • Creativity

Here your aim should be to create impressive signboards that match buyer’s demands. At the same time, it has to stand out when a viewer sees it.

Guidance for the basics of sign photography is available online if you wish to take this task.

7. Graphic Designer

Graphic Designing

In the present era, all small and large business have their own website, mobile app, logo, etc. Every business needs some marketing materials like brochures, business cards, banners, etc.

So, there comes a large demand for Graphic Designers who are responsible for creating such materials. If you are good at designing creative images for brochures, Pamphlets, etc, you can earn great revenue.

The ultimate aim as a graphic designer should be creating graphics that effectively communicate with people.

A good graphic design can attract more people to any business. If you are good at Graphic Designing, then this Fiverr Gig Ideas can help you make a sustainable income.

8. Logo Designer

Logo Designing Gig

Another lucrative Fiverr Gig Ideas that sell on a large scale is Logo Designing, similar to Graphic Designing. The only difference is here you need to design the Logo only.

A Logo is a graphical representation of a business created by combining symbols, images, and text. The logo should explain to the people some information about a business.

It is the foundation of any business which differentiates one’s business from others and everyone tries to make it unique.

A logo is the first thing anyone would see when people visit their websites. So the first impression should be best for all business persons.

Now if you have a creative mind, then you can be a logo designer very easily. There are many software available online that create free logos nowadays.

If you can add your own ideas into that and make a final masterpiece that impresses the buyer, you can make a way into the logo designer world.

Let’s check some of the skills required for a logo designer

  • Creativity: Develop eye-catchy art that symbolizes the business.
  • Technology skill: You should be aware of the technologies available for logo designing.
  • Communicative skill:
  • Accuracy & Precision: Your design should be proper and matching to the business nature.
  • Color sense: You Need to make it attractive for the audience with proper color combinations.

9. Content Writer

Content Writing Gig

Another high-demand Fiverr Gig in the online world is content writing. Why is it so important? There are different types of writing jobs from home are available.

Because today businesses are going online. And the website becomes a mandatory element. Website is their virtual home/shop, where people visit to know about their services/products.

A website with compelling and informative content can reach more people. Getting noticed in an online world is not an easy task.  But, good content will help you reach a large market, thus increased sales and revenue.

Content helps the websites to reach top positions while anyone searches for similar keywords on Google. So more and more businesses from several fields need good content writers.

A professional content writer can convey the message with fewer words and in simple language understandable by common people. So getting an identity among customers can be achieved with good content.

Following are some of the skills required by a good content writer

  • Adaptability in writing.
  • Unique style of writing
    • for eg: if you are writing for an educational article, the way of writing should be like teaching a student. If its an article targeting fitness freaks, the style will be different
  • Research skill
    • For delivering good content, deep research on the topic is necessary. It adds more value to the content.
  • Knowledge about SEO
  • Organizational skill: Well-organized writing makes reading interesting.
  • Sound Grammar: You need to correct all grammatical errors, punctuation, change overused words, etc.
Create Backlinks

If you are hearing it for the first time, I can tell you what a backlink means! In simple words, It is a link that connects one website to another website.

This means if we click on a link on one website, it will open up another website. Backlinks are inevitable for SEO. It also helps to create a new relationship with other people working in your same field.

Business websites are competing with each other for the top ranking in search engines. Google and other search engines in their blog, states that ‘backlinks are an important ranking factor’.

If your article is back-linked by many other sites, search engines consider your article as worthy. Therefore, will rank your website on the top thus increases traffic to your website.

So building a good backlink is very important in promoting an online business. So companies, individuals are ready to hire Link Builders from Fiverr. If you learn the art of building links, you can earn a great income.

For this, you need to be creative at the same time hardworking and dedicative. Create a unique Fiverr Gig and start promoting your services to get more clients.

11. Create Video for Business

Create Videos

This is a method of promoting a specific business to the audience explaining to them the product/service. You may have come across these types of videos at least once in your life.

