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You can convert your extra time to earn from online - Join today for free paid surveys online to make some extra income

Online Home Income recommends online surveys as number TWO option to earn money online because this internet work from home jobs was suitable to most people and placed next to PTC sites.

There is no investment, no technical skills required for completing this job.

Free paying online survey jobs are one of the ways to make some extra money for sharing your thoughts and suggestions and to give the review about a product or services, whether it may be a new dress, or cosmetics, or Blankets, or washing liquids.

Paid Online Survey is the best way to spend your leisure time at home effectively transforming your time and knowledge into money.

Work from home from free online survey sites are a nice way to make some additional revenue and it is suitable for most people.

Many people are asking me "How does a survey site work?" and so I had written this article on How does survey panel works and how online surveys pay for cash?

Scroll down further, so that you will be getting some more knowledge about how this business works?

The survey contains a list of questions designed to find out the people's thought on a product or services.

Each question has 3 – 5 options or sometimes even 10options to choose based on your own experience and thoughts.

No matter, you are just posting your opinion. The Number of questions may also vary up to the requirements from the survey company and you will be paid from $1 (Rs60/-) to $10 (Rs600/-) per survey attended.

⇒ Earn $5 per survey — Free Registration — Get paid via PayPal or redeem as Gift vouchers

Are Online Surveys are money legit?

Yes, Survey Sites are genuine and paying their members on time. Some sites pay real money and some pay as Gift Vouchers but you will get your payment sure.

You can request your payment once you reached your minimum balance in your survey website account.

You need to create an online payment processor account to get your payments.

Let's get into the actual knowledge gaining process in this online business.

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1.) What are the requirements?
2.) How Online Survey Sites work?
3.) How to join in Paid Survey Sites?
4.) How much will I get paid?
5.) Advantages of Paid Online Survey Sites
6.) Best Paying Survey Sites list to make money
7.) How to avoid scam Survey Sites?

1.) What are the requirements?

Working in Online Survey Jobs has some requirements and those have been mentioned below:

• A personal computer or laptop with Internet connection.

• A Gmail address to register.

• A Payment processor such as PayPal or Payza to get your payment.

• Daily time to check your E-mail for Survey Invitations.


2.) How Online Survey Sites work?

The previous article on How does survey panel works and how do they pay cash will give you some more clear explanation about the working strategy of survey panels.

If a new product was launched in a market, it needs to get improved over and over again to survive and to beat its competition. So, for this, they need reviews from their customers or buyers or common people.

Many Multinational marketing companies are ready to spend billions of dollars on researching about their new products and services by conducting online surveys.

So they will look for Online Survey companies to conduct surveys on their behalf. These Survey companies are a website with a large community of member database from all around the world to conduct surveys for MNC companies.

Marketing companies will pay to these survey companies for conducting surveys and these survey companies after getting the order signed, will select members from their database and send an invitation via mail to attend surveys.

We will receive the invitation only if our profile matches with the requirements of the survey company.

This method saves a lot of money in terms of advertisements to those Multi-national marketing companies and hence they use that money to pay us via survey companies.


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3.) How to join in Paid Survey Sites?

The joining procedure involves four steps to follow:

Multi-national marketing company wants to collect information's about their product or services and so they contact survey companies.

1.) We have to register a free account with these survey companies to become a part of their community.

2.) After completing your registration, login to your account dashboard and complete Profile surveys.

The answers in your profile surveys will be used to process every time before inviting you to attend any new surveys.

3.) When a survey matches your profile, you will be sent an invitation via Email to attend the survey.

4.) Once after successful completion, you will be rewarded with either Cash or Gift Vouchers.


It is a very must important task that every member should complete their profile surveys immediately after joining any survey company. Because this will help them to evaluate every time.

Profile surveys may include asking questions about your lifestyle and activities, career and academics, profession and so and so...

Completing your profile surveys determine your chances of getting more paid online survey invitations to your Email.

Multi-national companies that pay these survey companies usually specify the exact requirement of what community of people they need to attend their surveys.

So, your eligibility to take part in more surveys is determined by your profile strength in those survey companies you had registered.

