Fixed Time Trading: How to Trade using Olymp Trade?

By Myilraj G 

Updated on Nov 7, 2023


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Trading is a nice way of Making Money in a shorter period of time, Learn How?

Hey Friends, on the first day of this week, I am going to share a new trend of making money online which was named after the so-called Trading business.

This is called Fixed Time Trading, which empowers many individuals and corporates to become a millionaire in a shorter period of time.

This is not magic but works on logic. People who have market knowledge can easily get into this business with a little investment to start.

Make your investment in any tangible (or) intangible products, and trade upon them to make profits over time.

We will discuss this method more in detail in this article. Let’s get your note and pen to take down important aspects that will be a nice decision for a perfect start.

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1. What is Fixed Time Trading?

The World Wide Web of today offers plenty of opportunities for making extra income online to both employed and unemployed people.

If you are the one seeking to improve your family budget, then you’ll find it worthwhile to learn about fixed-time trading. This is one of the most innovative styles of trading.

This is a type of short-time investment, that does not require buying the actual stock. All you have to do is forecast the direction of a stock price fluctuation, which is possible to do via some basic analysis of the market.

As the name suggests, there are only two types of binary options to select from Call or Put. Some binary options brokers use the Up or Down terminology, but they mean essentially the same.

Fixed Time Trading

This new style of trading has attracted a huge number of traders and is getting more popular with each passing day. The reason why it is experiencing such huge growth is that it offers an unmatched money-making potential in a very small period of time.

In fixed-time trading, all you have to do is to predict the price level movement of an asset. Suppose you want to trade the Apple stock with fixed-time trading. Let us assume that Apple stock is currently trading at $93.5689.

You have to predict if the stock price of Apple will be higher or lower than the current price level after an expiry period (The expiry period is selected by you).

Suppose you predict that the price level of Apple will be higher than its current price level after one hour. If your prediction is correct you will earn a profit of about 80%. However, if your prediction is incorrect you will lose the amount you invested.

2.1. High Earning Potential

When it comes to the money-making potential, nothing beats this trading method. You can nearly double up your money by trading in the fixed-time trading market.

In fact, there are some options that can even give you a profit of 500%.

2.2. Quick Outcome

The expiry time for trading fixed time is very short. It is generally in terms of hours and can be as small as 30 seconds.

It essentially means that you will get immediate results and you certainly do not have to wait for a long time to know the outcome of an investment.

2.3. Ease of Trading

Trading is very easy. Anyone with an internet connection can trade at any time during trading hours. You can trade from anywhere in the world.

In fact, you can use the dedicated apps using which you can trade via your smartphone while traveling. Not much information is required to start trading in this method.

However, being able to trade and being able to make a profit requires totally different skill levels.

2.4. Affordability (independence of stock price levels)

The actual stock prices do not matter much in the case of fixed time trading. All that matters is if your prediction regarding the price level was correct or wrong.

It essentially means that there is no difference if your prediction is correct by 0.1 points or 100 points. Both give the same result. The same is true when your prediction is incorrect as well.

All that said, one thing is important to keep in mind before you invest: all the attractive features of fixed time trading come at the price of a big risk factor. A risk factor is, of course, high but so are the rewards.

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3. How Fixed Time Differs from Regular Trading?

Regular trading (also known as vanilla trading) and fixed time trading might look similar at first for a newbie to financial markets, but in truth, they are very different from each other.

One key difference is that in vanilla trading the actual value of the price level matters. In fixed time trading, all that matters is whether your prediction is correct or not.

Suppose Google is currently trading at $100. If you buy the stock in vanilla trading and after a day the stock is priced at $101, you will earn a profit of 1%.

Meanwhile in fixed time trading, if you buy the Up option for Google which is trading at $100 with an expiry time of 1 day and the price level of Google is $101 after 1 day, you will earn about 75%.

In fact, it doesn’t matter how high Google ends. As long as it makes your prediction correct, you will make the same profit.

It is therefore for the same reason that you will make the same profit in fixed time trading if Google would have ended at $200 or $120 or $500 after 1 day.

Moderate to High-Risk Factor

The risk factor in fixed time trading is significantly higher than in vanilla trading.

  1. Taking the previous example if Google had ended up at $99 after a day, a vanilla trader would have lost just 1% while a binary trader would have lost all the invested amount (considering the trader had selected the Up option).
  2. When it comes to the expiry period, vanilla options have very long expiry periods of 6 months, a year, 5 years, etc. But in fixed time trading, the expiry period is generally just a few hours. It can be as small as 30 seconds.
  3. In fixed time trading, you can easily make money even if an asset is falling down. It is not possible with vanilla options.
  4. Vanilla option traders may buy a falling stock when they feel that the asset has hit its minimum and will start to rise soon.
  5. Fixed time traders can just select the Put or Down option and if the price level of an asset ends lower than the strike price after the expiry time, a profit will be made.

