4 Ways to Earn from SFI Business by Working from Home

By Myilraj G 

Updated on Jul 28, 2021


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Learn the Different Ways of Making Money from SFI Business

In this article, we will discuss the different ways to earn from SFI business, which is the world’s best affiliate network with businesses in over 120+ countries.

Many people were searching for genuine home-based online jobs to earn some additional revenue to add up with their primary income.

Since these days, expenses are higher than earnings, and hence, it pushes people to find additional sources for earning a second income.

Earn from SFI Business
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Among the many online jobs that are available from home-based, SFI Affiliate Marketing is one of the best online businesses consider to start.

I have written the introduction and the process of registering with this business in the previous article linked above.

Now, I will show you the Four Different ways to earn money from this revenue-generating program.

Advantages of SFI Business

This affiliate business does not require any kind of initial investment from the members.

You can immediately start this business from anywhere in the world.

Also, since, SFI has its business worldwide, we can target the global market and sell products to people anywhere in the world.

Their affiliate dashboard has extensive features to manage our business online 24×7.

A 30-days online training platform is available for free for every SFI affiliate to learn how to do this business?

You will make money not only for your own activities but also for your downline activities.

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Different Ways to Earn from SFI Business

STEP 1 – By Accumulating Versa Points

The main reason why SFI Affiliate Business is so successful is that it’s so simple to start and earn.

Earning through the Triple Clicks Executive Pool just by scoring Versa Points for doing simple actions that help you become successful in SFI.

Each time you complete an action on your SFI To-Do List, you will earn certain versa points for all actions which may be worth 10 points, some 20 points, some as much as 150 points.

So, our first thing in SFI is to earn as many Versa Points as we can each month. The more VP, the more score, the higher the rank, and the more we can earn from the Triple Clicks Executive Pool.

Receive a share of our big, companywide pool with a minimum of just 1500 VP a month!



STEP 2 – By selling Tripleclicks Products

Another great method which is the most prominent method in SFI Affiliate Business is selling products through their online E-store named Triple Clicks.

There are 1000’s merchants across the world were listed their products in their E-store and as an affiliate, you can easily make commissions by recommending their products.

Whenever you make a sale (or) promote any products of Triple clicks to anyone and when they completed their purchase, you will earn 45% CV Direct Commission! PLUS.

The Most important thing is: SFI takes care of all order processing, payments, product shipments, and customer service (including live chat) and all just for zero cost.

About Triple Clicks: Triple Clicks.com is one of the fastest-growing and most popular e-commerce sites with almost 110,000 products.

They have also partnered with thousands of companies from all over the world (including INDIA) so you can earn commissions on the sales of thousands of high-profit international and local products too!


STEP 3 – By Referring Affiliates

Scoring Versa Points and generating sales at Triple Clicks.com are the most important way to start to earn from SFI Business.

But if you need to earn more, it’s better to sponsor people in your downline and help them to duplicate your activities.

Refer other persons to sign up with SFI for free. The KEY to success in SFI is by referring and generating leads and grow a team of active affiliates.

As a Team Leader, we can have another opportunity of accepting lucrative components of the SFI compensation plan: Versa Points Matching.

KIND NOTE: When you sign up an affiliate, help them become active. Teach them, encourage them, and cheer them to score Versa Points and sponsoring their own affiliates every month and adding generations to your team!

As this “duplication” takes place, your earnings will grow because you can now be earning thousands of additional shares of the Triple Clicks Executive Pool because of the actions of generations of affiliates under you!

SFI provides many ways to communicate with your team which includes 24-hour live chat, group messaging, and even Twitter-like instant posting to all your affiliates.

earn from SFI

STEP 4: Supplemental Income

Like to earn more in SFI, then read below another 3 additional income streams:

A) Co-sponsor SFI affiliates and add monthly 15% commissions (and matching Versa Points too).

B) Refer ECAs (E-Commerce Associates) to Triple Clicks and you can earn upfront Versa Points and lucrative cash royalties for life! Simply refer companies that sell products to your ECA Gateway.

For each that becomes an approved ECA, you can earn VP and 10% of the CV on all of their sales at Triple Clicks.com–for life! Plus, you’ll earn an immediate 100 VP when your ECA lists their first product.

C) SFI’s Pay-Per-Action (SFIPPA) program allows you to act as an advertiser for SFI and earn supplemental income by getting others to take actions such as filling out forms. Earn up to $12 per action.

Income from SFI

Tips to get started in SFI

1.) Always keep in mind the Basics of SFI:https://www.sfimg.com/SFIBasics

2.) With the above in mind, carefully complete your To-Do List every day:https://www.sfimg.com/Home?section=ToDo

3.) Daily apply one or two of the standard sponsoring methods: https://www.sfimg.com/Resources/Marketing/StandardSponsoringMethods

4.) Help your Affiliates to duplicate yourself: https://www.sfimg.com/Training/AwesomeSponsor

That’s it, here’s your way to start your SFI Business…

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