Update frequently your profile surveys to get more chances of survey invitations.

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4.) How much will I get paid?

Most survey companies pay you via PayPal, Payza or Cheque. Some companies may even offer you Gift voucher on E-bay, Amazon etc.

Those payment details will be mentioned in your invitation Email and you can choose whether to attend the survey or not.

How much can I earn? Is completely depends on your profile strength.

Some Online Survey will pay you $5 per successful completion and even it will go upto $50 per Survey.

But at the end, you can make a handsome additional income by taking paid online surveys from home.

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5.) Advantages of Paid Online Survey Sites

• Survey sites usually pay in dollars, not in cents.

• No Marketing, No Selling, No MLM.

• Minimal skill required to attend surveys.

• Offer to earn $50 per survey.

• Free registration.

• Easy to work from home to earn some extra cash.

6.) Best Paying Survey Sites list to make money:

1.) Worthy Shout

WorthyShout Survey Company Founded by Sridhar Mani from India since 2013 was one of the best-reputed marketing research companies in South India with services across the world.

Having more than 1 Million member database and still consistently growing with the view to provide Legitimate work from home online free paid survey jobs to all people.

Register them free and make a great move today to create a residual income from survey jobs.


Pay per Survey: Up to $5
Currency: US DOLLARS
Payment: Cash Rewards (or) Gift Vouchers REG NOW

2.) Clixsense

Clixsense Of course, no words to say about this Queen of PTC have embedded with them providing more earning opportunities to their members.

Apart from viewing PTC A ds, as a Clixsense member, you can earn from attending surveys online.

It is one of the best survey sites which accept members from worldwide. They will pay you to reach money for every successful completion of surveys.

Once you reached minimum of $6 you can request your payout through Payza.

Pay per Survey: Upto $10
Currency: US DOLLARS
Payment: Cash Rewards (or) Gift Vouchers REG NOW

3.) Paid Polls and Surveys

Paid Polls and Surveys: A branch from Worthy Shout market research especially targeting Indian customers launched since 2016.

Running successfully by providing timely payments to their members since start up.

Free to register, open to all Indians to earn some extra money during their spare time.

Panel Country: INDIA
Pay per Survey: Upto $10
Currency: US DOLLARS
Payment: Cash Rewards (or) Gift Vouchers REG NOW

4.) SwagBucks

SwagBucks: Definitely an oldest and legitimate paid online survey jobs providers worldwide.

You will get paid for many doing actions such as completing surveys, answering daily polls and trying products.

You will earn as Swagbucks and you can either convert into PayPal cash or Flipkart, Amazon, Freecharge Gift vouchers.

I am making my mobile recharge through Free-charge by earnings from Swagbucks. Read this article explains about how to make fast money with Swagbucks.

Pay per Survey: Upto $5
Currency: US DOLLARS
Payment: Cash Rewards (or) Gift Vouchers
Learn my article on "How to earn faster with Swagbucks daily?" REG NOW

5.) Banking Consumer Surveys

Banking Consumer Surveys: Banking Consumer Surveys (BCS): Another brand portal from Worthy Shout Inc., particularly dedicated to the people in the area of Finances and Managements sector.

All people in every sector were important in their views has given rise to this new portal.

Complete your free registration in five steps: Complete registration form, confirm your email, answer profile surveys, check email for survey invitation, attend and complete to get paid.

Panel Country: INDIA
Pay per Survey: Up to $5
Currency: US DOLLARS
Payment: Cash Rewards (or) Gift Vouchers REG NOW

So far, Online Home Income recommends four best survey sites to earn money online from home.

All sites listed here were free to join and requires no investment ever.

Survey jobs will pay you genuinely but you can expect $500 and more every month.

Your number of surveys per month will entirely depend on your profile strength and your relativity to the latest trend and technologies.

Ok, tough there are many genuine paying online survey sites available on the internet but we are recommending only a few.

However, if you saw any new sites on the internet, try for free but be careful in making the decision before joining them after analyzing these points mentioned below.

7.) How to avoid scam Survey Sites?

