Paid to Click Jobs: How to work without investment?

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Do you know you can make easy money by working in Paid Click Jobs?

Read the tutorial and understand the concept of Paid Click Jobs, make money viewing ads, and earn up to $2000 and more every month.

People all around the world use the internet no matter they are at work or for fun when they want to rid of boredom.

People watch different videos, browse the web, visit so many websites and lots of people are always searching for some genuine ways to make money online.

One of the easiest methods to earn at home is by working in pay to click sites without investment and this page describes all about PTC sites.

paid to click jobs

The time is now!

Making money online has never been so thrilling. This is undoubtedly the best way to generate a very rewarding instant income in the fastest possible way.

Take a moment to review the following article, explore how PTC works, and feel the excitement of this amazing money-making system.

1. What is Paid to Click Jobs (Sites)?

PTC or “paid to click jobs (sites)” are online advertising companies where you get paid for watching ads in the web browser.

These sites are also called pay-per-click websites where you can click and earn money without investment and receive guaranteed payments.

It barely takes 3 to 5 minutes of your time to make money with pay-per-click sites and still, you can easily earn $1000 to $2500 and more per month if you register with all sites mentioned in the list of genuine paying PTC sites.

Start your career with the best ad clicking jobs and discover loads of other amazing offers for easy home income solutions!

These websites let you earn effortless money as they require no special skills and even a newbie with basic computer knowledge can start generating income from the first day from their home for free.

Paid to click jobs are best suited for college students, housewives, and those who are interested in doing online part-time jobs.

Now all these websites have transitioned into GPT (get paid to) business model meaning they offer other income opportunities apart from making money online from viewing ads only.

2. How PTC Works – About PTC?

Above we discussed an intro? Now, let’s talk about how PTC works?

Doing PTC sites is as easy as ABC.

  1. Register a free account
  2. Begin making cash
  3. Withdraw your money

According to survey reports, a lot of people watch television for at least two hours every day. What if the tv channels come forward to pay you just for watching their sponsored ads?

What an amazing offer! Isn’t it? The same goes for paid-to-click sites.

Some reliable PTC websites like Neobux, etc. are just like those television channels that support ad clicking business and pay $0.001 to $0.1 per ad view.

You just have to open an account with them for free and log in every day to see all available advertisements.

Web marketers or online business promoters aim at getting huge traffic for publicity of their business programs and pay a huge amount for securing a spot on high-traffic websites.

These sites, in turn, place those ad links on your account page daily to click, view, and earn money.


Neobux New
  • Per Click: $0.001
  • Per Click: $0.001
  • Per Ref Click: $0.005
  • Payout: $2
  • Max Ads: 50+
  • Max Refs: Unlimited
  • Pay Via: Neteller / Skrill
  • I Invested: $90
  • I Earned: $11800
  • Net Profit: $11710


Clixsense New
  • Per Task: $0.02
  • Per Ref Task: Up to 20%
  • Per Survey: $5 max
  • Payout: $10
  • Max Task: Unlimited
  • Max Refs: Unlimited
  • Pay Via: Payoneer / Skrill
  • I Invested: $0
  • I Earned: $21564
  • Net Profit: $21564


Offer Nation
  • Per Offer: Varies
  • Per Survey: Up to $5
  • Per Click: Up to $0.01
  • Payout: $1
  • Max Ads: 20+
  • Max Refs: Unlimited
  • Pay Via: PayPal / Skrill
  • I Invested: $0
  • I Earned: $29000
  • Net Profit: $28100


Prize Rebel
  • Per Offer: Varies
  • Per Survey: Up to $5
  • Per Click: Up to $0.01
  • Payout: $1
  • Max Ads: 20+
  • Max Refs: Unlimited
  • Pay Via: PayPal / Skrill
  • I Invested: $0
  • I Earned: $546
  • Net Profit: $546
Hidden Content

2.1. What are the Startup Requirements?

If you are looking for genuine online jobs, then PTC business is the best, amazing and free way of making money at home without investment or professional skills to start from day one.

Getting started is so easy. No age restrictions at all – Anybody can join for free. This business system requires

  • An upgraded pc or laptop connected to the internet (No proxy / VPN allowed)
  • A Gmail account (recommended)
  • A personal bank account
  • A PayPal and Payza account

Attn: Register only one account per computer per internet connection.

