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Online home income welcomes you all readers and visitors. Our blog was mainly started to educate people around the world about genuine online money making methods and also update them with the latest information in this online money making

Whenever we found a new opportunity we will first try the method and upon successful positive results, we then update here.

After several years in this field, with lots of ups and downs finally, we stick to certain native methods for online income at home.

You can find those methods on our home page. But the internet grows with years giving rise to new methods and lots of news ways have been found in recent days to earn money online.

Those five methods have been taken care of myself but we always wanted to stay up to date with new ways in online money making.

Hence Online Home Income opened its gates to new research writers and entrepreneurs to show their talent and express their own views and ideas.

They can even write their own success stories in online money making field. We give an opportunity to every one in this field to express their views through their articles.



• One back link to your blog page (No-follow or Do-follow based on personal discussion)
• One link to any of your affiliate program


Articles accepted:

All writers and entrepreneurs are welcome to our team where you can express your thoughts and views through articles. Please look through below categories for new articles.

Online Jobs

• Online jobs from home
• Best paying online job websites (India and overseas)
• Jobs for retired people, part-time job seekers, college students
• How to guides, tutorials, tips on finding Internet job?

Earn Money Online:

• Possible ways to earn money online
• Ideas on earning money from the Internet
• College student jobs (India and overseas)

Work from home:

• Work from home jobs for home moms
• Online jobs for housewives
• Ideas for home based jobs without investment

Money Making Ideas:

• Make money blogging
• Earn money from Google Ad Sense
• Best Ad Sense alternative programs
• Affiliate marketing
• Different marketing programs
• Highest paying affiliate programs

Online Surveys:

• Online Survey Jobs
• Paying Survey programs in India
• Working in online surveys

Part-time jobs opportunities:

• Online Jobs
• Offline Jobs



Charges on Guest Post

For Blogger’s

We accept Guest posts from new bloggers if the content is informative and related to our niche.

Articles from bloggers will be published only after verifying identity from the blog owner to whom the article producing backlink.

Guest posting from bloggers will be accepted only for new blogs which is not more than 3months older, rest aged guest blog will be considered as promotional articles. (Decision at sole discretion of Online Home Income Administration)

A publishing and reviewing charge of Rs. 1999 will be levied.

For Contributor’s

Guest posting by contributor’s are completely free.

Articles will be accepted based on discussion through Email.

Repeated article writing from the same Contributor’s will be rewarded.

For Content Writer’s

Guest posting by content writers on behalf of any promotional strategy(business, product review, service review, affiliate marketing) levy some fee.

Promotional Strategy includes writing articles in a view of getting leads or generating sales of a product or service of a brand.

Guest post by content writer’s will be published only if they met with our TOS below.

Guest posting for sharing information or thought on certain subject is free.

Charges for all articles: Over 2500+ Words : Rs. 5000 INR

Charges for video tutorials: Video below 1-minute : Rs. 1000 INR
Video between 1 – 5 minutes : Rs. 2000 INR
Video between 5 – 10 minutes : Rs. 3000 INR
Video above 10 – minutes : Rs. 5000 INR

Review Writing

Online Home Income with our team of excellence writer’s, extended our leg to start writing reviews.

We write Review’s on Products, Services, Blog or Website’s.

We do charge Rs. 3999 ($69.99) for an article of length of 2000 Words.


Important Points to Remember:

1.) Content Quality:

1.1.) All articles should be more descriptive and focused mainly on the subject (see above).
1.2.) Always put your true effort to write an original piece of contents. Strictly copied contents, duplicate contents will not be allowed.
1.3.) One single image speaks 1000 words and it plays an important position on every piece of content on our blog. Hence it is necessary to add at least 2 – 3 Images.
1.4.) The content author is requested to place a link to any high authoritative site based on their article niche.
1.5.) Entrepreneurs can explain their own success stories attached with supporting media such as proper screenshots, audio’s, animations and Videos.Videos will also be published on our YouTube Channel.

2.) Content Length:

2.1) The article should be minimum 2500 words to maximum any number of words and it should be around your area of interest.
2.2.) Quality really matters a lot, duplicate and thin contents will not be accepted.
2.3.) Your guest post should include at least two related internal links to our blog posts.
2.4.) Lengthy paragraphs in the article should be separated with sub-headings, points etc.

3.) Affiliate Links:

3.1.) Strictly no affiliate external links are allowed.(Affiliate banners are also not allowed)
3.2.) Linking to your own blog post is fine, but linking to other paid sources such as promotional / lead pages, affiliate pages, other blog posts are strictly not allowed.

4.) Copyright:

4.1.) When you submitting the article, it means that you are giving us the full copyright ownership to deal with DMCA issues.
4.2.) All articles will be published, reorganized, moved or even removed and the entire rights are at sole discretion of Online Home Income administration only.

5.) Comments:

5.1.) Comments are just a conversation and complimentary views for your article from our site visitors and readers. Please subscribe to the respective page to receive updates on new comments, replies etc. Respond to the comments to assist our readers and explore more.
5.2.) If you require author BIO at the bottom of the article, please send the BIO separately along with the article. (Not more than 1 – 2 lines)

6.) Article Publication and Updation:

6.1.) After receiving your article, our webspam team and editorial team will run a series of process to check plagiarism and quality.
6.2.)If editing is necessary my team will contact you via Email. Articles will be published only after it passes TOS and quality assessing.
6.3.) Articles should be updated at least every 45Days, we will send a reminder email to your email ID.
6.3.1.) If we do not receive any responses in next 48hrs from the receipt of the email, we do either unpublish and/or remove the article.

How to submit articles?

Please send a mail to advertisers [at] onlinehomeincome [dot] in with following details:

Blog name:
Previous article source links:
Guest article title:
Article Length:
Purpose: Blogger’s Post / Content Writer Post / Contributor Post

After reviewing your application from our editorial team, you will be asked to submit your Guest Post via the same Email.

Normally you will receive reply in 48Hrs from receipt of your application mail.

Write your Guest post in MS-Word and attach images and medias as a separate file with the same email.

All further corresponding will be via email only.

Guest articles will be published only after it passes our quality guidelines mentioned above and if it fails any point the same will be intimated via mail.
Articles will not be published if it has no value to users.


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