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By Myilraj G 

Updated on Jan 5, 2023


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Taking into account creativity, there are always some best jobs for women in India.

Today in our society, women’s growth is remarkable in nearly all industries.

Women are usually forced, for their families, to quit their careers. This is not true, however, and studies show something else.

It’s time to talk about the great advantages of keeping your career or jobs out even after your marriage and maternity.

The most important factor in controlling women’s quality of life is financial independence. It is one of the most important aspects for women to go for a job.

If women are financially stable, they can take care of their own expenditures, and need not expect the partner to give money.

Best Paying Jobs for Women
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Earning money will allow them to develop better and more independent human beings and give them a sense of achievement and self-identity…

Once a woman is married or becomes a mother, she loses her identity and individuality totally.

It is very important for their growth and faith to have a self-identity in this society.

A purpose in life allows you to understand that you have a life beyond maternity and that you play a good wife.

A woman should work in order to improve her happiness and satisfaction.

Best 15 Paying Jobs for Women

There are numerous and varied types of jobs in the mainstream, providing women with great earning options and being able to fulfill their career goals as well as intellectual sensitivity.

For these jobs, the resume requirements vary from basic to advanced training.

This article highlights some of the highly targeted and rewarding best jobs for women, although it is very possible for any woman to pursue almost any kind of career available.

1. Medical Practitioner

Medical Practitioner

Due to the strict educational requirements that make the study period very long, it was not suggested for women to pursue a medical career until some time ago.

However, this career option is being taken up by a large number of women and they are doing excellent earning beautiful money.

They can also be made more successful and famous with patients by their considerate and emotional nature.

Few Stats:

Average Monthly Salary: Rs. 8,000 – Rs. 25,000

Estimated Annual Package: Rs. 1,00,000 – Rs. 3,00,000

2. Human Resource

Human Resource Officer

Human Resource Officer is a great career path that is perfect for women. It requires communication and interpersonal skills.

It provides numerous placement options as one of the most important aspects of all organizations.

Human resources can be a career that fulfills emotionally and financially.

Many educational institutions offer human resource management courses Bachelors and Master’s degrees that women can pursue.

Few Stats:

Average Monthly Salary: Rs. 18,000 – Rs. 60,000

Estimated Annual Package: Rs. 2,00,000 – Rs. 7,00,000

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3. Teachers / Education Experts

Women Teacher

Teaching is once again a very suitable women’s profession. They are made perfect candidates for this job by their caring, affectionate, observant nature.

Teaching has also become a financially lucrative profession with lots of money going into the education industry.

In this field, there are several career options, including school teachers, college lecturers, and administrators of education.

The educational qualifications also rise from bachelor’s to advanced degrees in that direction.

Few Stats:

Average Monthly Salary: Rs. 10,000 – Rs. 45,000

Estimated Annual Package: Rs. 1,00,000 – Rs. 6,00,000

4. Banking & Insurance

Women Bankers

India’s banking sector is robust and has proven resilient, well resisting the global downturn.

For the Indian economy, it is not only a booming sector, but it is also well regulated and well-capitalized, making the country’s economic conditions highly favorable.

A bank’s work is also respectable and offers promising career growth as well. So it is considered as one of the best jobs for women.

Because there are a large number of university graduates in India, many are qualified to take up banking and insurance jobs.

But the best thing is the progression of stability and career.

They are also good transitional jobs in order to gain insight into how businesses operate. Women are widely recognized for their role in shaping India’s retail banking.

Women choose to work in both public and private sector banks through a variety of entrance exams.

Jobs in banks as clerks have a decent wage.

Few Stats:

Average Monthly Salary: Rs. 25,000 – Rs. 60,000

Estimated Annual Package: Rs. 3,00,000 – Rs. 7,50,000

5. Fashion / Media

Fashion Industry

The glamor industry has always been a strong presence of women at the forefront. However, women are also involved in back-stage jobs now.

