4 Best and Top Paying PTC (Paid to Click) Sites in 2023

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1. What are PTC sites?

ptc sites

PTC means “paid to click”.

PTC websites are advertising companies that pay cash for viewing advertisements online.

It’s undoubtedly the best, easiest, and most comfortable way to earn money online without investment from home – a successful business model that’s so popular worldwide.

No investment or professionalism required – No age restrictions at all.

Getting started is pretty easy. This job is so simple that most of the newbies don’t need any guidance or instructions to follow.

Simply signup and log into your account, click ads every day, and get paid – that’s it.

On these sites, advertisers pay for publicity of their ads while members get credited for watching them.

There are zillions of PTC sites available but Online Home Income suggests only the best of the best proven PTC sites that have been paying legitimately for years to date.

2. Which PTC Sites Should I join?

Before you join, please read this:

Never create more than one account on the sites below.
Never use a proxy, VPN, or VPS on these sites.

As we said earlier, we are not going to flood this page with tons of websites but only the best ones will go here. Following are not just PTC sites but well-reputed GPT (get paid to) rewarding programs as well:


Neobux New
  • Per Click: $0.001
  • Per Click: $0.001
  • Per Ref Click: $0.005
  • Payout: $2
  • Max Ads: 50+
  • Max Refs: Unlimited
  • Pay Via: Neteller / Skrill
  • I Invested: $90
  • I Earned: $11800
  • Net Profit: $11710


Clixsense New
  • Per Task: $0.02
  • Per Ref Task: Up to 20%
  • Per Survey: $5 max
  • Payout: $10
  • Max Task: Unlimited
  • Max Refs: Unlimited
  • Pay Via: Payoneer / Skrill
  • I Invested: $0
  • I Earned: $21564
  • Net Profit: $21564


Offer Nation
  • Per Offer: Varies
  • Per Survey: Up to $5
  • Per Click: Up to $0.01
  • Payout: $1
  • Max Ads: 20+
  • Max Refs: Unlimited
  • Pay Via: PayPal / Skrill
  • I Invested: $0
  • I Earned: $29000
  • Net Profit: $28100


Prize Rebel
  • Per Offer: Varies
  • Per Survey: Up to $5
  • Per Click: Up to $0.01
  • Payout: $1
  • Max Ads: 20+
  • Max Refs: Unlimited
  • Pay Via: PayPal / Skrill
  • I Invested: $0
  • I Earned: $546
  • Net Profit: $546
Hidden Content

3. What are the Benefits of Joining?

These are the salient features and advantages of this business:

  • User-friendly
  • Free registration
  • Worldwide registration accepted
  • Home based job
  • Your own time
  • Work anywhere
  • No technical skills needed
  • Multiple income opportunities
  • Start earning right after registration
  • No investment required
  • Unlimited earning potential
  • Always pay on time
  • No learning curve

4. How do PTC Sites Work?

PTC sites act as a middleman between the advertisers and the members.

Online web marketers or advertisers need the traffic to their blogs or websites for promoting their products or services. So they need traffic from these paid-to-click sites that already have lots of registered users from around the world who are ready to view advertisements for cash.

These sites deliver unique traffic required by those online marketers or advertisers in return for cash and split the money for paying members for viewing those advertisers’ ads every day.

Each ad click is worth $0.001 to $0.01(depending on the membership). Some advertisers also publish their ads in the “offers” section and these can be completed by signing up for those programs or by trying new products and services.

PTC programs allow you to earn from surveys (based on questions and answers) and CrowdFlower tasks and pay rates to vary. In short, the more you exert, the better you score.

Other than your own activities, you will be given a percentage of your referrals’ activities that include sales (commissions from ad purchasing or account upgrading), clicking adverts, doing surveys, completing offers (as we discussed above), taking CrowdFlower tasks, engaging in contests and so on.

5. How to Register to Earn Money?

Remember, Online Home Income recommends only a few PTC sites because we always test before publishing a site here. So no worries and you will get paid for sure.

For signing up, you need to complete a registration form on every PTC site and confirm your email address.

As soon as you register successfully, you will be able to log into your account dashboard where you can view all available ads and participate in surveys, offers and tasks as well if you want.

Your earnings will be credited to your account instantly after viewing the ad for a particular period of time like 5 sec to 30 sec and payment and the number of ads available to view keeps varying throughout the day.

DO NOT use Adblock in your web browser or you won’t be able to see an ad. Check your browser settings or extensions. If you find Adblock, disable and remove it and restart your browser.

We suggest installing Ad Alert and Addon to the latest version of your browser (Firefox or Chrome) as they will keep notifying you of more available ads, surveys, and CrowdFlower tasks.

