Art of Blogging Version 1.0 – Start Blogging Today


Art of Blogging - V1.0 is a single handbook to learn about Blogging Business. Explained with step by step instructions on starting a blog and monetizing to Earn Money Online ($1000 a month).

Myilraj .G, the author, is an experienced blogger with over 6+ years of blogging on various niches.

This ebook explains to you how to begin your online career and create a great passive income?

You'll Learn:

  • What is Blogging Business? Does this will work for you based on your knowledge?
  • How to Find the Right Niche to Start a Blog?
  • Domain Name Selection, Registration, and Web Hosting Setup.
  • How to Find the Right WordPress Theme for your Blog?
  • How to Prepare a Great Content Strategy and a Marketing Plan?
  • Drive Traffic to your Blog by Doing SEO and Digital Marketing.
  • Various Blog Monetization Methods to Earn Money from Blogging.
Art of Blogging Book Cover

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