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Clixsense Reviews 2020: How to Make Money? Is it Legit?

  • 15 May, 2020
  • / By Myilraj G

Do Clixsense Pay in 2020? A short review.


Clixsense is a money-making website launched in February 2007 with the concept of paying its members for viewing advertisements.

Later it evolved to become a queen of PTC sites with many more options to earn money apart from just viewing advertisements.

Clixsense owns now 6million members from all over the world and still growing at a consistent rate.

You can easily make money from their program and the most interesting part is that they do not require investment to start.

Even they are having premium memberships you can become premium from your earned cash.

Important Notice:

Clixsense have withdrawn their PTC and its related service starting today.

Though it was sad news for all people, Clixsense will continue its services on online surveys, crowd flower tasks, and offers and other businesses.

So, people are requested to continue work on surveys and tasks and offer to earn money from it.


What is Clixsense?

Clixsense is a Paid to click site which pays you for viewing advertisements in your computer browser.

You have to register a free account with clixsense and start viewing advertisements daily to earn money. There are some other ways such as attending surveys, completing tasks, and offers to earn more income.

Clixsense Registration

You can earn from $0.001 to $0.02 for every advertisement you view in your browser and $0.1 to $5 per survey you successfully completed.

Moreover, clixsense is genuine in their payments and you will get your payment for sure. Working in clixsense does not need special knowledge or skills and anyone from any part of the world can do this online business.

A lot of people already making a decent income from clixsense every month and you can see some of my own payment proofs for your trust.

Hardly working for about 30mnts a day will earn you $100 – $500 every month without any investment.


What are the Ways to Make Money?

Clixsense at their beginning started as a Paid to click site and members have only one option of earning money and that is by clicking advertisements.

Later on, multiple ways of income opportunities have been added in their program and this makes their site one of the trustable sources to make money online.

Ways of working in Clixsense

You can earn money through viewing advertisements, attending surveys, completing tasks and offers, etc.

Once you reached a minimum payout of $8 for standard members and $6 for premium members, you can request your payout through PayPal or Payza.

Clixsense Daily Tasks

In clixsense, you can make money in the following ways such as:

✓ Viewing PTC Ads
✓ Playing Clix Grid games
✓ Complete Tasks
✓ Complete Offers
✓ Visiting the forum
✓ Attending surveys

Let me enter into step by step instruction of making money from clixsense. This article will guide you with further detailed information about the ways to make money from clixsense.


What are the Requirements?

  1. A personal computer or laptop with an internet connection
  2. Gmail Account
  3. Bank Account
  4. PayPal or Payza account

Note: Register only one account per computer per internet connection because it is mandatory. If you violate these terms then you will be suspended.



Any people under legal age can register a free account with clixsense and start to earn money. It is suitable to every person who satisfies the above requirement.


How to Register?

Click here to open the clixsense home page.

Complete the form as seen in this image to register a free account. Once you completed registration, you will receive a confirmation mail to your Gmail.

Please click the verification link in the mail to confirm you are the owner of that Gmail Account.


1.) Earn from Viewing Advertisements:

This is the first method to make money from clixsense. Get paid for viewing advertisements. Once you logged in to your account, then you have to navigate to the View Ads section.

Here you can see the total list of available advertisements to watch. You can also see how much you will earn for the ad you saw.

STEP 1: Click on any one of the available ads and a new tab will open immediately.

STEP 2: In the next screen, clixsense is having a human verification challenge that is you will be asked to click an image, usually a CAT.

STEP 3: Once you clicked, the timer will start to run. Wait until the timer ends, and your account will be credited with US dollar.

STEP 4: Now close the tab window, and click on the next advertisement to watch. Complete watching all advertisements to earn more. Check your account balance instantly which will increase in their earnings.

Clixsense Ads


2.) Attend surveys:

Surveys are a great way to earn money from the internet. Clixsense had dealt with some world’s best survey programs to offer surveys for its members.

