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* Established in 2003

* Strong worldwide reputation


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Easyhits4u is one of the most prominent free manual traffic exchange sites. They offer real visitors to your blog or website in turn for earning credits.

Easyhits4u allows you to promote your own website/blog, referral/affiliate links from other programs to build your down lines.

Learn the Easyhits4u strategy guide presented by OnlineHomeIncome and reveal the myth behind creating millions of traffic to your website/blog in hours.



Easyhits4u is the manual traffic exchange website where users can get real human visitors to their own website/blog.

As a user, you can earn credits for surfing websites on 1:1 or 2:1 ratio and as a return your website is shown up to the number of other users in the exchange network.

Moreover you will get bonus after viewing certain number of websites (once after 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200 and so on so on).

Bonuses include:

•••Additional Credits
•••Additional text ad impressions
•••Additional Banner ad impressions

One of the main thing in easyhits4u is they pay real money of $0.3 for surfing 1000websites.

You can withdraw once you reached minimum of $3 in your account balance or use it for member up gradation or purchasing more credits.

Refer other people and get them to sign up using your link, and earn $0.1 additionally when they completed surfing 100websites.

There are up to 6 levels of referrals where you can earn as an upgraded member.

The Best Traffic Exchange


How to earn as a free member? {Earn up to $3 daily}

As a free member, you can earn real money by manually surfing website (ie. $0.3 for 1000Sites surfed). Just login to the account, and choose “Start Surfing 1:1Ratio”.

easy surf

1:1 Surfing, 5-levels referral program, Bonuses, Contests and more!…

Surf 1000 sites and earn bonuses for every 25sites surfed. Moreover, refer friends, and earn a part of commissions from their earnings too.

•••10% of credits earned by your first level referrals;
•••5% – 2nd level;
•••3% – 3rd level;
•••2% – 4th level;
•••1% – 5th level.

surveys pay online


Benefits of upgraded member:

Benefits of Ultimate Member:

••• Free credits from your referrals on 6 levels (15% – 10% – 5% – 3% -2 % – 1%)

••• 1000 bonus credits every month

••• 5000 banner impressions every month

••• 5000 text ad impressions every month

••• Up to 5000 additional bonus credits after upgrade

••• 1:1 exchange ratio on the 10-second timer

••• 1:1 conversion rate for geotargeting option (Default rate for free members is 2:1)

••• More traffic to your sites

••• More guaranteed prizes on bonus pages during surfing

••• You can promote an unlimited number of sites

••• You can create and promote up to 100 custom splash pages

••• Earn 40% commissions from purchases of our Easy Splash Builder and Easy Rotator tools made by your first level referrals

••• An increased ratio for converting credits into banner and text ad impressions (1:35 and 1:75 instead of 1:25 and 1:50)

••• Top priority on ad submissions and support requests

There are two upgraded available, $7.95 for PREMIUM account for 1 month and $16.95 for ULTIMATE ACCOUNT for 1 month.


Benefits of Premium Member:

••• Free credits from your referrals on 6 levels (15% – 10% – 5% – 3% -2 % – 1%)

••• 2500 bonus credits every month

••• 2000 banner impressions every month

••• 2500 text ad impressions every month

••• 1:1 ratio on the 15-second timer websites

••• 5% from Level 1 Referrals and 10% from other successive levels up to 6 levels.

••• Promotion of unlimited amount of links


Innovative Traffic Exchange


How to work and earn?

STEP 1: Register by clicking any of the banners on this webpage.

STEP 2: Login to the site and click Start surfing, You can choose two options in surfing

STEP 3: >> 2:1, means you will earn 0.5credits for surfing 1website with 15sec timer

>> 1:1, means you will earn 1 credits for surfing 1websites with a 20sec timer


Note: If you being an upgraded member, you can start surf 1:1ratio with even lesser timer…

In the middle of browsing, some sites may take a bit longer timer but offer you more credits even 1.5 to 2credits.

After the timer ends, 5Images will be shown up and you have to click any one of the two duplicates in the images or solve a math problem to prove that you are a real human.

Accumulate credits, and you may use those credits to publish your website/blog to drive real human traffic.

Logic: You earn 1 credit for 1 website you surfed and easyhits4u offer you 1visits for the credits you earned.

1Credit = 1Site surfed = 1Visit received
1000-Sites surfed = $0.3Cash = $3 Payout

You can surf as many as websites available to you every 24hours and in turn, you can show your websites to as many as peoples at the same 24hrs time. You can assign your earned credits automatically, by going to setting pages

Meantime you promote easyhits4u to get referrals through advertising their text/banner links, splash pages, so it can provide an additional way to earn more credits.

Remember, More Credits = More Visits


Disclaimer / Reader Responsibility:

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Any Claims or Representations made on this website are considered to be an exceptional result and those will not assure any average or guaranteed results in earnings.

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The earning potential completely depends on the visitors who access or using services provided on our website.

EasyHits4U.com – Your Free Traffic Exchange – 1:1 Exchange Ratio, 5-Tier Referral Program. FREE Advertising!

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