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Freelance Jobs: How to Get Started with the Freelancer Site?

Begin your Freelance Jobs Career with Freelancer .in

Most of the people in the world most likely to choose freelance jobs as their career options.

People including housewives, students, part-time job seekers, and retired persons are searching for an alternative revenue source.

There are lots of freelance jobs are available, but some of them are genuine and most of them become scam after some days.

This is because most of the people never have a proper vision when using freelance job service.

If you are looking to make some money online by doing freelancer kind of jobs from home through your computer, then this article is for you.

Already a lot of Indian people are making Rs. 500/- to Rs. 1000/- every day by doing simple home based jobs from their computer on the internet.

Your wait is over, let us start your journey in online part-time jobs with the online home income.

Freelance Jobs Get Started

⇒ Online data entry jobs available — Zero Investment, ⇒ Earn Rs 300 to Rs 500 per task, ⇒
⇒ Form Filling Copy Pasting Work — Free registration, ⇒ Earn upto Rs 20000 per month, ⇒

Working online may be of a different kind that suits different people and you can choose to work at any time based on your qualifications and experience.


Why People Choose Freelance Job?

Here I’ll explain to you to take freelance work at home and get paid every day without investing money

Invest your valuable time and hard work that brings you success.

Some of the best freelance work are Captcha entry work, Article writing work, online form filling, MS-word conversion, image conversion, medical transcription, etc.

Also, this could be useful to you if you are a college student looking for part-time jobs.

You can find many results in search engines for Data entry jobs, online typing jobs, etc.

But you should be careful in choosing what type of job you’re going to take and to whom you are going to work?

Otherwise, you will end up in the scam. Here I recommend you to work with the Freelancer website for all kinds of online home jobs.

I have covered this article under different sections which will be easier for you to understand:


1.) Advantages of Freelancer Jobs:

There are many reasons people decide to work as a freelancer and the most important factor is Time Freedom.

  1. Freelancer website provides you guaranteed income and you will earn in dollars rather than pennies like PTC sites, survey jobs, etc.
  2. Can work from anywhere, anytime and choose any work based on your skills.
  3. Many online jobs offer such as online offline data entry jobs, Web design and developments, photo editing, article writing, programming, translation, video making, and editing, etc.
  4. You can spend more time with your family and friends.
  5. There is no need to get up early every morning and commute to an office. No Boss tension, work pressure, etc.

Mostly, you can work based on your schedule and earn as you wish. The more work you complete, the more you earn.


2.) What is a Freelancer?

freelancerFreelancer or Freelance worker means a Self-Employed person offers his work (or) service to his employer.

The work period may be for a particular term or a particular project.

The freelance jobs have the freedom of choosing the employer and the work based on skill and knowledge.

The worker can also set his payment for the job work that he is committed to doing.

There are a lot of freelancing works available such as copywriting, article writing, photoshop designing, web programming, blog development, online and offline data entry jobs, graphic design, etc.

Freelance work having the flexibility that the person can choose his work from home jobs without investment, and can set his working hours.

A Freelancer can work anywhere for his employer. He can even do his work at home or in any other location.

surveys pay online


3.) Advantages of Doing Freelance Jobs:

3.1.) Can Start Today:

If you are skilled in any online job work, then finding the right employer is an easy task. Simple to work and earn in three ways,

Find projects —> Choose employer —> Start Bidding —> Complete project and get pay.


3.2.) Easy to Start:

First of all, you have to register a free account with the site by completing the simple registration process.

Login to the dashboard to search for various categories to find suitable freelancer jobs.

Bid for the project and create a communication with the employer asking for the project approval.


3.3.) No Investment:

There is no need to invest money to register your account as a freelancer with the site below mentioned in this article.

Freelancer website does provide working at home jobs without investment. You do not have to pay for anything.


3.4.) High Demand for Work:

The marketplace for freelancers is so high because most businesses feel comfortable in choosing freelancers for their projects or work.

Since freelancers are paid on per project (or) work basis, most businesses can save a lot of money as a salary to their full-time employees.


3.5.) Choose Your Own time:

Freelancers can choose their own working time based on their comfort. You can choose your working time based on the project.

Most importantly, work when and where you want. The only destination is to complete the project before the delivery date.


3.6.) Fix Your Salary:

Normally, the employer may already post his best offer (payment) for the task and you can select according to your convenience.

Bid on the project means you can have the freedom of fixing the payments for the project. You can earn more than what you will get from 9 – 5 day jobs.


3.7.) Choose Your Working Style:

The employer wants his work to be completed before the deadline without compromising the quality.

He never minds how you work on the project.

Freelancing job opportunities will fit any people like Housewives, college students, retired persons, and anyone.

If you possess skills in the work you offer, then, of course, you can work as a freelancer today.

Online Home Income finds freelance jobs as the best work from home jobs and so was the reason to write this article to let everyone know this free opportunity.

You can see further details including registering an account, getting projects, and getting payments from the freelancer site in this article.


