16 Best and Fastest Ways to Make Money in 2023: Top Tips

By Myilraj G 

Updated on Nov 7, 2023


Earn Money

Online Surveys in India

2023 is nearing and we all need to find the fastest ways to make money to survive

Everyone needs money to pay home rent, credit card bills, college fees, etc. There are other commitments as well to satisfy our monthly obligations.

But, how do we make enough money to manage our financial needs, overcome our debt, and live the life we deserve?

Everyone needs money from time to time for their living. But ways of generating revenue are limited.

— What will you do when your wallet is empty?
— When your credit card reached the maximum?


Also, there is no balance in your bank account,

but you still need money.

Let me explain to you some fastest ways to make money by working on the internet using your personal computer (or) laptop.

You can work from your home, any time you wish. Let’s spend some minutes going through this article to get online job ideas and start the one which is suitable for you.

How Can I Become Rich?

fastest ways to make money online
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The No.1 rule to become financially rich is to spend less than what you earn? Which means find all possible ways to save money?

But in real cases, it becomes impossible to save money from salary and earnings. Because economics relies upon heavy spending than earnings.

Saving money can improve your finances even though the ways are limited, but do you ever see that there are so many ways to earn extra money?

You can use those earnings to pay your debt, save for the future, and live the life you deserved.

Now coming to the article topic.

What are the Fastest Ways to Make Money?

The most adopted way of earning money is to go to work every day and work for someone for a fixed monthly salary.

But this won’t support your family’s monthly expenses as rates of consumable products are constantly increasing.

If you want your life to go as it wishes then you need to find a suitable second income option and this will be possible through part-time jobs online or offline.

Today computers occupied every home and the internet has grown a lot. This technology wide opens the door to every people who looking to make some additional income every month.

Working online every day is the fastest way to make money and if you found the right industry to work online then you can even make passive income for a very long time.

But, remember there are a lot of scams available on the internet, beware of those scams and learn how to distinguish scam online jobs from legit online jobs.

Here in this article, let’s learn further the fastest means of making money online for all people from different areas such as Housewives, part-time job seekers, Entrepreneurs, retired persons, etc.

Here is the list of possible ways to make money in your next few hours.

1. Sell your Gold and Silver

People at every level will buy some gold or silver whenever they save some money. All these will help you to make money when you are in urgent need.

In countries like India, when you ask most middle-class families about the purpose of Buying Gold (or) Silver, they will say they can convert it into cash in need of an emergency.

When you need some quick money, sell your preserved gold and silver to anyone or pledge it for money as there are some brokers out there who will pay money on behalf of your pledged jewels.

Even Bank also offer loans against Gold for a very lower interest to all people.

They may levy some interest over time, but this is an easier way to make money when you need it the most.

Either you can sell or pledge your gold or silver to make money the first option.

2. Signup for Inbox Dollars

You can earn free cash by changing your search engine to Inbox Dollars. You will also get $5 free as a sign-up bonus.

There are many ways to earn cash from Inbox Dollars, such as

  1. Attending surveys
  2. Playing games
  3. Shopping online
  4. Reading paid emails
  5. Watching TV

Registration is free, once you signed up you can explore lots of the fastest ways to make money from their portal.

They have launched their own Smartphone app to earn more rewards while on the go.

Inbox Dollars have paid almost $ 30 million in cash from 2016 to their members.

It’s not late, signup today and downloads their mobile app to leverage their income potential.

surveys pay online

3. Do Tasks in Swag Bucks

This site is more similar to the Inbox Dollars, i.e), you will earn cash for performing different activities on their site.

After you have registered an account, you have to perform a few activities to start earning money from this site.

The activities are taking daily polls, attending online surveys, doing online shopping, and the interesting part is referring friends.

I am making almost Rs. 6000+ INR [$100+] from Swagbucks and redeeming as “PayPal Cash”.

To start making money, you need to Register for Swagbucks and log in every day for shopping, answer polls, attend surveys, etc.

For every activity you are doing, you will earn Swag points later you can convert points into US dollars and redeem them via PayPal.