If we get introduced to a new product/service, it’s a normal thing to doubt it’s working. So usually the manufacturers will create some explanation video that describes the usage of the product/service.

As a Fiverr seller, your job is to create these types of videos, that will be explained to you by the buyer. You need to create videos explaining crisp and short manners that common people can understand.

By introducing graphics to the video can make it more attractive. It all depends on your creativity. You can charge anywhere between $20 to $100 per 1-minute explanation video.

Based on the video type, quality, video length, you can charge more for these Fiverr Gigs.

12. Transcription Services

Transcription Services

Transcription is the method of converting a spoken language (usually audio, video) into a written document.

The need for these transcription services comes when a foreign language needs to be converted into another language understandable by a group of people.

Transcription services are required by people of all fields like medical & health care, students & researchers, marketing consultants, etc.

For Transcription, you need to have these skills

  • Excellent listening skill
  • Outstanding knowledge about the language spoken
  • Accuracy in rewriting the content
  • Proper punctuation and grammar
  • Knowledge of MS word and similar apps etc.

Some so many people already listed their Transcription Gig in Fiverr. Many hospitals, manufacturing companies are ready to pay for these sellers so that they can convert their audio files into a written document.

13. Document Conversion

Data Conversion

As the title says, it’s the process of converting a document from one format to another. Many business organizations may have a lot of data that are part of their business from their initial days.

These data need to be stored for future purposes too, and most of them will be in the old format. To make it beneficial for future business planning, the conversion of these documents to the new format is essential.

There are many software’s available online, but converting a large number of files online will be expensive.

So they look for people like you to do it for a low cost rather than depending on online platforms.

The skill you need for document conversion is

  • Knowledge about the file format that is coming new in trend
  • Good knowledge of the various software’s performing the conversion
  • Very careful while handling file which may be the precious files of the business
  • Conversion should be accurate without loss.

14. Resume Writing

Resume Writing

Resume Writing is one of the most overwhelming and demanding Fiverr Gig Ideas if you wish to earn a lucrative income.

A resume is a kind of document showing a person’s educational qualification, experience, skill, etc. required by a job seeker.

It is the most important document necessary for anyone to get a job. The first thing an employer sees regarding a candidate before seeing him or her in person will be a resume.

A good resume will positively showcase the candidate’s qualities. it is a quick advertisement for the candidate.

So writing a compelling market document presentable to the employer is your task here. Most people lack this quality and are seeking help online these days.

So if you have that creative mind through which you can write one resume highlighting the candidate’s quality which in turn helps in grab the job, you can take this task.

Skills required are

  • Usage of keyword make your resume stand out
  • Writing skill explaining everything to the point in all field
  • Creative writing.

15. Proof Reader

Proof Reader Gig

A proofreader is someone who finalizes that the content is free from all possible errors like grammar, format, punctuation, spelling error, etc.

It is an unavoidable part of any type of writing. As this is a time-consuming process, the demand for this job is also increasing.

If you have a good command of English with an interest in reading, you can be a proofreader even without a degree.

Skills required by a  proofreader :

  • Good knowledge of the corresponding language
  • Good writing skill
  • Patience and determination
  • Moderate knowledge about computer and the internet
  • Able to pay attention in detail etc.


Fiverr is one of the flexible online portals that offer multiple job opportunities. Making money from Fiverr is not a complex task.

According to your passion and interest, you can create any of the above-mentioned Fiverr Gig Ideas.

Everyone is born with some talent, so go ahead and get started today by creating Gigs. In the last article, I have explained how to start Fiverr Business, where you can learn how to start?

Don’t forget that, creating a profile and a perfect Gig is easy. But, to get clients, you have to promote, promote, and promote everywhere, till you get recurring clients.

These are 15 different ways you can earn from Fiverr. But it is not limited as there are many more services you can offer and get paid from the comfort of your home.

So join today itself and showcase your skills to the online world. Hope you get an idea of how to make money from Fiverr.

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