Everyone well knows about if there is something good, then sure there must be bad also.

Online survey jobs are really a good opportunity to earn money online from home without investment.

However, there are some scam sites on the internet which spoiling entire system. So, before joining a survey site you must have to make a deep research and analyze various factors before registration.

Asking for investment: Most survey sites are free to register, so when a website asking you for any means of investment stay away from them. Do not join.

High payment per survey: Most legitimate survey companies will pay up to $10 per survey. So when a website says you will get more than $25 - $50 per survey, then surely they are scammers. Do not register with them.

High minimum cashout: Never join sites that having a minimum payout of more than $50 because it is a bit difficult to reach such huge payout limit.

Google about member reviews: Before registering with them make a thorough research about their recent customer or members reviews, ratings, complaints and feedbacks. This will help you a lot in making a right decision.

Genuine survey sites usually have more payment proofs all over the internet. Google search will help you to get the information required.

But you might not come into conclusion if there is no payment proof they are scammers because other reasons might be there, else they may be a brand new survey company.

Last thoughts,

If you are seriously wanting for money then online survey jobs are the best option, but you can become rich overnight or in over months.

Income from surveys will support you a little and you can use it for paying off your Internet Bills, EB charges or any other utility payments.

Attending more surveys and join more legitimate survey companies will reap you to earn more income from this method.

If you found any new sites or anything If I missed here, let me know below.

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vineet undirwade says...

hello Myilraj sir,

very nice information is provided by you.The way of presentation is very good with detailed information. Survey sites are very convenient to earn extra money from home.


myilraj says...

Dear Vineet,

Yes, you are correct.

Tin says...

I am interested to join but sadly,I do not have paypal account. Is it possible in remittance company and can I also asked for legal policy while joining


Genielyn R. Escamilla says...

i am from Philippines and i currently dont have any government issued ID on hand but I am very much interested to join the group for me to earn extra income

myilraj says...

Hi Genielyn R. Escamilla,

The sites recommended here will pay through Payment processors such as Paypal and Payza.

So if you have accounts there, then there is no problem in starting these online jobs.

Princy says...

For online surveys, can I register for clients through my android? Also once I shift to Australia, should I mail to each of the clients regarding my change in location. From Australia can I still work for clients who don't have Australia in the panel country list?

myilraj says...

Hi Princy,

Yes, you should notify each client in a separate email about your change in location.

Most surveys are geographic location targeted, and hence you should accept this condition. No guarantee that you will get same number of surveys on your new location.

Danny says...

Thanks for this information

V luman says...

Would there be a guaranteed survey everyday? And is it possible to register at two survey companies at the same time?

myilraj says...

Hi Luman,

The answer to your question is YES!

You should register all sites to get more surveys in future.

Also, basically one will be eligible to attend surveys only based on his profile strength and relativity.

You will not get tons of surveys overnight, but sure you will get one at least each day.

Tune your profile surveys on completion of every survey will get you more in future.

D Perumal says...

I am trying to do so many surveys. But No survey is qualified with clixense etc.,

I don't know why?

Can you give suggestion to earn a lot from survey?

Dharam singh says...

I wana join survey job

myilraj says...

Hi Dharam Singh,

You can join our Recommended list of online genuine survey sites which is listed on this page. But, first you should need to learn:

What are surveys?

How do they working?

How can we earn from surveys?

No problem, all this question have been answered on this page and you should need to visit this page once again. Spend some time to read so that you will get enough knowledge about online surveys.

At the end of the article, you will get the list of sites to register. All sites are free to join requires no investment.

If you having doubts further, feel free to ask your queries.

Rituparno Mukherjee says...

can I do this on my android device? is this income taxable in India?

myilraj says...

Hi Rituparno,

Yes! You can do this online survey jobs from Android mobile. But register accounts through a computer or laptop because mobile does not have all functions.

You will get survey invitation only if your profile matches with the survey company requirements, so for this reason only you are asked to register accounts via Computer or laptop.

After that if you receive invitation via mail then no problem you can attend the survey from your android mobile.

Bastwa singh says...

Survey are a great way to start earning money from home

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