11 Successful Tips for Blogging: Beginners Guide

  • 22 December, 2019
  • / By Myilraj G

Know the Top 11 Successful tips for blogging for beginners


Starting a blog is easier as of now, because of the availability of featured pre-designed templates.

But, most beginners fail and returned empty-handed because of not having enough knowledge and strategy in place.

Here in this article, you will get 11Most important strategy tips for successful blogging for beginners which increase chances of success.

It doesn’t matter whether if you already started a blog and plan to start a new blog before everything read this short article before blogging.


1.) Be Passionate in your blog:

beginners blogThe main thing that stands before you when you planning on starting a blog is for money. Don’t just start a blog for nothing if you desire for making money.

For a successful blogging, you must involve in hard work with smarter activities and always be inspired by the thing you are the passion for. Always strive to feed more information and knowledge in your blog.

Learn the niche you are about to start very well before blogging. Find new things and share the knowledge you know about them on your blog.

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2.) Purpose of Blogging:

Before starting your blog, ask yourself for what purpose you are going to start a blog.

i.) Why you need to start a blog?
ii.) Why you want to succeed in blogging?
iii.) Why you need money from blogging?

If you having any strong reasons, then you can now start for blogging.

Blogging for fun surely ends up somewhere with nothing. If you are passionate about money from blogging, then you have to proceed below with further steps before starting a blog.


3.) Choosing a right Niche:

So, you decided for why you are going to start a blog.

If so, then you need to find a perfect niche for your blog to start and stand out in a unique way among others.

May the niche be of many things such as Cooking? Painting? Money-Making? Personality -Development? The teaching of a particular Courses in multimedia? Studying abroad tips? Successful business ideas? Etc… etc….


4.) Be Yourself and show your Personality:

top bloggingNow you had chosen a niche for your blog, and having everything in your hand. Being yourself means being different from others.

Show your originality because it is you on your blog. Before that, you should keep in mind that being and expressing yourself naturally is the best way to stand in blogging.

Express yourself with your own idea in your niche rather than copying others is the unique way of success in blogging.



5.) Content Building:

You need a very strong and unique in working out different content building technique in place for you to survive in blogging.

Content building means, what kind of content (audio, video, text) are you going to produce in you blog?

How are you going to present your article? and how recently you are going to update new contents?

Remember these things in the content building.

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6.) Choosing web hosting:

My kind advice to everyone is to avoid free blogging services because they may end you up at any time in your successful journey.

If you are serious and passion in making money online, you must have own hosting services and plenty out there to choose, like Bluehost, Hostgator.


7.) Choosing theme and Plugins:

Now after choosing your hosting plan, you need to publish content professionally and user-friendly.

For doing so, you need to pick a theme looking professionally. Try premium themes in WordPress rather than free or if you having experience in web designing then you can create your own theme..

Once you published with your theme, it’s time to pick some plugins in order to show your contents.

Plugins such as,

••• Akismet(to prevent spam)
••• Audio-Player
••• XML sitemaps
••• Share-bar
••• Popular post tags
••• broken link checker etc… are really very useful in keeping your theme looks good.


8.) List and link building:

Once you had everything in hand, chosen an own domain for blogging, published articles in professional theme platform.

It’s time to build peoples to visit your blog post to turn your blog into a revenue generator.

here are many bulk email list providers available who offers free and paid services.

But, my suggestion is to go for paid ones such as Aweber. Investment in these at the beginning will earn you a more in future.


9.) Monetization:

Next step, money comes from blogging merely not only from posting articles but from monetizing it for generating revenue.

Try using click-bank, Amazon to sell products or try Google Ad-sense, Adhitz as an advertiser turning your blogging into the advertising platform.


10.) Traffic generation:

ppc advertisingMonetizing a blog itself will not generate revenue unless having peoples to buy products or traffic to view ads.

>> Turn your visitors into leads and in turn leads turn into revenue.

Yet, there are many strategy tips available for generating traffic.

You can try commenting others blog, guest blogging, advertising your blog through email, SMS, via social networking and through PTC sites.

You can try PPC campaign too to advertise your blog in need to generate revenue.


11.) Write your target and act upon it:

Without any target, nothing happens in reality. After you started your blog, you need to plan for your actions.

Set your goal and act upon it. Here some questions you need to ask yourself:

i.) What will you expect after 3months of blogging?
ii.) Where will you be in after 3 months?
iii.) What you planned for after a year?
iv.) Why you need these results?

If you had an answer for all these, then you are sure to end up with good results.



Last but not least, here are some important things you need to summarize on.

••• Start your blog with perfect niche, show your reality and express your originality to stand uniquely among others.
••• Concentrate on the niche and stay updated, focus on the niche.
••• Update your blog more frequently, and stay active in
••• communication with your readers.
••• Before getting into blogging, workout yourself everything about choosing a niche, and content building.
••• Bear in Mind, starting and maintaining a profitable blog is not so easier, but it is worth for your hard work if you having a purpose and goal setting for your blog.


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