10 Freelancer Mistakes to Avoid to Become a Successful Worker

By Myilraj G 

Updated on Jul 13, 2022


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The journey of remote work from home gives you full financial freedom. To achieve this, avoid these freelancer mistakes mentioned in this article.

These days, a regular 9 to 5 job paying a specific amount of money will not help meet our financial needs.

Day by day the price of all commodities is increasing and people find it hard to balance their income with expenditure.

So earning something extra has become very essential and more and more people are coming to the freelancing world to make their own space to earn a decent amount.

Not only working professionals, college students, housewives, and job seekers are taking the opportunity to earn money through freelancing.

As you know, freelancing provides a flexible working schedule, so that you can manage your work as a part-time job while maintaining a hassle-free lifestyle.

Freelancer Mistakes to Avoid
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Moreover, you can choose the task which you wish to work for, from the thousands of tasks available online according to your personal choice.

This means there are plenty of opportunities available for you to work remotely and earn from Rs.500 up to Rs.4000 per hour.

But there is heavy competition going on among these freelancers to prove they are the best and gather more clients for their work.

And if you fail to impress buyers with your service, you end up earning nothing from freelancing.

Many youngsters and housewives have started their careers as a freelancer to earn but failed to shine in their field because of making mistakes while taking freelancing tasks.

So if you are also one among them who is working as a freelancer or planning to start freelancing, make sure to avoid the common mistakes people make.

10 Freelancer Mistakes to Avoid

Most beginners eagerly initiate their career in freelancing without any proper planning or idea about how to freelance and then fail miserably.

Making mistakes is not a crime, but these mistakes may badly affect your growth as a freelancer which no one wants.

So, if you are a newbie to freelancing or just trying to figure out why you are not growing as a successful freelancer even being highly talented in your field of work? I can help you.

Here I am going to explain the most common 10 mistakes many freelancers make.

So after reading those, you will get an idea of what to avoid and what to do if you are trying to succeed.

1. Fail to Market Yourself

Fail to Market Yourself

The first and foremost thing to consider while starting a career as a freelancer is to market yourself.

As you know, the self-employment field itself is highly competitive. There are multiple talented people ready to work and are advertising their skills to attract buyers.

By simply creating a profile and your job skills on freelance websites will not bring you any work.

So creating a buzz about your work proficiency among the clients is very crucial to getting noticed and becoming a successful worker.

Now, how can you get attention and sell your skill to the clients? It is simple, Consider the following points;

  • Properly convey the true value of the work and services you are going to provide.
  • Directly approach potential clients to explain to them your service.
  • Prepare a portfolio online about your works.
  • Advertise yourself on all social media platforms.
  • Provide offers for your service.
  • Create an email list to market your services.

There are multiple marketing tactics available in this modern world. Try to market your service to potential customers and then choose the proper marketing medium.

If your work is good, Then you can easily attract more people.

Freelancer work is of course one of the best choices as a career. But it is not easy to establish yourself if you don’t pay attention to marketing your skills.

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2. Accepting the Work for a Lesser Pay

Accepting Lesser Pay

However, During the initial stage, your career as a contract worker may be certainly a struggling one.

Hence you may need to offer your service to the clients at a lower price tag to make them understand your valuable service.

But what if you continue this? You may think offering service for low pay may attract more clients to you.

Sorry, my friend. This is not the fact.

Freelance work opportunities are coming from all around the world, so few people may consider low-paying sellers, but the majority of people value the service more than money.

If your service is good and demanding, you can ask for higher pay.

Also, Higher pay means you are confident in your work. So if you accept less pay continuously, It affects your work credential and you are not going to grow anywhere.

So how can you avoid this?

  • Make a contract that clearly explains the terms and norms, which ease your freelance work.
  • Get pay as per the work efficiency. You know your worth and the valuable time you spend on this work.
  • Not least, finding legitimate working platforms is very essential. Try to avoid the scam portals to get more work that doesn’t pay well
  • Expand your skill and get paid as per your work.

In the initial phase, It’s quite normal. The client needs to know your work and even you need to get a new client to work on to satisfy them with your service.

But later, you can demand higher pay and you should ask for it. If not many good buyers may think your work is average and will not approach you.

3. Losing Focus on Work

Losing Work Focus

To begin a career as an independent worker provides an exciting feeling initially. But once getting the clients to work with is delayed, it becomes boring.

And most youngsters and working people will easily be distracted from this field and find other works to do.

So for a freelance beginner, patience is a must.

And once you receive a client to work with, submit your best work each time. Never compromise on the quality of your work. It will surely bring you more orders.

Now to be a successful worker what are the things you need to keep focusing on in your field of work?

  • Engage yourself with new ideas and innovation in your field.
  • Keep yourself updated with the current trend.
  • Closely observe the top freelancers in your field and change your working style to attract clients.
  • Try to plan more like Planning calendar schedules and frequently doing research.
  • Frequent be in touch with clients having a friendly communication to  know their requirements

So, to enrich your portfolio, you need to work hard and follow all these above-mentioned tips.

Now once you get clients, to maintain them and also get more work ask them to give their comments.

Whatever the response, be it positive or negative try to accept and resolve them for your future projects.

4. No Productivity in Completing Tasks

No Productivity

Productivity is a key to success in any field of work. As a freelancing job provides you with freedom and flexibility to work, it comes with great responsibility.

Why because you’re your own boss. But in the case of a freelancer, getting distracted from his work is very easy because of the working atmosphere.

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Most freelancers are working from their homes and this has its own drawback. You may feel lazy lacking motivation and procrastination may become your routine.

