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How to start affiliate marketing business to make money online

Start affiliate marketing business today then make money online by promoting product or services through your blog

Start your own affiliate marketing business

Affiliate marketing jobs becomes the most vital to everyone to make money online from their blogging. With just a blog you can’t make money unless you do some sales via your blog by promoting some affiliate products or via plugging yourself into PPC, CPC marketing campaign.

The thing I mentioned secondly will yield a small returns that is you will be getting $0.0001 per click or 1$ per 1000clicks. But if you choose affiliate marketing jobs then your income will be much more than second campaign. Because in affiliate marketing, if a product have been sold through your affiliate link you will get up to maximum of 80% of the products MRP as affiliate commission.

It is treated as a second great opportunity to earn big money from internet after Google Ad Sense. It requires some skills before starting this business. You should know what is Blogging? And how you can blog? Also you need to know how to do SEO for your blog? If you could have been strong in this area then you are ready to start as an Affiliate Marketer.


What is Affiliate Marketing?

Lets get to learn the basics of affiliate marketing business. Affiliate Marketing Business is a method of earning commissions for promoting someone else product or service to your friends, or relatives. You can do this either by social networking, blogging, Email and sms marketing etc. But blogging sounds to be the most successful way ever.
Affiliate marketing involves four steps,
— Finding a right product to promote.
— Signup with their affiliation program.
— Get your referral promotion link and paste in your blog or website.
If a sale was made, you will get commission.

How Affiliate Marketing system works?


There are thousands of online merchants who are having lakhs of products and services to sell but they don’t have the time to market their product or they might be insufficient in their marketing strategy. Finally in this situation and as the result of this little efficiency, gives rise to the Affiliate Marketing System. These systems rely on the state of the art software which is built to monitor each and every activity of the affiliate program and that includes tracking affiliate link to determine the sales etc. If someone buys the product through your affiliate link you will be paid.

Also, in this system you can have the option of choosing as many products or services from many merchants and you can make money by promoting all products at the same time.

Already there are thousands of online stores and eCommerce sites like Amazon, eBay, Click Bank, Commission Junction, Flipkart, Snap deal have started working on Affiliate Marketing system. May be I could have missed some sites here.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing Business?

To start affiliate marketing business, you must have your own blog on a popular topic which is already getting at least 500 – 750 unique visits daily. Because you need to have a visitors to promote the products. If you having at least 500visitors visiting your blog daily means you can convert one-third of them into customers to buy the products from your website.

If you do not have a blog already then it is not too late to start this business. Get to know the ways of make money blogging from the niche you are interested. Don’t worry, start your affiliate marketing business and register an account with them. Choose the product that you plan to promote. Then create a blog and then write reviews and information’s related to the product. Post those notes as an article in your blog and start promoting the affiliate product.

Your article must be convincing to get visitors to click over the link and pull them to buy the product. If you got succeeded, then you will get commission every time a visitor visiting your blog if buys something there.

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How do you get paid?

For getting paid in Affiliate marketing jobs you must need to create an account with them. You can create a free account with Amazon, Commission Junction, Flipkart, Snap deal, Ebay some of those I recommend here.

• Login to your profile and access the dashboard to select the products from the list. You may get Banner ad codes or text link ad codes for promotion of the affiliate products.

• Copy those codes and paste in your blog or website and start promoting.

• When a visitor visiting your blog might click the link and land on the merchant site and if they bought something, you will get affiliate commission credited in your account immediately.

• Some sites will pay you via PayPal, and some will send you cheque in your local currency. Payments depend on your location and you should be aware of these things at the time of signup.

How to find a product for promotion?

You can find and pick any product from the merchant site that can buy online and there is always an affiliate program being there to pay you. Also remember, promote anything doesn’t mean everything and it should.

Most important thing is to consider a product that is relevant to your audience and start promoting the same.

Take this instance, I am promoting “Blue Host Hosting” , a web-hosting company that sells server space for websites. They offer shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated server hosting in all budgets for all level of people. I promote this product in my website and it interests most visitors to pull them to buy a best hosting plan.

They credit my account the said affiliate commission on every successful sale.

When I plan to promote a product in my blog, I use to ask myself the following questions:
Do I use this product?
Will it makes sense to my visitors?
Will it worth for them to try?
Do they have easy buying process?
Whether they offer best affiliate commission?
When I got positive answer for all the questions, then probably I may try this product promotion in my blog.

What kind of products can I promote in affiliate Marketing?


You can promote any type of products that may be physical or non-physical, tangible or in-tangible, from computer peripherals to software’s, FMCG goods of any kinds. Every product has unique affiliate commission set by the merchant.

There are two divisions in affiliate marketing, one is selling products and another one is selling services.

If you sell products you will get low affiliate commission due to all the factors that involve selling such as manufacturing, retailing, packing, transporting, delivering etc. So after all these you will get only 4% to 10% affiliate commission.

But in the same case, if you sell services possible chances of getting more affiliate commission. Just take this as an instance; my blogging business doesn’t function without hassle free hosting, website, marketing software etc.

So, if I promote a product related to those then chances are more that I can make more income. I would recommend promoting services on affiliate marketing to get more income every month.

One cool thing is that, commissions are often recurring from some merchants such as who sell Email Marketing Services or Digital products services. Aweber offers 20% commission if you refer someone and on every month if that customer renews their account you will get commission.

Advantages of Affiliate Marketing:

You can make more income over other online jobs from home because you are not selling your own product instead you earning money for selling other merchant’s products.

You do not need to set up a store and maintain stock, take over responsibilities involved in Packing, Shipping and delivering the product because all those stuffs will be taken care by the merchant.Only thing is you have to promote via Banner Ads, Text Link Ads etc and pull your visitors to land on the merchant’s product page.

Huge income potential that you can make up to 90% as affiliate commission by selling some particular products.

If you sell services, you can have the opportunity to earn residual income for long term as long as the customers tend to withdraw their membership.

You can even make money when you asleep or went out for parties with friends or enjoying weekends at resorts and beaches.

It’s never too late, it’s neither too early. Plan now, put your actions.

ACTION PART: How to start Affiliate marketing program?

This is the most important section in this article that you should sit on your chair’s end and read and understand. So, as far as now you may have some generic idea on How affiliate marketing works? How to choose products for promotions? How to promote the product? How to get the affiliate links for promotion.

In this section, we are going to dig a deep further specifically on how to start your first affiliate marketing campaign.

Selecting a product:
If you already having a blog that holds a group of audience, then select a product related to those audience that might be convincing. If you blog for tutorials, then do promote information services such as E-books, Educational CDs, DVDs etc. You can find them on Amazon, Click Bank, Commission Junction.

Promoting the product:
There are number of ways to promote a product such as sharing in Social network sites, sending multiple emails, sending bulk SMS, creating a blog and promoting the product.

Blog promotion is the best way for affiliate marketing and everyone can choose this as a beginning in their affiliate marketing.

If you already have a blog, then choose the product related to the keywords of your blog. Or else choose the product specially services then start blogging on the same. Writing reviews and posting as posts in your blog will engage more visitors and will give you a chance to convert them in to buyers.

Also you must learn SEO for blogging, because without visitors to a blog you cannot bring buyers.


Affiliate marketing business consumes much time and effort. You need to put dedicated work and stream line your plan to get results or otherwise you will end up in nothing. Learn from your mistakes, working to rectify your mistakes will bring success. If you still want to find other ways of earning money, then you must read my article on 14 Free online jobs from home without investment.

Keep on trying....

Best of luck.. .. .. .. .. ..

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