4.) 5 – Steps to Follow in Freelancing Jobs From Home:

Registering with the freelancing site involves a sequence to be followed for working.

Step 1: Register an account:

Discover yourself what you are capable of and then sign up for an account.

Registration with is free but you have to develop your skill in your area of work. Discover yourself what you are able to accomplish.

If you are ready to sail with data entry jobs, then you must have good typing speed and communication skills.

Also, you should be fluent in English communication that will give you the added, best opportunity.

As a college student, you can work on any project designs in your field, such as Data Mining, Data Science, PLC, SCADA projects.

You can also work at home as a freelance customer support executive, research writing, etc.

If you have the designing experience, you can choose to work as a Freelance Logo Designer, Graphic Designer, and Web Designer.

Freelancer website has a ton of online jobs for moms, housewives, and working women.

They can choose to work as Data Entry Operator, help desk operator, online writer, blog content writing jobs, etc.


Step 2: Set up Your Profile:

Once you completed the registration form, you need to set up your profile.

It showcases your resume, portfolio, skills and areas of expertise and so on.

It plays a vital role for the employer to judge your potential in the work they offer.

In your profile, fill up only your skills and area of expertise or otherwise, you will lose your employer.

If you are a designer show some of your recent works in your profile.

A content writer can post some of the links to your recent articles in your profile.

These things will create more impressions on your profile which will make employers offer you jobs.


Step 3: Find Suitable Projects and Start Bidding:

The actual earning process starts here. You need to browse for the “Jobs Category page”(more info below) for selected jobs.

Hundreds of freelance Jobs are posted here and opened for bidding by anyone.

First, choose the right project that you are having confidence about completion on time and up to the employer’s satisfaction.

Then, write a compelling reason for taking these jobs and start bidding on these jobs.

Your reason should make the employer pick you among others.

Tips: Quote a very low price until you earn some ranks for your profile.


Step 4: Start Work and Complete on time:

After you placed your bid, the employer will review your bid.

If he/she likes and thinks that you are the right person, then the employer will contact you via the messaging platform.

Then, the employer will offer you the job to start. This is the most rewarding step in freelancing work.

Finding and bidding on the project to work is not an issue but the quality lies in the work completed by you.

Take the work seriously and put your best efforts to complete it on time.

Once you were selected by the employer for the project, make sure you and your employer have a good communication environment and sign all the deals properly.

Align your project scope, deadline, budget, and the payment details before beginning so you will have a smooth road to travel.


Step 5: Get Paid and Earn Five-star Feedback:

Start your jobs work with dedication and complete on time. After successful completion of your work, you can get your payment via PayPal, Wire Transfer or other nominated methods.

Finish your work on time and always try to get Five Star feedback from the employer which will add a great impression for your portfolio.

So, you have got a hint for freelance jobs from home. It’s time to move on to the actual process involved in how to start earning.

Below you can study my guide which includes all steps involving registration, profile updating and project bidding and working.


5.) How to Register with Freelancer?

freelancer signup

Now, let’s start the registration process in the freelancer website. Get ready to dig up the residual income potential behind this giant.

Start making money by selecting and doing different work from home jobs either part-time or full time, SAY NO to 9 – 5 Jobs.

  1. Click the above link to open a freelancer website in your browser and register an account with your Gmail ID.
  2. Complete registration form with your name, email, password and click submit. Then you will receive a confirmation link to your registered email ID.
  3. Now, go to your Gmail and open the confirmation mail from Freelancer.
  4. Click on the link to confirm your Email ID and open your freelancer account.

edit your profile

Then log in to your freelancer account and tap on Profile(top right side of the browser). A new page will be loaded.

Complete your details including your profile photo, your name, your designation.

Write a brief introduction about yourself and minimum pay per hour. Usually, enter as $5.

Scroll further, to fill more details.

  • Connect your Facebook, LinkedIn profile.
  • Verify your mobile also to get work alerts.


5.1.) Verify your Identity to Take Projects:

verify identity
As I told the freelancer website provides legitimate work for the people, they require your real identity and address proof to verify you.

The verification process includes three steps and those are as follows:

identity verification

  1. Upload your Government-issued ID proof such as Driving license, Aadhar or any other which is having your Date-of-birth.
  2. Then, click Save and continue. In the next screen, you will have to complete Keycode Verification.
    It is a process of showing a unique code given by the freelancer site during the verification process.
    You have to either take a print out or need to write on a piece of paper as “Keycode Verification for Freelancer(dot)com” and your Unique Code.
  3. Now take a photocopy of the same and upload the image.
  4. Now complete your verification process by uploading your recent 3 months Bank Statement with the address.
  5. Enter your address by typing the respective field will complete the verification process.

It is a little lengthy process to verify yourself with the freelancer as because in order to maintain genuinely and trust among people.


6.) How to Get the Project?

browse projects

So you have completed setting up your profile and portfolio in Freelancer. Be sure to give your best in your portfolio.