Let’s see what are some of the points you need to consider to be productive;

  • Create a schedule for your whole day.
  • Consider using time management apps to track your day-to-day tasks
  • Maintain an organized workspace.
  • Make a To-do list
  • Eliminate distraction and set goals to complete each task
  • Observe your work and make it better each time
  • Take enough break time

So, being productive is a much-needed quality to be a successful worker.

5. Failing to Manage Your Finance

Mishandling Finances

As a newbie to this working industry, many people don’t care much about how they are earning and spending?

It is one of the common freelancer mistakes that many new people freelancing make when money flows suddenly to their accounts.

One of the important things you need to keep in mind while working independently is, that your job is NOT permanent.

Some months you may get a huge income while there may be a few months you fail to get good clients.

So, once you receive a good sum, don’t overspend it expecting you will be getting the amount of money all time.

Then what can you do to handle this case?

  • Create a separate account for both personal funds and freelancing funds (use Budgeting Apps).
  • Try to reduce your expense if it is unnecessary.
  • Schedule a day to cross-check your expense spend on a month. It helps you to track your expenses.
  • Have a look at your payment terms with your clients and ask them if they are late.
  • Release some money from your earnings to invest in your future.

Indeed, mishandling your finance is a major mistake.

6. Revealing too Much About the Work

Revealing All Work Info

This is another common freelancer mistake people make when they are new to working independently.

Expecting to get the work from a client and to impress them, newbies start explaining everything regarding their work before signing a contract.

Now what happens is mostly the clients will not have any idea regarding the way or tools to do the task they require. That’s why they are approaching you.

So when you start revealing everything, either He may do it himself,

Or will find someone else with a lower pay providing the ideas, because you explained everything very well.

An independent worker needs to maintain an open and trustful relationship with the client but with limits.

So, what do you need to consider while approaching a potential client?

  • Maintain a simple work portfolio that is clear about the information about your works in an appealing manner.
  • Answer the questions which the client asks for and nothing more about what you are going to do.
  • Be honest while answering.

7. Failing to Manage Work/Life Balances

Work Life Balance

This freelancing job is chosen by people who need money and most of the contract workers are housewives, college students, and job seekers.

So when money starts coming on your way or when you get clients continuously, you may forget to look at yourself.

Balancing a healthy lifestyle with work-life becomes difficult if your work is your passion too.

Comparing a regular job, contract work involves multiple tasks. Hence managing personal commitment as well as work is a troubling task.

If you want to earn more, managing both is very important. If you fail to balance one, it will certainly impact the other.

So what all things you need to keep in mind while doing freelancing work are;

  • Planning the working schedule and completing it before the deadline.
  • Spend dedicated time for leisure and with family members to release the stress.
  • Stretch yourself when you are working for long hours
  • Commit Only to the tasks that you can complete within the time they ask for.
  • Have a healthy diet and take proper exercise to maintain a healthy body.

8. Doubting Yourself

Doubting Yourself

I don’t doubt your caliber to be a freelancer. After all, you came to this field because you know you have some qualities that you can share and earn from it.

But many have this confidence at the beginning of their career, and later when they make mistakes and fail to get clients, they doubt their ability to work.

  • You must be the biggest fan of your works and need to market them to clients confidently. Then only the long run of success is possible.
  • Try to improve your mental health along with your skills. Confidence is an essential skill in the freelancing field.
  • Engage yourself around positive people and always make a positive vibe in your working place to improve your work.

If you doubt yourself, it will show up in the quality of your work and clients will automatically leave you.

So be confident. Consider each work as a new lesson to improvise yourself. Be a master at what you doing.

Give your best each time, and work hard on learning new things to increase work quality. It is the only way to boost your self-confidence and makes you more productive.

9. Taking All Jobs Coming in Your Way

Taking All Jobs

In a race to earn money, many freelancers apply and accept all the work that comes their way thinking about money only.

This is a big mistake.

You should avoid those clients who don’t treat you well and ask you to work against your ethics and principles.

It is important to pay attention to the client side. But do it wisely.

Commit to the projects you can complete effectively within the time asked.

Work as a boss, not as a slave to the client.

Before accepting a task, ask for the client’s requirements properly, and understand how much time you will need to complete the task.

Communicate with them to understand their needs and work accordingly.

Taking tasks together can make your workload higher thereby making you fail to submit the work on time.

This will badly affect your career.

If the client requirement doesn’t meet your work profile, Don’t stress yourself and waste your precious time.

Learn to say NO politely.

10. Know What You are Working on?

Know What You Work

Successful freelancing is not an easy road. Even though you are working to earn money, remember it is not a stable platform for money-making at least during the initial period.

The top-notch independent workers you see around achieved this success after much hard work and deep working commitment in their field.

If you want to be successful like them, know what you are working for, and work hard on it to improve your skills.

Don’t try to sell all sorts of tasks available online. Choose your niche which you really need to put effort into and work on it.

Slowly and gradually, grow your experience in that one specific field of work. Specializing in one area of work is a great way to establish yourself in the freelancing world.

So work experience showing a specific area of expertise will attract more clients to you.

Hence, Don’t forget to mention your level of experience along with the specialization, because it is one of the crucial factors to get attention from clients.

Final Thoughts on Successful Freelancing

Today, freelancing has become a common platform to earn a decent amount from the comfort of your home without any limitations.

Hence more people are coming to this field with their talents for sale. For this reason, competition is also increasing day by day.

So, even with the good talent you have, you may still fail to find a stable second income from freelancing if you make above mentioned  common mistakes

Don’t be shy to ask your other freelancing friends for advice rather than doing silly freelancer mistakes.

I hope this article is helpful for budding freelancers, guiding them to understand what they need to avoid to be successful in their careers to make money online.

Follow these ten important steps to avoid common errors and mistakes, and present your remote work with more efficiency.

All the best!!!

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