Fixed Time traders can’t sell their bought option before the expiry period.

If a trader has bought an option with an expiry period of one hour, he or she will have to wait till the expiry period ends to get a result and it can’t be sold in between.

A vanilla trader, on the other hand, can sell the bought options anytime.

Fixed Time Options
  • High money-making potential
  • Small expiry time
  • Actual value of an asset doesn’t matter
  • High-risk business
  • Profit can be made if an asset price falls
Vanilla Options
  • Low money-making potential
  • Big expiry time
  • Actual value of an asset matters
  • Low to moderate risk business
  • Profit can’t be made if an asset price falls

4. What are the Limits of my Potential Earnings?

Theoretically, a fixed time trader can become a millionaire – because there is no sky to how much you can make by making correct predictions.

You can nearly double your money every few seconds. Although being correct all the time is not practically possible – one has to remember that.

Let us take a few assumptions and calculate your payout. Suppose you invest $100 in every trade and have an accuracy of 80%.

Let us also assume you execute 30 trades per day and the average payout is 80%. In this case, your pure profit is $57,600 per month.

Even if your winning rate is 70%, you will pocket a monthly income of $50,400. The best part is that you can earn this money sitting on your couch.

As per a report published in binary today, a trader makes more than $20,000 per month by trading fixed time options.

He follows some basic strategies with discipline and gets amazing results. There are many similar success stories on the web.

5. Who Can Earn With Fixed Time Trading?

Generally, the answer to this question goes: “Anyone interested in making online home income, wants to try this type of financial instrument and has a good Internet connection”.

For a start, basic knowledge of the financial market and access to economic news will be enough.

Talking from a more long-term perspective, one has to be open to self-education. The more extensive learning you get, the better you can create a well-structured trading plan and not rely on sheer good luck.

Luck is part of the fun, of course, but its combination with proper skill will lead you to a more steady income in the future.

In this context, when you are selecting a broker – which is the first thing you need to do – pay attention to the training and practice facilities the company provides.

6. Olymp Trade – a Trusted Partner in Fixed Time Trading

If all the above has sparked your interest in binary options trading, your first step will be choosing among a variety of brokers in this growing market. How should one make such a choice?

Things which are of crucial importance:

  1. Ease, convenience, and transparency of the trading mechanism
  2. Profitability levels offered by the broker
  3. Opportunities for education and improvement of your trade skills
  4. Honesty and reliability, are confirmed by credentials from official bodies.

There are not many companies that stand out from the crowd by virtue of their premium trading serves, and Olymp Trade is one of them. This Seychelles registered broker was founded by Saledo Global LLC and has operated on the market since 2014.

olymp trade

Olymp Trade is an “A” member of the International Financial Commission. An independent organization that provides and guarantees the protection of traders’ rights. This means if a broker acts unlawfully, the Commission reimburses the trader up to $20,000 from its Compensation Fund.

The broker is highly recognized by the industry professionals and boasts four important awards, received over a short period of time:

  1. IAIR AWARDS prize in the category “Best Fixed Time Trading Platform
  2. KROUFR Awards as the “Best Fixed Time Trading Broker”
  3. ShowFX World prize as the “Fastest Growing Broker”
  4. CPA Life Awards international prize as the “Best Financial Broker”

Now we shall dwell a bit more on its advantages, which matter especially for a beginner trader.

7. What are My Key Benefits with Olymp Trade?

7.1. Free Practice

Each trader is given access to a free demo account with 10,000 virtual units right after registration. It is particularly useful for beginners who can practice as long as they wish before trading with real money.

The balance is rechargeable if it has less than 5,000 units (back to 10,000 for free), and you can always go back to the demo mode – in case you want to practice a new strategy.

7.2. Minimum Entry Threshold

Depending on the account currency, you can start trading binary options with just $350/$10/€10/20

7.3. Maximum Profitability

With Olymp Trade it is possible to earn up to 80-90% of the investment if your forecast was correct.

7.4. Quick and Smooth Money Withdrawal

As soon as you make a profit, you can apply for a transfer of money to your bank card or an e-wallet. The processing usually takes no more than a day or two.

7.5. No Extra Fees

The broker bears a commission for all incoming and outgoing payments.