750 Swag points equal 5 USD.

There are different redeeming options in Swagbucks, and I recommend redeeming as Freecharge (or) Flipkart Gift Voucher.


Free Registration

Zero Investment

Easy Work

Earn $1 – $5 per day

4. Complete Online Surveys

Surveys are simply called Questions and Answers asked in a form. Normally you will be asked to post your opinion and/or suggestion.

On successful completion, you are eligible to get a payment between $5 – $50 per survey.

Online Surveys for cash

MNC companies require their customer feedback to improve their products or services and hence they frequently run online survey campaigns.

They do not directly run the survey but instead, they will outsource their requirements to some survey companies with whom they prepare a business deal.

Survey companies have a huge list of people from different parts of the world, so it is easier to run survey programs.

We have to register for free on the recommended list of paying survey sites and our first action is to complete our profile surveys.

Because our profiles will be used to determine our eligibility to attend these surveys.

How to take Online Survey Jobs?

1.) Register a free account with all the recommended sites.

2.) Complete your profile surveys

3.) Wait for the Email Invitation to attend the survey

Here is the list of sites: Click here to get a list of paying survey sites

  1. Worthy Shout
  2. Clixsense
  3. Global Test Market
  4. Harris Poll Online
  5. Swagbucks

No Investment

Easy Work

Earn up to $10 Per Survey

5. Sell your Used Cell-phones or Other Gadgets

Electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, smartphones, computers, and iPods are becoming a mandatory part of our life.

These electronic devices may become older and non-usable after some months or if you bought new gadgets with new features.

You can sell these used products to anyone and can make some money.

But where to sell these things?

OLX is the best marketplace for buying and selling second-hand products. Register a free account in OLX.

After your registration, complete your profile and verify your mobile number. Now, list all your used electronic gadgets and take a snap.

Post the things in your listings and then promote the same on your social networks. Also, OLX will list your products along with their list of products based on their category.

When someone is interested in purchasing the product they may contact you and you may discuss it further.

You can even sell anything on OLX and so I recommend this as one of the fastest ways to make money.

6. Get Paid for Searching the Web

This is really an awesome way to earn cash online by doing stuff on what you already do online?

qmee review

It is also the fastest way to make money online without any effort because it comes with a unique idea.

The idea is Qmee.com reward where you will be rewarded for doing activities like surfing on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Register a free account with them and get a simple add-on installed on your browser.

Whenever you conduct a search the add-on will show some features and sponsored results on your window sidebar.

Each Qmee result has a cash reward and if you are interested in it simply click on the link and collect your reward.

All payments are made via PayPal and require no minimum cash out.

7. Start a Website

Running your own website will be the best way to generate passive income. It will make you money even while you sleep.

Blog for Money

Starting a website is really easy and it does take only 20 – 30 minutes. Registering and hosting a website does not cost you high and even anyone can start.

Many CMS themes like Word Press were available to install on your website. After installing, write content and add your social networks to start receiving traffic.

There are many different ways to monetize your website and Online Home Income is just one example of a successful website, started in 2013 and running successfully until the present.

OnlineHomeIncome does offer websites and blogs at an affordable price for people interested in blogging along with living teaching sessions in blog promotion and monetization.

8. Review Websites and Apps

Recently I found a few people were making money by reviewing other websites and Apps online to make money.

In this decade, every people are educated well enough and they can use their knowledge to earn extra revenue.

User testing lab

Introducing UserTesting.com – the fastest way to make money online, that pays people for reviewing different websites and apps.

Each review work does take 10 to 20 minutes and upon successful completion, they will pay you $10 via PayPal.

9. Become a Courier Delivery Boy

Everyone will own a bike or motorcycle or car? Then what about the Smartphone? That’s all you need to make some extra money in this job.

Many courier services such as Professional courier, and Bluedart requires humans to deliver their parcels and other things to their customer’s doorstep.

You can do this as an evening Part-time after college, or on your flexible hours. You can earn approx. Rs. 150 per hour if you work there.

Find the advertisements related to hiring courier boys and agents in daily newspaper ads like Dina Thanthi, Dina Malar, The Hindu, Indian Times, etc.

