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I started making money online from the Internet since 2010.

Hence I am planning to help 2019 People start their own online business through Blogging.

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Start New Business: I will help 2019 people to Create a Blog

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A Short note,

It was the day on Jan 01 2016 morning, the day I am preparing to live my own life on the first day of the new year.

I was actually working as a Senior Electrical Maintenance Engineer in a private company.

My average monthly salary was Rs. 11500/- [$176.90] when I go for the day job even I worked on Sundays and some public holidays.

On one side it was really boring, because getting up early in the morning, taking bath, eating breakfast and commute to the company.

On the other hand, the monthly salary was not enough to meet my finances including family budget, travel expenses, and other expenditures. 

So what is the solution?

Doing some kind of additional business?
Online (or) Offline 

I have decided to start an online Blogging Business for my career growth. The initial step was the registration of this domain – on 2013.

Borrowed some money from a friend and purchased a domain name, web hosting for one year.

Don’t know much about blogging, again borrowed some money to pay fees for learning PHP from a training institute in my locality.

Learned web design and I designed my own blog, put some more efforts to learn SEO and applied on my own blog.

Did some mistakes and learned many new things.

Google recognized my work and increased my blog ranking gradually and finally the blast in my career on 31st December 2015.


Now, I converted this blog into WordPress to make it more user-friendly and search engine friendly.

Two Years went, now I am making some Six-digit income every 30days from my online businesses.

Are you ready to start your own career?

Advantages of this program

1.) Prior training support through live interactive sessions.

2.) Weekly newsletters from various influencers.

3.) Opportunity to join our team.

Who can join

i.) Any people with the strong mentality and desire to achieve something or having a real interest to start an online business.

ii.) People who have the patience to work focusing on the results.

iii.) Those who are willing to learn new things to achieve their goals.

Who should not join

I am not interested to waste my time with novice minded people.

Rule #1: People who look for Instant Money.
Rule #2: People who are not ready to take actions seriously.



Discover how to build a successful business blog
 with my personal one-on-one Blogging Training Course...

Build a fortune of making 6 - Digit monthly revenue in 100-Days


1.) FREE .com Blog Name
2.) FREE Web Hosting [1-year]
3.) FREE WordPress Theme [Worth - $80]
4.) FREE 30-Days Training

Other free utilities:
5.) Theme Installation (licensing and Setup)
6.) Plugin Installation and Optimization
7.) Free Blog Design
8.) Free Optimization


I have already achieved great success in blogging and hence I am sharing my expertise and techniques with you. It's the right time to start Blogging Business as many people have already aware of becoming a blogger.

  1. An introduction to the blogging business, it's advantages and success.
  2. I will teach you how to select the right niche for blogging as well as domain name selection.
  3. The working tips on how to perform keyword research and start writing blog posts.
  4. Various techniques on SEO and Digital Marketing that helps your viral blog promotion.
  5. Explain to you how to integrate various Blog Monetization Methods to start generating revenue?


1.) FREE SEO Training
2.) FREE Keyword Research Training
3.) FREE Content Writing Training
4.) FREE Digital Marketing Training

5.) FREE Google Adsense Training
6.) FREE Affiliate Marketing Training


My Income Proof

Below are some of my Income proof for your reference...

Adsense Income - 2

Google Adsense Payment 0001

Adsense Income - 3

Google Adsense Payment 0002

For Bloggers

Who already has a blog but not making any money

Are you a blogger, created a blog and blogging all the time, but unfortunately not making any money? 

Struggling hard to drive potential traffic and couldn’t able to generate desired revenue from your blog?

I am seeing most bloggers are struggling to make even $100 a month.

You are smart and hard-working,
   You are having sound knowledge of various stuff, 
      You have a lot to offer the world…

And, finally, you started a blog after learning the lots of free online courses, DIY tutorials, various link building syllabus and still you don’t monetize your blog.

You are working hard, and implementing all techniques you learned, but not making enough money every month.

Joining a course with hundreds of students will get your questions answered. You feel like you lost something and probably end up quit blogging.

Coming to the point:

1.) What is the reason you are not making money from your blog?

2.) Why your blog is not able to beat your competitors?

3.) Where to find the right targeted audience for your blogging business?

4.) How to monetize your blog to generate a six-digit income?

The Answer is:

A1.) Poor Blog Design and Less (or) No Traffic.

A2.) Inefficient web hosting (Cheap/free hosting).

A3.) Amateur presentation (normally because of free themes).

Make Blog Profitable

So, what do I do to turn my blog into a profitable money making platform?

All you need is to stop searching for the free courses (or) paid downloadable document such as DIY SEO, link building and so on, as they won’t work actually.

The success formula formulated by a successful blogger won’t guarantee another amateur blogger success.

Everyone is different in their blogging and an efficient way to transform all newbie blogger's into a professional blogger is by,

Exploring their talents, abilities through personal one-on-one coaching.

This is what you will get from Online Home Income.

One-on-one training is the most valued coaching which is most needed for every blogger.

What’s included?

1.) 300mins of coaching every month [75mins a week] — Worth Rs. 11999/-

2.) SEO Support [on-page/off-page] for your blog — Worth Rs. 5000/-

3.) Free review’s for new post publish — Worth Rs. 2000/-

4.) Free monthly SEO Audit — Worth Rs. 2500/-

First 2018 people is
Rs. 3999/-

Note: This section is only for the existing bloggers who have been blogging already.

International users Pay via PayPal $69.99 USD
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