Note: Freelancer website is not for time pass, if you are serious about making extra money online then join the freelancer website.

It will take some time until your profile stands out of the crowd.

Once you have completed first few jobs successfully, then you will get more jobs in future.

Even, the same employer will contact you again for his new available jobs.

Remember, always quote a minimum amount than others to get that work for sure. Only verified freelancers will get jobs.

Now open your freelancer account where you’ll find the “Work” tab on the top-center of the screen. Hover over the menu and select “Browse Categories”.

You will be taken to the job category page. Here, you can find the list of hundreds of best freelancing work to make money at home for free.

You can choose a suitable category based on your skill and confidence level.

Just for the sake of an example, I am selecting “Data Entry jobs” as this is most suitable for all people.

data entry jobs

project bidding

In the page shown in the above image, you can continue browsing the list of available data entry jobs. Spend time to find the perfect job to work in your home (based on your skill).


1.) Data Entry Jobs usually been easier but requires some basic skills. Once you selected the suitable work, just click on the title will reveal further information.

Every employer must have some requirements for their projects which they have mentioned here. (*Refer above image).

2.) It shows total bids on the project, average bid on the project, and the budget offered by the employer. Read the Project Description, Skills required.

Once you have satisfaction and confidence, then click “Bid on the Project”. It will take you to the new page where you will be asked some details.

3.) Here, you get informed about how much you will be paid? after deducting their fee. So, keep in mind while placing bids. Normally Freelancer will charge $5 per Bid on every project work at home jobs.

There are some options such as Expert Guarantee (under BETA), Sponsor My Bid, Highlight My Bid. Every option will levy some fee and it is totally up to you to choose or not.

4.) Once everything set, just hit the button “Place Bid”.


Alas! Your bid will be sent to the employer and once if the employer likes you and your profile you will be awarded the project.

Now, remember STEP 4 and STEP 5 under “5 – Steps to follow in freelancing work from home jobs” to maintain your Quality.

You can choose the project that best suits your skill and your time involved.

There are multiple categories available in freelancers where you can opt for suitable jobs for working.

All job posters have mentioned requirements to take their jobs so it is your duty to fulfill their requirements before bidding for the project.

Spend your time to select the optimal project carefully.


7.) How to Get your Payments?

All your payments will be made via PayPal or direct wire transfer or as other nominated mode discussed with your employer after taking your project.

You will be paid only after the project completed on time and employer satisfaction. So choose the project wisely about what you are capable of.

Online job work without investment in freelance jobs is the best way to make some extra revenue apart from your 9 – 5 Jobs.

But if you have real intention and motivation, probably freelancing work may become your full-time work paying you more than what you will earn in regular day jobs.

Although freelance jobs are best suitable for all people and you will get success only if you have a passion for your job work.

It takes time, but patience will pay you surely. Is there any other best work from home jobs was there in the market, let me know?

All comments and suggestions are welcome. I am open-minded to discuss things related here.


Action Part

This article is about how to register an account with freelancer website to get some geuine online work in different categories.

This website is suitable for everyone including housewives, college students, job seekers, and full-time job goers.

Here’s the consolidated action plan:

Step 1: Read the article thoroughly to gain complete knowledge.

Step 2: Register an account and complete your profile.

Step 3: Find a suitable job in the category list and bid on the project.

Step 4: The employer will contact you if you are selected.

Take the job and complete it on time. Submit it to the employer and get your payments.

This is the complete process and if you face any struggles, let me know in this comment section so that I can find you a solution.

When asking queries, please explain as much as possible to understand better.

All the best.

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    Myilraj G says 19 February, 2020

    Freelancer site acts as a medium between the workers and employers. After you bid on the project, and post-approval, the employer will pay the money to the Freelancer site. Once you have successfully completed the job within the stipulated time, the freelancer site will release the payment to your account on file.

Harsimran Kaur says 11 March, 2019

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I really looking for PTC trusted website… I want to help some poor people to live…

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    Hello Mani,
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    Padmavathi says 08 January, 2020

    Please help me I am a housewife and I have a baby. I need to work from home with good genuine payments

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      Hi Padmavathi,
      On this page, I recommend you visit the Freelancer site. Have you visited the site? You will get real genuine jobs direct from the employer’s.
      I have explained step by step information for people like you to learn and get started.
      Did you follow?

Gargi says 09 May, 2018

Looking for freelancing work from home

    Myilraj G says 10 May, 2018

    Hello Gargi,
    Have you read the article because I have explained step by step procedures to register an account with freelancer and how to find the projects?
    Go through it once and then ask your doubts.

in2018 says 01 March, 2018

Sir, your blog really helps newbies like me to learn a lot. Thank you so much.

mayur says 28 February, 2018

I really appreciate the time and research that went into this article. It seems there is so much garbage to sift through that this article will be really helpful to the people who desire to work from home. Thanks a lot!

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