Their jobs are not merely models or actors. In every department, they are challenging men such as fashion design, media design, direction, and production.

The art-related design and styling fields are definitely suitable for women’s skill sets.

You can also learn about how to sell arts online if you are an artist who is capable of drawing good abstracts, pictures, and sceneries.

Few Stats:

Average Monthly Salary: Rs. 15,000 – Rs. 40,000

Estimated Annual Package: Rs. 2,00,000 – Rs. 5,00,000

6. Financial Experts

Finance Experts Jobs for Women

There is a variety of financial job portfolios that require basic to advanced educational qualifications.

Investment banks, retail banks, insurance companies, analytics firms, and even other organizations, finance departments require the job to be done.

The various designation of the financial experts is financial analysts, financial experts, financial consultants, and managers.

Some of them are jobs with unlimited growth prospects that are most highly in demand paid jobs.

Few Stats:

Average Monthly Salary: Rs. 18,000 – Rs. 35,000

Estimated Annual Package: Rs. 3,50,000 – Rs. 4,50,000

7. Government Jobs

It’s the stability, security, and security advantage that only makes government jobs on this list.

For both men and women, this is true, but government work remains India’s most desired choice.

In particular, it helps women achieve their goal of equal employment, enabling them to follow their passion in society and gain respect.

Few Stats:

Average Monthly Salary: Rs. 20,000 – Rs. 60,000

Estimated Annual Package: Rs. 2,50,000 – Rs. 7,50,000

8. Software Developer

Software Developer

Another highly lucrative career-based job for women is where the women can excel in the development of websites and software.

Software developers can work from anywhere as long as they can collaborate on certain tasks with the rest of their team.

The software can range from the development of mobile apps to apps at the company level.

With online coding courses, you will need to learn how to code or develop your website using various programming skills – from beginner to advanced level.

Few Stats:

Average Monthly Salary: Rs. 15,000 – Rs. 60,000

Estimated Annual Package: Rs. 1,80,000 – Rs. 7,50,000

9. Journalism

Journalism offers some of India’s best female jobs. It is financially rewarding and provides an opportunity to educate the public and address social issues.

Indeed, the number of Indian women in journalism outnumbered their male counterparts, and this also helped companies reach their audience better.

Not to generalize, but in terms of jobs that require communication, multitasking, and nurturing social and corporate relationships, women have a better chance.

It is a natural transition from journalism to public relations and can be even more lucrative.

Coupled with the fact that the latter can be done essentially from home or remotely, making public relations a career.

Few Stats:

Average Monthly Salary: Rs. 15,000 – Rs. 40,000

Estimated Annual Package: Rs. 1,80,000 – Rs. 5,00,000

10. Beauty & Cosmetics

India is the world’s second-largest consumer of cosmetic products. There is a high demand among women for these products.

A beauty therapist course with a recognized beauty school is the best way to start a career in this field.

Establishing a beauty salon to offer beauty or spa services can be a great reward for you and offer a wide range of services.

These might include manicures, pedicures, facial treatments, and services for massage.

You can establish your own market presence in no time with high-quality products and great service.

Few Stats:

Average Monthly Salary: Rs. 15,000 – Rs. 40,000

Estimated Annual Package: Rs. 2,00,000 – Rs. 5,00,000

11. Nursing

Nursing Jobs for Women

Nursing has always been a popular female profession.

While the initial years may be filled with struggle, women in India may hope to strike a balance between their career in medicine and responsibilities in the home.

The medical profession also provides women with greater stability and opportunities for risk-free employment.

Few Stats:

Average Monthly Salary: Rs. 8,000 – Rs. 25,000

Estimated Annual Package: Rs. 1,00,000 – Rs. 3,00,000

12. Cabin Crew & Hospitality

Cabin Crew Jobs for Women

Women join the hospitality sector due to their patience in nature.

Furthermore, the ability to communicate with most women also helps as hospitality practitioners, whether they choose to be an air hostess or receptionists at hotels

Cabin Crew is an alternative career path for women.

