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I am G.Myilraj,
New Online Entrepreneur

trying ways to secure my financial free future


Revealing Truth's Behind The MYTH.....

I am G.Myilraj, 26year old hailing from Coimbatore KONGU NADU, Tamilnadu, India. Admin and Founder of this website, Which provides 5 possible and easy methods of making money online.


A second largest city (also known as Manchester of South India) in Tamilnadu, India, is one of the fastest growing tier-2 cities in India and a major textile, industrial, commercial, educational, information technology, healthcare and manufacturing hub in Tamil Nadu.

Recently emerging as a Software Tech Park, which inhales most of IT companies around the world. Also, located on the slopes of western ghats which are mostly admired by most tourist's around the world because of having most reliable and comfortable climate year around.

Most Elegant and beautiful hill views such as Ooty, Maruthamalai, Siruvani, Anaimalai Hills etc., also along with Amusement Theme parks such as Black Thunder, Kovai Kondattam. Coimbatore is one of the most comfortable zones to live in India with a moderate climate which suits to almost all peoples from all parts of the world.


I am a G.Myilraj, young online entrepreneur from this wonderful Coimbatore, Admin of this website. A diploma holder in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, passed out during 2010's currently in Electrical Maintenance field dealing with breakdown maintenance and retro fitment of horizontal and vertical injection molding machines of many brands.


In late 2010's, Just after completing my studies, I have begun my new venture of online business and I have been working with several 100's of websites online and finally identified unscrupulous ways earning online.

Tough along 100's of the website available online, many of them gone scam after a while there for months. But, however, on fate, some website are really genuine which paying its members for long.

I use to select these types of the website before registering and working and got succeed with them. I won't let others be scammed on these types of websites, and hence I started this site to educate others to make money online genuinely without wasting their time and money.

As a milestone in my journey of successful online business and with 4years of experience in this fields, I have launched a website by name www.onlinehomeincome.in in Early March-2013.

I would be proud to call myself a young entrepreneur providing a genuine way of making money online especially from home.

After learning many PRO's and CON's in internet money making field along with wide experience from the past 4years, www.onlinehomeincome.in has been launched.

I welcome all new buddies join hands with me to foster a future free from financial burden. Come engineer your future is here.

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Manju says...

Hai Raj, I appreciate your initiative in guiding people looking for online jobs. I am one among them. I have been surfing about this for more than a year but hesitate as many are scams. Since some reliable sites are provided by you let me try with your help.

myilraj says...

Hello Manju,

Sure you can try these five suggested ways to earn money online. Most of the methods do not require investment from your side.

Just learn and understand, after you start doing the job.

You can connect with me on Whatsapp(Number in contact page).

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