You can spend extra time on these sites at your convenience. When you’re away you can (temporarily) assign this job to any member of your family or trustworthy friend because that’ll keep increasing your income and you can win even free membership or receive a cash prize of up to $50 for your activity.

Click all ads turn by turn and remember to keep the page in focus until the timer/bar finishes running and you get paid.

6. How and When Will I Get Paid?

The sites we mentioned are headquartered in Europe and North America and pay through reliable e-commerce payment systems PayPal and Payza.

In online business, it’s impossible to send payment from bank to bank as the common trend is to pay conveniently via a digital payment system. Guess what, if companies don’t make electronic cash-outs, then how can their online business survive?

That’s why logic dictates the importance of an electronic payment system. Through online payment service providers, you can easily send, receive and withdraw your money anytime you like.

PTC sites pay via PayPal and Payza, so you will need to register an account with both these payment processors.

Once you have the amount in your PayPal / Payza account, you can transfer it to your local bank account.

7. What’s the Minimum Payout?

The min payment threshold is different for each site like $2.00 to $10.00 – On reaching min cash-out you can request a withdrawal to PayPal or Payza.

Some sites transfer cash to the requested payment mode instantly while some pay in a week or two to five business days. So don’t panic and wait patiently for the payment to show up in your digital wallet.

8. What are the Requirements to Join?

Every online business needs a setup to work.

Likewise, PTC sites have some requirements:

  • A personal computer or laptop with internet connection
  • A Gmail account (recommended)
  • A bank account
  • An online payment processor account (PayPal and Payza)
  • A Pan card (for Indians only)

P.s. These requirements have already been mentioned on our site’s homepage.

9. Important Terms and Conditions

Just like any recognized business over the internet, PTC sites have their terms in place and violation of any of them will result in account suspension and getting banned from the site.

Upon joining these sites make sure you follow all rules and regulations particularly these:

(1) Just one account per computer and IP
(Duplicate / multiple accounts will be deleted)

(2) Only direct internet connection
(No proxy, VPN, VPS, or shared connection allowed)


Before you join, please read this:

Never create more than one account on the sites below.
Never use a proxy, VPN, or VPS on these sites.

Site 1: NeoBux

Neobux New

Per click: $0.001
Ref Click: $0.005
Payout: $2
Max Ads: 50+
Max refs: Unlimited
Pay Via: Neteller / Skrill

Founded by Fernando in Mar 2008, Neobux is the king of the PTC business. It’s one of the most trusted and the oldest PTC (Paid to Click) sites in the world.

Clicking ads, completing CrowdFlower Tasks, simple offers and playing games are the different ways of making money from Neobux. You’ll be paid $0.001 to $0.01 per click.

Register at Neobux for free. They have different membership plans available but it’s up to you if you want to upgrade or not. Just create an account with them and start viewing all available ads in your account dashboard. Referring to others will earn you additional income.

Min payment is $2.00 and processed via Payza / Skrill / NETELLER instantly. Click the banner above to register your free account and read the site statistics to know their offers and pay rates. You can join and earn 100% sure.

Site 2: YSense

Clixsense New

Per task: $0.02
Ref Click: Up to 20%
Payout: $10
Max Ads: Unlimited
Max refs: Unlimited
Pay Via: Payoneer / Cheque / Skrill

ClixSense has been online since Feb 2007 under the ownership of Jim Grago. Now the Clixsense was changed to a new name as “YSense”.

It started as a PTC site but recently removed paid-to-click ads to continue the business model only with surveys, offers, CrowdFlower tasks, and an affiliate system.

This program has stood the test of time and is still paying without any issues. You don’t need special skills to get paid from YSense.

Sign up for free and you can make money with YSense by taking surveys (based on Q&A), easy offers (like trying new products and services, downloading apps, or joining free programs), and CrowdFlower tasks.

You can earn $0.75 to $5 and even more per survey completion. The pay rate for tasks varies from $0.03 to $0.07 per task.

Min cash-out is $10.00 and payment is processed via Payza / Skrill / Payoneer. Boost your earnings by referring to others. Click the banner above to get started now.

Site 3: Offernation

Offer Nation

Per offer: varies
Per survey: Unlimited
Per Click: $0.001 to $0.01
Referrals: Unlimited
Payout: $1
Pay Via: PayPal / Bitcoin / Skrill

OfferNation is another GPT (get paid to) site where members are paid points for taking surveys, offers, watching videos, and clicking ads.

Ads, offers, and surveys vary and you just need to check from time to time for more available income opportunities.

Points can be exchanged with gift cards or converted into cash prizes. Min cash-out is $1 and payments are sent daily via PayPal, Skrill, and bitcoin.

You can multiply your income by getting direct referrals and make commissions out of their activities in OfferNation.

