How to Improve Your Sales Performance – A Case Study

  • 19 February, 2020
  • / By Myilraj G

Learn to improve your skills and knowledge to increase your sales performance.


The sales profession moves faster than ever today, No matter which industry you’re in.

Launching a new product for sale is exciting sometimes but in the blink of an eye, new competitors emerge, products comparable to yours are delivered.

Before you know it, your business vanishes from the globe, this is a race to the bottom.

Knowing how to sell a product or service is crucial for the success of your company.

It’s extremely important when qualifying, make sure you “peel the onion” what worked well a few years ago isn’t good enough today.

Come up with new strategies for rooting your product in the industry.

Let’s say, that the product has been generated and you’ve secured your target market. But how do you get the word out?

There is no time for trial and error, communicate the benefits of the product rather than the features it possesses.

Offer your customers to make money filling out surveys so they give you honest feedback.

Improve Your Sales Performance


Tool Tips Improve Your Sales Performance:

1.) Online Resources: Perks of social media

Advertisement is an essential element for the economic growth of the businesses.

It increases visibility within your industry by helping you to attract customers.

Furthermore, use online store builders. From just $10 you can sell your products online through a store you control.

Design and promote your website. Email campaigns or good content so you move up the search engine rankings.

Attracting people to your site is just the first hurdle. The site needs to be more appealing to encourage customers to stay and look closer.

Make your battle easier to win, below are ways to make your first sale profitable:

  1. Send free samples to influencers
  2. Email marketing
  3. Land your business in the press
  4. Go live with Periscope
  5. Search engine optimization
  6. Affiliate programs


2.) Competitive Analysis: what makes you better?

“Plenty of companies out there offer the same thing but we…” Complete this vision by illustrating some drawbacks of buying from a competitor, something that your customer would consider accommodation.

Don’t specifically target your competitor talk as general as this is not a representative way of opposition.

Give a descriptive backbone to customers’ points of view and design your product which truly fascinates them.

Label these interests gracefully while sustaining your company’s integrity:

  1. Be general vs. specific
  2. Lay landmines to promote yourself
  3. Offer proof through testimony
  4. Cross-Sell Related Products
  5. Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery


3.) Retail Merchandising Units: Fruitful representation

A Retail Merchandising Unit raises publicizing of product display that often can change a customer’s minds.

Merchandising will increase the perceived value of the products and will lead to more sales.

The great thing about RMU is that it can serve as a satellite location of a typical product. RMU and kiosks are a much cheaper option.

Whether the store is located inside a plaza or on the highway, a fruitful representation of window display draws attention to the store and brings prospective customers inside.

Here are some points which you can adopt for visual merchandising of your products most attractively.

  1. The Planogram
  2. Triggers Buying Behavior
  3. Increases Store Traffic
  4. Provide your salespersons with display-related training
  5. Keep an eye on weekly product sales and catalog
  6. Display the latest products near the customer approach


4.) Realistic Goals & Flexible Objectives:

A set of realistic objectives of sales management and promotion to attract prospective customers to buy the product at the point of purchase.

Setting clear sales objectives is one of the many gadgets used in a retailer’s promotional mix.

Objectives include tactics, discounts, freebies, loss leaders, merchandising, installments, and rebates.

The main objective of sales is to bring about a change in the demand pattern of products and services.

It should have the following specific objectives:

  1. Inventory Clearance
  2. Reaching New Market
  3. Increased Brand Awareness
  4. Induce existing customers to buy more


5.) Ask, listen, and act: What, When & Why:

Ask your target what they desire, when and how they want it.

Get customer attention by customer feedback mechanism or formalized Voice-of-the-Customer (VoC) programs.

Target on both qualitative and quantitative data which provide insight into customer interest.

Recognizing the entanglement behavior of customers by the combination of the question-answer method.

It’ll ensure you the right details and specify your doings accordingly to the right combination of research methodologies, across all aspects of the customer awareness.

This includes:

  1. VOC research: The ability to act
  2. Filling out surveys
  3. Customer feedback mechanism


Last Thoughts,

These tips may seem obvious but, Even the best of the best have room for improvement.

Keep these fundamental points in mind and improve your chances of success, set goals to force yourself to do the things you don’t like to do.

Be more creative in your prospecting, fact-finding, and communicational skills.

Compare yourself to the ideal. So ask your customers what they think. Listen to them.

And take action on what you learn. Practice, practice, and practice so you can see the results of your actions over time.


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