Usually, they will publish these types of hiring ads in their classified section.

10. Pizza Delivery Services

People living in Hi-tech metro cities such as Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, and Mumbai, seem too adapted to relatively fast-food cultures like Pizza, Hot dogs, etc.

Pizza Delivery

Do you know if there are some opportunities available? When you think of Pizza, you think Domino’s.

Start your part-time career with Domino by joining their pizza delivery team.

You can do it whenever you have free time. Normally you will be paid Rs. 150 per hour.

If you can able to invest some money, then you can start a franchise business in your area.

11. Write and Publish Kindle eBook

This job will be the best suitable one for college students, educated housewives, and others who are good at researching and writing.

amazon kindle

With the Amazon Kindle store, anyone can publish an eBook and sell it for money. Kindle app is now available on Android and IOS, so your market will reach out to this entire globe.

Write an eBook and list for sale for the price between $2 – $10 and you will earn 70% of each sale.

People always wanted solutions to their questions such as How to make money online? How to become rich? How to start successful affiliate marketing?

Simply write the information you have researched and compile it together in a neat format such as causes, ways to find the solution, and justify your research.

Create a great cover design and once your book is live in the Kindle store, you will start making money.

Ask your readers to review and respond to them because this helps you to show up higher in results.

The best part is your idea written one time in a digital format will earn you a passive reward for years to come!

12. Buy and Sell Domain Names

A domain name is simply a website address (eg. ‘onlinehomeincome. in’).

You can register all domains for a very little cost of $10 and park the domain on any hosting platform such as Godaddy or Hostgator.

Find the right one and sell the domain on-demand at a higher price than the value you purchased.

There is nothing to lose here, investing small money will earn you double, triple times income, or even more.

One of the best suggested fastest ways to make money online is because you can make instant cash when you sell the parked domain online.

You can list them for sale on sites like sedo.com, expiredomains.com, etc to make some quick sales.

13. Sell your Last Year’s Academic Books

This is also one of the fastest ways to make money as selling your old academic books to your juniors or someone else who needs them.

A wide marketplace is available to sell those books and some of them are OLX, Facebook, and Amazon book (Amazon will charge some commission on books sold).

14. Get Paid to Watch Ads Online

This is the quickest money-making method available on the Internet. These are the websites that reward you for viewing advertisements on your computer.

Other ways to earn some extra cash are through completing offers and other various online activities such as answering polls, trying online services, etc.

These sites, you should need to understand their terms and conditions before starting your work.

The most popular sites are Toluna, Swagbucks, InboxPounds, Neobux, and Clixsense.

15. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing means promoting other merchant products and getting a commission for every sale.

If you have a good presence on various social media or even you have a blog or website with good targeted traffic, you can start generating money immediately.

Start affiliate marketing business

Read the related post: How to Start an Affiliate Marketing Business?

Almost all industries came into online affiliate marketing and people are showing must interest in placing orders online and getting them delivered to their doorstep.

Join a few affiliate sites such as Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal and complete your registration process.

You can find so many products to promote find the right product and copy the HTML promotional code and paste it into your site.

Whenever a sale was made, you will get a commission. These sites are free to join and require no investment.

16. Become a Clickworker

It works on the concept based on ‘internet crowd-sourcing where businesses advertise their specific tasks that need to be completed quickly.

Thousands of tasks are available such as data entry, web research, form filling, image conversion jobs, and lots more.

Join Clickworker for free

You can choose any task to think you can complete and it is easy for some to make the fastest money over the internet.

You will be rewarded with PayPal cash for every completed task and you can choose when and where to work?

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is the best outsourcing micro-task website based in the US. If you are from the US, you can try this.


Thanks for your valuable time to read this article, and I am sure you have got some ideas about money-making methods.

These are the few ways that were proven in making money online. You can choose any single job (or) all from this list that is either online or offline.

It entirely depends on your qualifications, knowledge, and interest in earning some extra income.

In the end, you need the fastest ways to make money to manage your monthly expenses and your personal and family needs.

Remember, saving money than spending is the secret of financial freedom.

If you have any thoughts (or) ideas to share in this article, post your words below in the comment section of this article.

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