We recommend trying out their Paid to Click program as this is one of the easiest ways to earn with OfferNation.

Also, remember “only one account per computer and IP address” is allowed.

Site 4: Prize Rebel

Per offer: Unlimited
Per survey: Unlimited
Per task: Unlimited
Per click: Unlimited
Referrals: Unlimited
Payout: $1
Pay Via: PayPal / Webmoney / Skrill

Prize Rebel is a GPT (get paid to) program that accepts registration worldwide and lets users earn by taking tasks, completing offers, participating in surveys, playing games, viewing videos, doing pay-per-click ads, referring others, and becoming a participant in contests.

Payment is processed twice weekly via PayPal, Skrill, NETELLER, and WebMoney.

At Prize Revel, the easiest offer for newbies is the Pay Per Click program. After clicking an ad link, allow the page to load fully and leave it open for at least a min. Don’t close the ad immediately or you’ll lose your account.

Remember! Like all other programs in PTC / GPT niche, this site allows only one account per computer and internet connection. Violation will lead to account suspension.

11. How to Increase Your Income?

PTC business is one of the best ways to generate tons of cash monthly at home. Once registered, your account is eligible to receive money.

PTC sites pay $0.001 to $0.01 per advert which is too low if you’re relying just on ads and have no downline under you or you’re not participating in other available income streams.

As they say “no pain, no gain” so think about it, how can you be paid for free doing nothing at all? Of course, you need to do some work to earn.

Here’s how you can make the most of PTC sites.

i.) Log in every day without fail and view all available ads.

ii.) Staying active daily will keep your account in good standing and generate more revenue.

iii.) Check at least twice the same day to view more ads.

iv.) Each day allocates at least an hour or more to this simple job.

v.) Do as many surveys and tasks as you possibly can. Complete easy offers.

vi.) Install Ad Alert and Addon to your browser (as explained above).

vii.) Upgrade your membership to make more. Remember it’s advisable to have at least 100 active referrals before upgrading.

Build your downline to earn more money as this is where the actual power of profit from PTC sites comes into play and is the master key to guaranteed success.

Referrals are the people who register using your affiliate link and you receive a share from their activities. They are also known as affiliates.

The higher the number of referrals, the higher will be your income.

There are two kinds of referrals

(1) Rented referrals aka rentals
(2) Direct referrals

Rented referrals are available for rent for a small fee for 30 days. After that, you’ll have to pay for extending/renewing their period depending upon the number of days you want to keep them with you. We don’t recommend renting referrals as you have to keep paying for their extension before seeing a nice return on your investment – Moreover, it’s quite difficult to maintain them.

On the other hand, we vote for direct referrals.

Direct referrals, as defined above, are real human beings like us who register through our referral link. Every member has a unique affiliate link. When you forward it and someone opens it, they are redirected to the site. After signing up, that person will become your direct referral forever.

You can enroll in unlimited affiliates. Each time they view ads, then not only do they get credited but you too receive earnings. This does not just end here.

Not only do you get paid for sponsoring others but also you will be rewarded with an additional cash bonus whenever your direct referrals buy advertising or membership upgrades, or complete simple tasks, free offers from different offer walls, and take surveys from lots of different companies.

With unlimited referrals your earning potential is endless. Enjoy getting paid over and over again. Learn how to get direct referrals for PTC sites for free here.

12. Why is our list is short?

The reason is that a lot of PTC sites claim to pay their members but a large number of them are the scam and fail to survive for long.

Moreover, several variables are involved in determining the legitimacy, rating, and performance of PTC sites like:

  1. How long have they been in business?
  2. How stable they are financial?
  3. Are they still paying?
  4. Do they have any downtime or payment issues ever?
  5. How many ways of earning are they offering?
  6. Are they suitable for novices and non-upgraded users?
  7. What reviews say about them, etc.

After analyzing carefully we come up with a conclusion that the sites we tested over and over again are the best PTC sites to make money at home without investment.

No downtime, no payment problem ever, strong financial stability and successfully paying members for years, and each of them supports several earning opportunities.

We won’t discuss just PTC sites that are limited to making payments from ads only but we have selected the best GPT (get paid to) sites.

GPT is the abbreviation of “get paid to” and PTC means “paid to click”. These sites are those PTC sites that offer multiple income opportunities (likes surveys, offers, and tasks) apart from clicking advertisements. They are also known as rewarding programs.

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    1. In General, The sites that pay more money usually isn’t considered a genuine site. Try to understand the concept of PTC, it’s a business where advertisers pay to PTC websites and in turn, these PTC sites pay some money for us for unique views every 24hrs.
      Fact: No advertiser will pay $1 per visit, in this situation, how the PTC sites will pay $1 per visit? This isn’t possible practically.
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        1. Hello Vijaya,
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