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Earn Money from Mobile – No Investment, Guaranteed Pay

  • Updated: 22 December, 2019
  •  / By Myilraj G

Earn money from mobile by Installing apps, sending SMS, completing surveys, etc.


With the introduction of smartphones and Internet-enabled mobile phones, brings a wide range of opportunity to earn money from mobile online.

SMS Sending Jobs and money earnings apps have become popular so-called online jobs.

Your smartphone makes you earn a few bucks every day to many dollars every month and it’s free.

Do you ever think of making money from your phone?

Yes, it is possible today. Here I would share some of those possible ways to earn money from mobile without investment, that may help you to get some additional income to satisfy your financial needs.

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How do you Earn Money from Mobile?

Many marketing companies focused their advertisements on sending SMS to people in order to the canvas directly.

They spend billions of dollars on SMS marketing and advertising.

By sending SMS, companies can directly reach the targeted customers and put forth their products and services.

Many Affiliate Marketing businesses have the freedom to advertise on TV, newspaper, radio, the internet, etc.

But this is somewhat different in SMS advertisements because those companies need to seek your permission to send their promotional offers.

So, they are ready to pay you for sending SMS because to stop you from registering with DND services.

Marketing companies can reach their targeted customers directly via SMS ads and are more powerful than other forms of advertisements.

You can earn money from mobile by opting in to receive these promotional SMS from marketing companies.


How Can you Earn Money by Sending SMS?

sms sending jobsHere I would recommend you join Way2sms, India’s best free SMS sending portal where you can earn money just by sending and reading SMS.

Register a free account by clicking here and verify your account via Email and your mobile. Registration hardly takes two minutes of your time.

You can make money by Registering with Free websites, downloading mobile apps, accessing your Gmail, Yahoo every day via Way2SMS.

They offer referral programs where you can make Rs1/- for every unique referral who joined you or downloaded an app using your referral link.

They now have almost 40Million registered users who already making 1000’s of rupees every month. Why still waiting, join for free today and start making money today.

Presently as far, as I know, only one site is genuine that I recommended here and I will do research and add more genuine sites that pay for sending and receiving SMS.

surveys pay online


How Much Can I Make?

So far, there is no genuine SMS Sending Jobs companies in India based on our research.

Most of them are the scam just focusing on innocent people who are not aware of the program.

Those companies target these users with magical advertisements such as you can earn Rs. 5 per SMS sent from your mobile.

Earn up to Rs.1500 daily by Sending SMS from your mobile and make huge income every month without investment.

Beware of these scammers and do not invest any money in them. They will never give any money and only try to fool people.

After you invest, they will run away with your investment. Not all the people falling into this and only some people who are greedy for money.

In practical, there is no quick money online and there is no shortcut to become richer quickly.

The income from the internet will take time and it directly depends on your own potential.


Ok, let me enter into the exact phase of our article which is about how to earn money from mobile without investment.

This article covers the best ways to earn money from a mobile phone which supports Android, IOS, etc.

If you have internet connectivity with your smartphone probably you can make dollars every month.

You can use this money to pay off your bills, can meet daily expenses, etc.

A PayPal account or Payza account and a bank account in order to receive your payments.

You spent thousands of rupees to buy your Android Smartphones and you will love it for sometimes.

After some days, you will feel one day about the investment made over to buy this smartphone.

But now you can stop worrying about that and start making money from the smartphones you have now.

Just by installing the apps and visiting every day can make you some decent bucks every day.

Here I recommend some top5 Android App that keeps paying you for installing them on your Android Smart Phones.

The information shared in this article is available on as is a basis and your earnings are completely depends on your individual efforts.

Make Money from android apps


1. Earn Money / Recharge Highest Pay App:

It is an android app available for free on Google PlayStore. You can make money directly from your Android device.

You can earn money in many ways such as watching Ads, visiting a web page, completing surveys, downloading free apps, and registering with free sites.

All your rewards and earnings will be transferred to your Mobiwik account within 24Hrs and from there you can use the money to pay your bills or you can transfer to your bank account.

Register a free mobiwik account here

Start making money today by downloading this app from Google Play Store for free and installing it. Registration takes less than 2minutes.