3. How to Earn from Paid to Click Jobs?

Are you curious to know how to make money from clicking ads without investment? It’s so simple – Listen up!

Like we said before, first of all, you need to register a free (standard / non-upgraded) account with the sites recommended in the list of genuine paying PTC sites.

After successful registration, log in to your account and go to the View Advertisement page where you will find the list of ads available to click.

Ad viewing a job without investment is so easy and you’re going to love it.

3.1. Earn by Viewing ADs


Paid to click jobs are too easy.

Just click one ad link at a time and it will open in a new browser. Wait until the timer or running bar ends and the system automatically credits the money into your account.

Once you have been credited, close the ad window and return to the advertisement page and view the next ad.

Repeat this process until you have finished clicking all available advertisements.

For each ad click, you will be paid between $0.0001 to $0.01 depending on the duration of the ad.

Some advertisements run for 5 sec and some for up to 30 sec. Lengthy ads (i.e. the ads that run for longer seconds or at least a min) allow you to make more money.

3.2. Taking Surveys

Surveys collect data through which they evaluate the quality of opinions, ideas, or observations of the respondents. They are one of the most widely used research tools.

There are two most common ways of conducting surveys:

1.) A standardized interview – also known as a researcher administered a survey or a structured interview where candidates are asked questions in a pre-formulated way.

2.) A questionnaire or a social survey is a method of research where participants fill out the survey themselves. Through these surveys, similar info is collected in the same manner in a statistical form.

If you’re looking for some extra bucks for a free or a part-time/full-time home-based job then online surveys are a great way to make cash without investment.

Get paid just for sharing your opinions, views, feedback, knowledge & talent. No need of having a website or product, offering services, or promoting your business.

With a little effort and time, you can participate & keep getting paid from surveys at your home.


  1. Determine the aim of the survey and submit your sincere opinions.
  2. For registration, use a Gmail email address as this is one of the best email providers and unlike Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. Gmail doesn’t unnecessarily move important inbox emails to trash or spam folders. Moreover, you’ll receive periodic survey invitation emails so you may not want to miss any of them.
  3. Save a log or record of your accomplished surveys because some survey companies have a record of surveys that you have previously completed so you won’t be paid repeatedly for previously taken surveys.
  4. Invite others and multiply your income.
  5. Withdraw your money each time you reach the minimum payment limit because the available survey may exceed max participants and close at any time & you’ll lose your hard-earned money.
How to do surveys?

It’s quite difficult to tell people exactly how to do surveys but the short and to the point answer is that it’s just a matter of answering the questions as honestly as possible.

In case of disqualification, you can always contact survey routers directly or try other available surveys.

3.3. Completing Available Offers

Offers mean completing quick and easy specified actions – Examples include downloading or installing an app or software, registering with new programs, shopping online, using different products or services, playing games for a few mins and so on.

There are two types of offers:

  1. Free
  2. Paid

Free offers don’t ask you to invest a dime for trying them out and pay for completing simple given actions.

In paid offers, you’ve to make a purchase like shopping online, etc. We don’t recommend this.

Offers can be completed through reliable offer walls, which is defined as a webpage that shows up within a program where members are credited for completing simple actions required.

You can monetize from offer walls in two ways

  1. As a member
  2. As an advertiser

Not only you can earn from offer walls but also another great advantage is that you can pull more sales by reaching targeted customers with an offer-wall advertising system.

3.4. Completing Small Micro Tasks

Tasks refer to assignments or sets of easy work to be done through your pc / laptop and earning revenue for the same. You’ve full control of your own schedule.

Getting paid for doing tasks is a good opportunity for everyone as they can be completed in spare time. Select the job you want!

Browse tasks and go for the ones that you like to take.

The pay rates vary and tasks are just like small gigs with a variety of options to choose from that include trying out websites, writing, filling in surveys, products review and reporting, commenting, data entry, Google search, finding matching images, etc.

3.5. Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing simply means to make income by recommending others to the affiliate program. If you find any legit program online that supports an affiliate program and you like it, then it’s a way to go.

If you have a site/blog with good visibility then you can get bucket-loads of cash by promoting an online business, services, products, and offers.

Promote and keep getting commissions for every sale or activity shown by your affiliates.

