Neobux Strategy Guide to make cash with neobux

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Learn our strategy guide to make some extra money.


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Online since 2008 Neobux is an advertising company that supports multiple income opportunities worldwide.


How to earn from Neobux?

In this strategy you are going to learn about how to earn money in Neobux just by spending 20 to 30 minutes a day.

Some people signup with Neobux because it’s free to join but quit after a few days because they think they can make millions over the night which is not true.

While if they work patiently with determination they can definitely get a high income potential.

First of all while making an account in Neobux respect all of their terms especially the following two:

(1) Only one account per computer per ip address (No duplicate accounts allowed)
(2) A real internet connection (No VPS, proxy, VPN, or shared connection allowed)


You can earn in Neobux from the following ways:
(1) Clicking ads

Log into your Neobux account and go to “View Advertisements”. Click the orange box and then the red dot inside it.
A new tab will open. Wait until “O” of Neobux logo completes loading and you get credited. Close the tab and view the remaining ads the same way.


(2) Viewing AdPrize

After watching each ad you’ll receive 1 point and 3 AdPrize chances through which you can win free Golden membership, points, or cash prize (like $0.50, $1 up to $50) instantly.


(3) Completing offers

Offers contain points and coins – See here.
Points mean Neobux currency which can be used for recycling / extending referrals, Golden membership or increasing the direct referrals limit by one.

Coins are Neobux currency which can be converted into money.


(4) Doing mini jobs

Mini jobs refer to sets of easy instructions to follow for getting paid.


(5) Referring others

Direct referrals play a vital role in boosting your income. They are real people just like us and register through our affiliate link.
All users have a unique referral link. When you forward it, then on clicking it redirects the visitor to the site.

After signing up they become your direct referral forever. You will get commissions from their clicks, point / coin / mini jobs offer completion, advertising and account upgrade.

P.S. You can refer others only after being a Neobux user for min 15 days and clicking at least 100 ads.


(6) Renting referrals

Many members signup directly without a referrer and are available for rent.

For investors, renting referrals is the easiest way of making a sound income from Neobux.For renting, click your username then Referrals.

Choose the amount of referrals you want to rent & click yes. Now you’ll get paid for rented referrals clicks and commissions.


(7) Membership upgrading

Upgrading allows you to earn more as compared to standard membership.

You can further supplement your income by choosing a Golden pack that suits your budget.


(8) Installing Ad

Alert Neobux Ad Alert is a browser extension that will keep notifying you of more ads and mini jobs available.


How to get paid from Neobux

When you have min $2.00 USD you can cash-out to PayPal, Payza, NETELLER or Skrill. PayPal is the best payment processor online.

For more info about Indian PayPal go here.Advantages of joining Neobux.

Neobux is a very active company where earning opportunities are always available like lots of ads, AdPrize and mini jobs that keep coming throughout the day.

Commissions from referrals continuously generate money for the members.

Neobux pays instantly and min payment is just $2.00 USD that anyone can easily reach without any referrals.


Neobux Success Strategy

In beginning you must click all available ads and complete offers / min jobs (the amount earn from this bonus is unlimited and will be credited instantly for every $1 you earn.) daily until you have $2 in your account balance.

After reaching $2.00 many people withdraw to check whether Neobux is genuine but instead that should be used for renting referrals.

Rent 5 referrals for $1 and every alternate day recycle your ref with No clicks yet since 5 days as well as those who are inactive since 7 or 10 days.
The best option is to extend / renew the referrals for 240 days (preferably in discount promo).

You can earn unlimited commissions from your referrals. After renting you will notice increment in your income. Regularly click all ads and rent more until you reach 300 referrals.

Then upgrade to Golden membership that costs $90 yearly.

You can easily make over $5.00 USD per day with 300 referrals. Buy one of these Golden packs Emerald, Sapphire, Platinum, Diamond or Ultimate that suit your budget.

In Ultimate membership with 4000 rented referrals you can earn at least $30 to $50 per day. Meanwhile try to get direct referrals and earn even more. You can learn tips on how to get direct referrals here.


Success Formula

• Log into your account daily and view all ads.
• Complete offers and mini jobs.
• Get direct referrals and / or rent rferrals.
• Upgrade membership and multiply your income.

Happy earnings!

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