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How to send and receive payments from Payza for working in online jobs from home, earn money instantly from anywhere


If you are working online, the main question that arises in your mind is how to get your payment to your bank account?.

This can be done through online payment processors such as PayPal, Payza, Perfect Money and lot more.

Here in this article, I am going to explain to you how to create a Payza Account to get payments from online jobs.

Also, you can read the Payza review and post your comments about your recent payments from Payza.

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Payza is free and supports worldwide payments for all country currencies.

Because if you work for online companies were you do not know their exact location and also payments via international banks is a risky one and will take a number of days to reach your bank account.

These Payment processors do enable instant payments for any country currencies and will convert other country currencies to your local country and deposit in your bank account which you submitted.

Online jobs send and receive money payza reviews

These payment processors do solve those issues in payments from online jobs, paves way for instant payments.

If you are going to start an online job then first and foremost you need to open an account in these payment processors.

Do not worry about your account safety because Payza is 100% secure. All online jobs sites will pay to your bank account via PayPal and Payza.


Requirements to open a Payza Account:

These are the must requirements to register a Payza account. If you do not have Pan card, you should apply for the one now through your local Government E-services and get in the next 15days.

  1. Pan card
  2. Gmail Account
  3. Mobile Number
  4. Bank Statement, EB Bill, Telephone Bill, Ration Card
  5. Bank Account
  6. The international transaction enabled Debit Card


How to Open an Account in Payza?

This article gives you further step by step guide about how to open a Payza account. Sign up for a free Payza account by click here and/or below banner to open the home page.

STEP 1: Now press “Sign up” button and wait for the next page to load.

Payza Signup


STEP 2: On this page, first select your Country and the account type as Personal.

Payza Subscription



STEP 3: In the next window, you will be provided a registration form.
Enter your First name, Last name, Email address, Password for secured login into Payza.
Complete the registration processes by clicking GET STARTED.

Signup form payza



STEP 4: Now you will be asked to validate your Gmail Account because to confirm you are the right account holder.


STEP 5: Open your Gmail account and look for the mail from Payza Verification. Click the confirmation link in the mail to get your mail id validated.

Payza Email Validation



STEP 6: Now, it’s time to set up your profile. In order to gain full access to your account, you need to complete your profile setup.
Just follow the Onscreen Virtual assistance popup that will guide you through the rest of the process.

Account Setup



STEP 7: involves you telling them why you need the Payza account. Select Industry and your Job. Save and continue.

Payza Profile Completion



STEP 8: Here you need to fill up your communication address in Detail and click Save and Continue.

address for communication


STEP 9: Protect your account, thereby choose a security question and provide an answer.
Save the same somewhere else and this will be used at the time when you forgot your password.
— Enter your original Date of birth as mentioned in your Pancard or any other government-issued valid ID card.
— A security Pin thus helps to add more security to your account. Security pin will be asked everything when you made any changes to your account like changing profile, withdrawing money, adding or removing bank account, debit, or credit cards.


STEP 10: Complete advanced security setup to prevent unauthorized logging into your account in STEP 11

Advanced Account Security

Now that’s all, your Payza account ready for use. You can now note down your Gmail Id used for registration and provide in all online jobs sites where ever they require.

Your Gmail Id is just like your account number and can be used to identify, send or receive money from and to your Payza accounts.


Add Bank Account and Debit/Credit card with Payza?

So you have registered your Payza account. Now, you need to link your Bank account and Debit card or credit card to send and receive money through your Payza account.

This is a simple process. Login to your Payza account and look into the left side navigation menu.

add debitcards


STEP 11: Click Wallet >> Credit Cards >> Add a Credit Card
Fill your First name, 16 Digit Card number, Expiration Date, Billing currency, and press next.

You will be asked to confirm once again the details you typed. If you ok, then press Add a credit card. Now your card will be added to your Payza Account.

add credit card


STEP 12: Click Wallet >> Bank Accounts >> Add Bank Account.
Choose your country, and select option 1: Withdraw funds in your local currency.

Choose your account type and fill your First Name, Last Name (It should match with the data’s provided during registration), Account Number, IFSC code (Search online or check your passbook).
— Now press Next and you will be asked to confirm once again all details you typed. Now click Add Bank Account.

Then it will be added and associated to your Payza account.

Add Bank Account



How to Verify your Payza Account?

Your Payza account will be put under locked status as long as you complete your verification process.

Because you must prove that you are a real person who authorized to operate this Payza account and the linked bank account and debit or credit card.

Login to your Payza account and click the arrow next to your Name and choose Verification. Verification includes two processes, Photo ID and Proof of address.

— Upload your Pan Card picture clearly and enter your Pan Number in the field and,
— Upload any documents such as Bank Statement, Phone Bill, EB Bill, Ration card for proof of address.

After uploading these two documents, your account will be put in a queue for verification.

Once your documents found to be valid, your Payza account will be activated and you can use all features from your account.

Verification Payza



IS Payza safe? Payza Review

Payza is 100% safe and this is the only way to get payment from online jobs without risk and in a shorter time. Usually, the payment process will take 5 – 7 business days.

I am using Payza since 2009 and still haven’t faced any issues with their services.

They are having live support, phone support, email support available throughout the day to resolve their member’s problems at a fast rate.

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Mitesh moharana says 14 July, 2019


I am having a problem at the time of signup in Payza. It says Payza is currently not available in India.

    Myilraj G says 14 July, 2019

    Hi Mitesh,
    Payza services are currently stopped. You can try an alternative such as Payoneer, Neteller, Skrill etc.

Balaji Venkataraman says 11 September, 2018

Should I have highly secured internet connection to do the online jobs and banking transactions.

    Myilraj G says 15 September, 2018

    That’s Good Balaji. You can start to work with any of these online jobs without investment. Start from the blog homepage.

Padmavathi says 24 August, 2018

I tried creating a Payza account. It says Payza is not available in India. Please clarify if there is any recent change

    Myilraj G says 24 August, 2018

    Hi, There are no such announcements so far. Please continue with the registration.

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