This doesn’t just cover purchases made by your affiliates but also when they take on other tasks specified by the affiliate program, then this, too, can make you a lot of money.

It’s all about your marketing strategy. You need the right traffic and conversions. Focus on what role you can play to provide relevant stuff to your audience without being spammy. Use affiliate marketing as part of your monetization and it’s the best of all worlds for serious digital marketers.

3.6. Referral Program – Earn by Referring Others

All registered users are given a unique affiliate link that contains their registration code or username at the end of the link followed by an oblique or slash mark.

When visitors click on that link, they are redirected to the site and after opening a new account with that link they will become your lifetime direct referral.

Whenever they click ads or do other things on the sites you’ll get paid.

This makes it clear that getting referrals to playing a major role in maximizing your income from programs where members get paid to view websites.

4. How do I Get Paid?

The sites we mentioned have a minimum cash-out value of $2.00 to $10.00

Once your account balance reaches the minimum payout, you can submit a withdrawal request to your PayPal or Payza account that you can find in your profile.

Attn: Never forget to update your correct PayPal and Payza email address in your profile.

Some of these sites process payments instantly while some in around six to nine hours the same day. Others send withdrawals in about a week.

No matter where you are in the world, your earnings will be delivered to the payment mode of your choice.

From there you can transfer the money to your local bank account in your local currency.

4.1. How Much Can I Earn?

The sky is the limit!

Your earning potential is endless so there’s no limit on the amount of money that you can make, the pay rate is from $0.001 to $0.01 for every ad that you watch.

If you want to earn more from paid-to-click jobs you have to upgrade your membership after renting or referring active referrals to work and get lifetime commissions from your downline.

Referrals are the people like you who join these sites directly through your referral link.

Every registered member will be given a special referral code to use as a promotional tool anywhere online to refer to new members.

When a new member joins by clicking your referral link is known as direct referrals. This approach is great for those who are good at promoting and can manage to make a big downline.

If you are not able to bring direct referrals, then you can rent as many as you want.

Some sites provide referrals (aka rentals) that can be rented for a small fee like $0.2 per referral and their validity is for 30 days only meaning you have to extend/renew them if you want to keep them with you.

We don’t recommend renting referrals as they are not only costly but many find them hard to manage as well and you’ll have to rent a lot of referrals before you can receive a good ROI (return on investment) out of them.

You can bring direct referrals or rent referrals to increase your earnings on online ad-clicking websites.

A Simple Calculation

Your own ad click earnings:

5 ads x $0.01 = $ 0.05 per day

Let’s suppose you’ve 500 active referrals and all of them click 5 ads daily (each ad is worth $0.01).


500 x $0.05 = $25 per day

Your monthly income $25 x 30 days = $750

This rough calculation is just your monthly income from referrals’ ad clicking job only. Guess what, if they also do surveys or tasks you can earn more per referral and your earnings can easily go over $2000 a month.

5. Why Choose Paid to Click Sites?

There are several reasons why you should be a part of this business model:

  • Free to join
  • Work from home
  • No skills necessary
  • Monetization right after registration
  • Work anytime, anywhere
  • Get the job you want
  • High traffic websites
  • Targeted audience
  • Unique visits
  • Highest paying paid to click sites without investment
  • Get paid for every click

6. Which Online Business is similar to this job?

Traffic exchange websites share similarities to the online ad click job sites as both these programs send real, unique, and manual traffic to the advertised program.

Manual traffic sends unique, real visits and no bots (that deliver absolutely bogus traffic from fake automatic programs) as only the members who log into the sites can see the advertisement.

Traffic exchange sites like EasyHits4U and legit PTC sites with unlimited ads are two of the busiest networks over the internet and both use affiliate marketing as their promotional method and have many advertising options as well.

7. How Do I Get an Activity Bonus?

Of course, you will be offered a bonus for your activity.

Other than the task of clicking ads online, check what else is available to do.

You’ll receive extra bonus daily for participating in easy-to-do jobs like surveys, offers, different mini-jobs, and recruiting novices to the site(s).

7.1.) Who are paid to click jobs for?

These projects provide services to

  1. Members – who aim to earn with them
  2. Advertisers – who want to promote their business
  3. Advertising network – connect advertisers to publishers who are willing to host ads on their sites
  4. Ad rotators – where several ads are nestled in a bunch of different ads on the same location
  5. Companies (likes offer walls/survey companies, etc.) willing to partner with them.
7.2.) Who can join?

