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Our Blog was started with a vision of sharing useful information about various online jobs. Help people to get themselves prepare for the right online work from home and start choosing their own.
In our blog, OnlineHomeIncome, there is a sure earning opportunity for every people who visit daily.

About Myilraj .G

Hello Friends, I am Myilraj .G from Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. I am a Blogger, Consultant, Entrepreneur, and Digital Marketer. I have started my online career in 2010 and blogging in 2013. Initially, I have started this blog to promote online jobs in which I am working and getting paid.

Later, I was explored through the huge world of opportunities where people are making great revenue. Yes, I understood the Blogging Business will be the trending business of the future. I stick to blogging and focused to develop my blog.

Along with Online Home Income Blog, I am managing a few blogs on other niches:

  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. Health
  3. Culture
  4. SEO, and Digital Marketing.

Now I am living as a full-time blogger as well as managing director of my own company, "Raj Softech Solutions India Private Limited".
This company was started with a mission - "A Website for Every Business".

Services offered: Domain Registration, Web Hosting Services, Web Design, and Development Services, SEO Services, Digital Marketing Service, Content Writing, Logo Designing, Landing Page Designing, and Email Marketing Services.

You can read more about me in the about section of this blog.

I own my White Beast that I bought from the earnings of my blogging. Blogging had made my dreams come true.

My Journey Towards Success
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How I support People?

OnlineHomeIncome blog is the one way go that provides answers and solutions for your online job search.

I provide the support in the following aspects,

  1. Send notifications about the new Job update.
  2. Help people to start their own Blogging Business and help them set up a premium blog.
              One-on-one training assistance through Skype, Whatsapp, and Teamviewer.
  3. Assist bloggers to find and fix the loops that stop them from generating revenue from their blog.

Want to discuss about any of the four, reach my Whatsapp at 95663 55140...

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After 7 years of successful blogging in the Money Making Niche, Online Home Income covered a vast area of this industry.

We strongly believe that Sharing Knowledge will help each other to shine in their career.

OnlineHomeIncome publish articles on the following categories:

  • Online Jobs
  • Money Making Ideas
  • Education
  • Business
  • Finance
  • Work from Home
  • Earn Money Online

In this 2020, we are planning to acquire new talents to add more value to our Portal OnlineHomeIncome.

1. Content Writer:

Yes, we will give chances to the people who are searching for recognition in the content writing industry.

Our world is full of contents and therefore, content writers are always having a great demand ever.

Join as a content writer with OnlineHomeIncome and explore new challenges in the blogosphere.

Find more new opportunities by showing your talents to the outside world.

If you are the one, who is searching for the right opportunity for your career, take action today.

Send your resume to support (@) onlinehomeincome (dot) in (or) Whatsapp me at 95663 55140...