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Online Payment Proofs from different Online Job Sites

By Myilraj G on June 9, 2021 0 comments

Hello dear visitor, first of all, accept my warm welcome to my blog OnlineHomeIncome. One platform to find a solution for your genuine online job search.

I have been working online from 2013 in various programs and have earned from some of the programs. I won't lie as I faced a lot of failures too.

There is no 100% genuine online work available on the internet because every program was started with a view of a long run.

But many factors are there, that sometimes push them into the struggle. So, you should understand this fact and do the work when the system is healthy.

Idea 1: Start Blogging

This is the first program to earn money online. Start a blog based on your passion and update with quality information (or) useful resources frequently for your visitors.

Monetize it with Google AdSense (or) it’s best alternatives and starts generating revenue from your blog. Yes, the blog makes money itself.

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Idea 2: Affiliate Marketing

This is the second program from OnlineHomeIncome. Here, an individual will earn money by selling someone else product (or) service by using different marketing techniques.

This is one of the most lucrative business on the Internet. As an affiliate marketer, you can earn huge commission by selling more products.

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Idea 3: Online Surveys

This is the third program that I recommend to my blog audiences. Survey jobs are a nice way to earn a second income by spending your leisure time effectively.

MNC companies need customer reviews to improve their products (or) services and this can be made possible by taking surveys from their members.

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Idea 4: Paid to Click Jobs

This is the fourth program that is suitable for newbie’s as it doesn’t require any investment (or) technical skills to work.

A personal computer with Internet connection, Gmail account, and a payment processor account is enough to start.

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Idea 5: Bitcoin Jobs

The last method recommended by OnlineHomeIncome was earning Bitcoins without investment. Bitcoins are a cryptocurrency that performs the same function as money.

You can earn in three ways: Mining | Trading | Working in Faucet sites. The third requires no Investment and I recommend some sites that pay genuinely.

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Swagbucks is an online platform. You can register a free account and make money by doing different online activities.

Attending Daily Polls, Online Surveys, Referring Friends, Search on the Swagbucks Search Engine, Installing Toolbar and more.

There are 16 ways you can earn money from Swagbucks. First LEARN and then start working.

Below you can see some of the online payment proofs from swagbucks.

Paid on 24-07-2019

Swagbucks Payment 26-07-2019

Paid on 24-07-2019

PayPal Swagbucks 26-07-2019

Paid on 03-08-2019

PayPal Swagbucks 03-08-2019

Paid on 03-08-2019

Swagbucks Payment 03-08-2019

More to come soon


Indus Viva is one of the leading Indian Based MNC company in the Network Marketing Industry.

Their products such as I-pulse and I-Coffee are a god's gift which is doing wonders in many lives.

With their marketing program, you can earn up to Rs.2,50,000 INR every Monday with no investment.

To know more about their program, visit the post for the details.

Join today in my team and work every day to become a millionaire one day.

Paid on 25-07-2019

Indus Viva Payment

Paid on 25-07-2019

Indus Viva Bank Transfer

More to come soon