Anyone looking to earn from home, whether you need jobs for students or want part-time/full-time work without investment, can join paid-per-click advertising jobs where you get paid to click unlimited ads.

8. What Services Do They Offer?

These websites support several services for members, advertisers, and companies interested in partnering with them. Details are as follows:

8.1. Monetization

Paid-to-click sites allow members to generate revenue in several ways including but not limited to viewing ads, taking surveys, completing simple offers, CrowdFlower tasks, affiliate programs, contests, etc.

8.2. Advertising

They also offer the following types of advertising:

i.) Paid to click the ad – Basically, you will find ads on these sites. Some sites offer different categories of ads whose prices vary for instance 250 ad credits or ad clicks cost $0.25 to $5.00

There are different types of ad categories available that you can check in the store or “Advertise” section of the sites. The number of these ad credits or clicks refers to the number of members who see the advert.

Following are different types of paid to click ads:

Micro ads run for like 5 sec and their price is affordable. Users who view these ads can earn up to $0.001 per click.

Fixed ads will keep showing your ad throughout the day (or up to the number of days that you’ve purchased credits for) that will receive unlimited clicks. But these are quite expensive and are worth the same as micro ads i.e. $0.001 per ad view.

Premium / Standard ads run for a longer duration like 30 sec and these too are a bit costly. The rate per click for these ads is $0.01 to $0.02

ii.) Banner ad – Banner ads are image-based and redirect visitors to the advertiser’s program. Banner advertising is not dead. In fact, it’s still one of the most targeted forms of advertising online.

With a few clicks of your mouse, paid-to-click websites can put your banner advertising on their high traffic network all across the world as well as making, managing your banners much easier.

Change your banner once here and it will change at all the places it’s shown. On top of that, you can get started for free or take advantage of low-cost advertising.

You’ll be happy that you’ve found banner advertising because these sites can expose your banner advertisement to thousands of people online every day.

The most common image dimension allowed in PTC sites is 468 x 60 px. Some also accept 728 x 90 px images called leader-board banners.

Banners are available in the member’s area and displayed on the homepage, footer, forum, view advertisement page, and other pages of the sites.

iii.) Grid ads – These ads are displayed in a square grid and are quite cheap.

iv.) Welcome or login ads – Anyone who signs into the site, sees these ads.

Partner with us:

Other than this, in order to grow their business, paid to click advertising companies also seek partnerships with niche related different programs whose products or services are a perfect fit for them. Example of those programs includes offering walls, survey routers, ad rotators, advertising networks, etc.

8.3. How to Advertise?

You can promote anything and get your site seen by thousands of members every day. However, it should not contain any of the following:

  1. Pornography
  2. Hate speech
  3. Vulgar stuff
  4. Illegal or offensive material
  5. Frame busters
  6. Pop-ups
  7. Download alerts
  8. Any confirmation notification

Note: After submitting your ad, wait for the approval and normally it’ll be live within a few mins of making payment.

9. What Precautions Should I take While Renting?

Don’t act hastily in renting lots of referrals in a short period of time as this is one of the most common mistakes users commit in hope of having a nice ROI (return of investment) as soon as possible.

Only you know your finance so don’t invest more than what you can afford to lose.

A general strategy would be to extend your referrals to the highest number of days right after renting provided you’ve money for it. Again we don’t recommend renting.

To cover your rental expenses (both extension/renewal and recycling) try to enroll as many direct referrals as you possibly can.

Recommend others to the programs you’ve joined – Share your experience, let them know what you tried and how they might be able to earn too.

P.s. You’ll find a lot of tutorials, ebooks, or pdf files claiming a killer strategy to make a lot of money with rented referrals but the fact is that you should steer clear of them because they contain very bogus planning that keeps getting published repeatedly that won’t work for you so you’ll lose your money for nothing.

10. Do They Have a Browser Toolbar?

Fortunately yes, two programs we discussed facilitate this option.

For the best results, update your browsers as these toolbars are compatible with the most recent version of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera.

We suggest using Firefox and Chrome.

Both toolbars are light and user-friendly that doesn’t freeze or crash browsers. Once installed they will be auto-updated so you don’t have to manually update them. You can easily keep track of your account stats and balance using these extensions.