Make more money by referring friends and others using a unique referral code given to you after a successful registration. You will earn Rs5/- per referral.

If you having any doubts or issues you can contact them at support [at] earnmoneyrechargeapp [at] com

Download Earn Money from Google Play Store here.


2. Mint coins (Make / Earn Money):

This is another app available in Google Play Store where you can earn money by downloading free apps, Registering with new websites, completing surveys, watching video ads and playing games, etc.

If you download paid apps or registered with Paid sites, your income will be more than free standard members. The best part of this app is that you can make $5 easily in a shorter span.

Also, they provide live customer support. They offer referral programs where you can earn by referring other people to download the app and once they installed you will be paid $0.25 for every unique referral.

All payments are made via PayPal when you reach a minimum of $1 in your Mintcoin account.

If you having any doubts or issues you can contact them at support [at] mintcoinsapp [dot] com

Download Mint Coins from Google Play Store here.


3. Google Opinion Rewards:

It is a community app where you have to post your opinions about a product or service.

Here you will not be getting real money instead you will be rewarded with Google Play Credits.

Those credits can be redeemed when you download any paid app from Google Play Store. Just download the app and install.

Register an account using your existing Google account on your android device and fill basic answers about yourself.

You will receive notifications to attend online surveys to give your opinion about a product. Probably you will receive surveys once a week or more or less frequent.

Download Google Opinion Rewards at Google Play Store here.


4. Freecharge App:

It is the most trending app where you can make the fastest bill payments and online recharges.

You can make your mobile recharges while on the way go and it saves your time in recharging your mobile at recharge outlets.

Presently they support online bill payments including Prepaid and postpaid mobile bills, electricity bills, gas bills, DTH Recharges and other certain utility bills.

You can transfer your money to your free charge wallet using your debit card or credit card and net-banking. You can use offer coupons on every recharge and payment you have done via this app.

For example, if you make a prepaid mobile recharge of Rs 50/- you may get a cashback of 10% to 50% and more along with recharge amount.

Download the app from the Google Play Store here and install it.

Register an account using your Gmail or Facebook and start using the app. The safe and secure way of making bill payments and others payment online.

Download Free charge at Google Play Store here.


5. Earn Talk Time App:earn talk time

This app is free to download and install from the Google Play store.

This app lets you “Free Mobile Talktime” for completing offers, attending surveys, purchasing any pieces of stuff online, or even by referring friends.

You can make some extra money from mobile without investment.

You will be credited with real money in your app account and you can then use that money for mobile recharges of any network in India.

Refer this app to a friend and get Rs1000/- and more talk time for free.

App provides support to refer friends via Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter or Email.

With this app, you can save your mobile bills from your monthly budget.

Download Earn Talk Time at Google Play Store here.


6. Daily Money:

This app does pay you real money for downloading and installing free sponsored apps, watch videos and share applications, etc.

This app is more user-friendly and you will be paid daily just for opening the app.

They pay in US dollars and the minimum payout is $100 via Bank, Western Union Money transfer.

Daily money has a good user rating of 4.7 out of 5.

Download Daily Money from Google Play Store here.


7. NexMoney App Wallet:

An innovative app to empower individuals to find some legitimate ways to earn money from their smartphones.

This company has tied up with many new advertisement firms and associations to enable a hand-some income opportunity.

You can earn money in the following ways:

1.) Pay for merchants, service providers, regional stores and online shopping websites. You will get up to 100% cashback with no upper limit.

2.) Referral Income: You will earn Rs.300/- for every referral you bring in to their network.

3.) Royalty Income: This means you will get bonus credit for all your referral earnings minimum threshold.

4.) Team Bonus: When your referral team makes a purchase, you will get the added bonus.

Download the app from the Google Play store and start making money immediately from your Smart Phone.

So, you can easily make payments online and get cashback on every transaction you are done through this app.


Hence, in this article, I shared some 7 Apps that I know from Google Play Store which lets you earn money from mobile.

Still, there might be many numbers of apps that pay real money for installing and using.

I would like to hear your feedback and share your successful apps from where you getting paid every day with your referral links.

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