You travel the world, interact with people from different cultures and at the end of the month earn decent profits.

Few Stats:

Average Monthly Salary: Rs. 18,000 – Rs. 35,000

Estimated Annual Package: Rs. 3,50,000 – Rs. 4,50,000

13. Online Based Jobs

People can now work from their homes, thanks to the internet. There are many different types of home-based jobs for housewives are available.

The most common involves writing, transcription, and translation as a virtual assistant or freelance assistant.

You can write articles or academic writing depending on your educational level.

StudyBay is a freelance academic writing platform with a large number of daily orders that allow you to remain self-employed and avoid paying a middleman fee.

The writing of the article involves the creation of blog and website content.

Transcription jobs involve the transformation of audio into text. You’ll also need a good set of headphones to become a transcriptionist.

Many freelancing websites provide these jobs consistently. These are suitable for women who like self-employment freedom.

Few Stats:

Average Monthly Salary: $600 – $1400

Estimated Annual Package: $4000 – $15000

14. Sales and Marketing

This is a job profile that requires excellent communication skills, people understanding, and multitasking ability.

Women appear to find more opportunities in this area and are hired in a variety of roles, ranging from sales to marketing managers.

Women who at some point in their lives want to start a business should consider working on sales.

They can fine-tune their communication skills and interpersonal skills.

More importantly, they will learn how to negotiate and start using techniques of strategic selling that is an important skill for anyone in business to know.

Jobs in sales and marketing are stable and provide a basic wage.

As more companies look to create an online presence, women in the digital marketing sector have been steadily rising.

The inherent patience skill and being able to cope with rather monotonous work has also made women a preferred choice for digital marketing or management of social media.

Together with the fact that digital marketing can often be performed as a remote job or work-at-home job, it becomes even more attractive for women in search of that elusive work-life balance.

Few Stats:

Average Monthly Salary: Rs. 25,000 – Rs. 60,000

Estimated Annual Package: Rs. 3,00,000 – Rs. 7,50,000

15. Fitness Trainer

Fitness Trainer

Inactive lifestyles combined with poor diets have increased the number of people overweight.

This poses a higher risk of developing lifestyle diseases for people. Doctors recommend regular exercise to remedy these problems.

Becoming a fitness instructor is, therefore, one of India’s best professions for outgoing girls who love fitness.

One of the best careers for women without a degree can be to become a yoga instructor.

Besides helping you stay fit, there’s plenty of demand for prenatal yoga and post-natal yoga classes to help new moms navigate pregnancy and birth problems.

Over the course of the day, you can even open an aerobics gym or hold Zumba classes.

You can create training DVDs and sell them online to access a larger market. While this may not be the most glamorous profession, it has enormous potential.

Few Stats:

Average Monthly Salary: Rs. 15,000 – Rs. 35,000

Estimated Annual Package: Rs. 3,00,000 – Rs. 4,50,000

Education is Important for Women

One thing becomes clear when it comes to women’s top-paid careers: education is the key to most of the highest-earning categories.

Especially mathematics education and so-called hard sciences such as chemistry, biology, and physics.

If you look at career choices, your education is something else you want to consider.

Just because you may not have the education to hold a job does not mean that you do not have a job open to you.

All you need to do is decide how far you want to go to get that dream job.

Many women begin new careers when they’re all in school or when they’re single.

If you’ve been out of the workforce for a while, you may need to brush up on your skills before you enter the workforce.

When it comes to your education, some careers are more specialized. If you’ve never completed that degree, it may be time to do it now.

You may even find that in a certain field you can take online community education classes or classes to become more competitive.


Do not let your education stand in the way (or lack of education). There are ways to get your dream job, even if that means you’re going to have to work a little harder to do it.

Practically all jobs on the market are the best jobs for women. Long gone are the days when some positions were held only by men.

You’ll find you have unlimited opportunities, you just have to go out and find them.

You can enter any career you choose with the right education under your belt and a little job.

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