You can avail of this additional opportunity for free to earn more money.

Survey programs are from genuine companies such as Cint, Opinion surveys, Opinion polls where payments are 100% guaranteed. Payments from surveys will take some time, so please read TOS before attempting for the survey.

Surveys require some valuable profile background to get you more survey opportunities. So once logged into your clixsense account, complete your profile survey (You have to answer all 23 questions to become eligible for survey opportunities).

Log in to your account and Go to the Surveys page. Below the navigation key, you can find SURVEYS PROFILE, click on the button, and complete the profile.

Clixsense Surveys



3.) Complete Offers:

Clixsense frequently runs offers from clip offers,, RadiumOne, SuperRewards, KiwiWall. Each offer has its own rewards and you can avail for free as a standard member.

The only thing is you have to read and understand the offer thoroughly before attending. Improper completion or wrong completion will lead to account suspension.


4.) Complete Tasks:

World’s best platform Crowd Flower, a micro crowdsourcing service that enables its members to earn some additional cash for completing microtasks.

As a clixsense user, you can directly avail of these crowd flower tasks in your clixsense account.

Spend time to attend and complete those tasks and earn more revenue from clixsense.


5.) Play Clix-grid Games:

Playing the clix-grid game is just like watching advertisements. You will be shown a picture of an array of 30 x 20 small boxes.

You have to click every box one by one to view the advertisements. You might become lucky at some point your account will be credited $10.

Each box will load the advertisements to run for 10sec and in the end, you will be notified whether you are a winner.



How to Earn More from Clixsense?

The ultimate secret of success with clixsense is getting more referrals, you can refer to an unlimited number of people to this program to earn a handful of additional revenue.

Without referrals, it is merely not possible to earn more as you have to spend more time on the site.

For each referral, you recruit who earn $10 (being a standard free member) you will get $1 as one-time referral commission and when they earn $5 (being a premium member) you will get $2 as one-time referral commission.

Standard members will get 5% and the premium member will earn a 10% referral commission from the Clixsense offers, Crowd Flower tasks, Surveys.

You can earn up to 8 level referral commission when you become a premium member. Yes, if one of your referrals becomes a premium member you will get $2 instantly credited into your account for level 1(Direct Referral) and $1 from level 2 to level 8.

Note: Premium membership costs $17 only for one complete year.

Do not worry about getting referrals for PTC sites. Click this link How to get direct referrals for PTC sites?


How will I be Paid?

All your payout requested will be processed every business day. As a standard member, you can request cash-out when you reached $8 in your account.

As a premium member, you can request cash-out at $6. Once you made the request your payment will reach your payment processor account (Paypal or Payza) in the next 4 – 5 business days.

You can request cash-out on any business days. I personally recommend you not to cash-out your earnings when you reached $8 instead accumulate to $17 to purchase a premium membership.



Is clixsense scam? NO

Is clixsense Real? YES

Do they really pay? YES, of course

Do they pay worldwide? Again YES

Can I have more than one account? No, you will get banned

Do I have to refer to people? Yes, if you do you can earn more

Can I rent referrals? No

Is clixsense free to register? YES

What is Minimum Payout? $8 for standard and $6 for premium members

How do they pay? They pay via Paypal, Payza or cheque

When do they pay? They pay on all business days



  • Create only one account per computer or laptop per internet connection.
  • Do not use the same internet connection for multiple computers or laptops.
  • DO not work from public computers such as Schools, colleges, offices, cyber cafes, etc.
  • Do not use proxy connections.
  • Provide all information truthfully



Clixsense site is recognized as the best site that started operations in 2007 and still standing live on the market paying its members.

This site is very useful for the people who were searching to earn online without any investment.

Though it may take some time to reach a decent monthly revenue, definitely you can $100 – $200 easily with constant efforts.

Now, you have read about the clixsense review and it’s time to start working on this website.

All the Best,


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