8. How Does the Olymp Trade Platform Work?

The company has developed its own trading platform and continues to improve it every day. This is an essential thing because it implies almost zero chances of technical failure – so you may be positive that the platform will not freeze at the most inappropriate moment.

The product is custom-designed by the broker with input from experienced programmers, financial analysts, and traders. It provides convenient tools for market analysis, so you could make informed “up or down” decisions every time.

Available in both a desktop version and a mobile app, downloadable at Google Play.

how does this work

8.1. Technical Settings and Design

The platform is designed in a very user-friendly, understandable way. Once you look at it, trading on the financial market immediately becomes less dense and daunting. The design will not make you doubt whether trading can become a part of your life – you will know that it can if you wish.

One of the platform’s advantages is that traders can adapt it to their own liking:

  1. Change the language: Vietnamese, Russian, English, Thai, Indonesian, Spanish (LATAM), Portuguese (Brazil), and Turkish are available;
  2. Select how the chart is displayed: area (line), Japanese candlesticks, or HeikenAshi;
  3. Set the color scheme to light or dark.

The technical settings are equally varied. Traders can:

  1. Change chart time frames from 25 seconds to 1 month on the area chart and from 15 seconds to 60 minutes on the Japanese candlesticks and HeikenAshi;
  2. Add indicators and oscillators to the chart to analyze it more accurately.

8.2. Assets

The Olymp Trade platform is pretty versatile and allows to trade in a variety of key assets:

  1. Foreign exchange market assets (currency pairs);
  2. Assets of the stock market (stocks, bonds, indices, etc.);
  3. Assets of the commodity market (gold, silver, oil, etc.);
  4. Exchange assets of the cryptocurrency (Bitcoin is the most popular).

8.3. Types of Accounts

The platform offers 3 types of accounts: a demo account for a newbie, a standard account for everyone willing, and a VIP account with special privileges for more experienced traders. See a more detailed description in the table below:

types of accounts

8.4. Depositing and Withdrawal of Money

Use any of the following ways to make a deposit:

  1. Through E-wallets: Qiwi, Webmoney, Epayments, Neteller, Skrill, Yandex.Money, and Bitcoin;
  2. Through Visa or Mastercard bank cards.

You can also withdraw money through the same payment systems.

Important: you can make a withdrawal only to the same e-wallet/card that you used to make a deposit. This rule enables the broker to guarantee payment security and protect traders’ funds from fraud.

The maximum withdrawal time is 3 business days, but the broker tries to process traders’ requests as quickly as possible. All operations are commission-free.

8.5. Educational Opportunities

Never had a trading experience before? No worries. Olymp Trade offers a whole range of educational materials that will help improve your confidence – whether you are a complete beginner, or a trader seeking more in-depth expertise.

At your disposal are:

  1. Video tutorials
  2. Interactive courses;
  3. Webinars;
  4. Strategies developed by leading analysts.

Besides, the broker supports its customers on various social networks. Join the company’s Facebook page and YouTube channel to get access to all up-to-date information, extra educational content, daily analytics, and articles with useful trading tips. Not to mention special contests offering bonuses and gifts for the lucky winners.

8.6. Technical Support

Olymp Trade’s technical support department operates 24/7 – every day, around the clock, so be sure that your question will be answered by specialists promptly and at any time.

For English-speaking support, you can call on +357 25030996, write to or ask your question in the online chat on the Olymp Trade platform.

8.7. Customer Reviews

You may find it useful to read some feedback from Olymp Trade customers.

Nobby Jackson describes his experience of binary options trading in this manner:

“As an amateur trader, I was overwhelmed by the number of binary options brokers. I, being an amateur trader, was looking for a broker which offered a quality way of learning how to trade and high payouts.

Olymp Trader offered both. My trading experience with Olymp Trade has been phenomenal. I am able to make a consistent profit and learn how to trade better.”

Steven Levitt, another amateur trader, puts his experience as follows:

“I love the way Olymp Trader has designed its trading platform. It is easy to use with simple navigation. The fact that you can do a lot of analysis using the website itself makes my trading very smooth.”

Bottom Line

Making an online income with binary options is a reality. And you will not have to sit long hours in front of the monitor in order to do that. Besides, it is totally affordable.

You may start with only a ten-dollar deposit, investing as little as 1 dollar in every trade before you gain more expertise and confidence.

Choosing a reliable broker is essential, and the Olymp Trade platform offers all the necessary facilities and transparency for trading.

The platform now has more than 6.5 million registered users with at least 20,000 traders actively trading each day.

You can easily join them and start utilizing the earning potential of financial markets while sitting at home.

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