Members using these add-ons have higher chances of getting more income opportunities than most.

AdAlert will beep and blink whenever new adverts and mini-jobs are available.

ClixAddon will notify you immediately of the latest available surveys and CrowdFlower tasks.

P.s. These extensions support only desktop or laptop browsers and are unavailable for android/smartphone platforms.

11. How to Contact Paid to Click Sites?

Paid to click business programs offer top-notch support and reply as soon as possible.

In case you need help with any of your account-related issues, you can either write in the forum where any member or moderator will assist you or directly contact the site through their help-desk or support department.

Be relevant about your issue. It’s recommended to be logged in while contacting PTC sites as they will be able to better assist you this way.

12. Success Tips

  1. Register with all recommended sites in the list of genuine paying PTC sites.
  2. Use different but strong passwords for these websites and payment emails.
  3. It’s a wise move to keep changing your passwords more often.
  4. Punctually log in each day and watch all available ads.
  5. View ads one by one.
  6. Do surveys and/or tasks to make more.
  7. Spread the word to maximize your earnings.
  8. Concentrate more on getting direct referrals or build a strategy for renting referrals.
  9. Go for membership upgrading only when you have at least 100 or more referrals.
  10. Stay well updated with TOS and forums to be aware of the latest news.

13. Important Terms and Conditions

We have discussed all paid-to-click sites – how they work, who they are for and how users can benefit from their services but you should know that they have their terms in place that must be followed.

A lot of members don’t bother consulting terms and conditions and blame these companies for nothing for pretty simple issues like delay in getting their payment, advertising approval, unavailability of ads/surveys/tasks, etc.

While it’s their moral responsibility to familiarize themselves with all terms and keep visiting forums for the latest news or announcement and don’t rush to open a support ticket too soon.

So read all the terms of service (TOS) – work honestly, be patient, and have faith. Now let’s take a moment to read and keep the following important points in mind.

The user agreement for registration with these programs requires you to comply with all of the rules and regulations stipulated. So be sure to review them all while signing up for an account.

13.1. About the Program

Paid to click affiliate sites are no pyramid, MLM, or ponzi scam, not an even get-rich-quick program.

You’re not required to invest in registering or using them. Also, they don’t pressurize you to refer others to use their services.

They are just rewarding networks where you get paid for the work you do.

13.2. Subject to Change

Time and circumstances never remain the same. There comes a point in life when we are forced to make a change. Similarly, any point(s) in terms can change as well.

Though these sites have the right to change their terms without announcement, you’ll be notified of the new change via forum and email.

If for any reason, you’re not ok with the revisions or modifications, you’ve no option but to delete your account on your own or contact the site for account removal.

13.3. About Account

These programs accept registration worldwide.

Logging into your account every day will keep it in a good status but if you don’t sign in for more than thirty days, your account will be marked as inactive and most likely suspended due to dormancy/inactivity

If your account is suspended you can get it reinstated by contacting the site but in that case, your balance will reset meaning you’ll lose all the money in your balance.

If you don’t log in for more than ninety days, your account will be invariably suspended or deleted.

13.4. About Violation

Any effort to cheat the system in any way will result in immediate account suspension.

These programs have a very solid cheat protection mechanism.

Any hacking attempt, modifying, or cheating of any form, using proxy / VPN / VPS, emulators or auto-clicking programs, multiple account registration by the same user (i.e. fake signups).

Any malicious activity to trick or interfere with the websites’ security and stability, providing false info on the registration form, spamming in any way, or using misguiding info to force others to join will prove absolutely futile and all your earnings will be forfeited and you will be banned permanently.

Honesty is the best policy. Make only one single account on each site and don’t use proxy / VPS / VPN.

13.5. About Payment

If you submit a cash-out request but your payment processor accounts are unverified or ineligible to receive payment, or you entered an incorrect payment email address then you can’t ask for a refund.

What we discussed are paid to click jobs that really pay and are legit and established programs that have stood the test of time and cannot be held responsible for your own mistakes. So make sure to use absolutely correct payment email addresses and other info.

Sometimes, there can be a technical issue with payment processors and all payments will be pending until it’s resolved. So don’t panic, just visit the forum where management will update you about the current situation.

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