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If you are trying to make some money by doing part time jobs in internet, then its better you try Swagbucks. In this article I did an in-depth research on how to earn from swagbucks by working part time or on your leisure time.
If you having android app then you can download Swagbuck App so as you can earn on while you travel.

What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is a search engine like Google, Yahoo in which you will be rewarded with a virtual currency called Swagbucks for making searching. Usually you will earn 5 - 10 Swagbucks every day for using their search engines.

Now, they had grown as an online rewarding community and cash back system that offers Swagbucks for doing tasks such as searching something for web, taking part in polls and answering, playing video games and watching videos, shopping and more.


Mostly you will earn SB by attending surveys and through referring your friends and others to join Swagbucks community.

You will earn a virtual currency called “SwagBucks” for every action you are doing in your account that can be redeemed as Gif vouchers or PayPal cash or prepaid card from VISA. Free to join and most genuine in payments. 140Swagbucks equals 1USD.

How to register with Swagbucks?

It is easy and simple. Free to join. Just fill out this registration form and you are ready.

How do I earn?

Top 15 Ways to earn SB points...

tool••• By installing Swagbucks toolbar you can start to earn immediately. Just use the toolbar to search anything on internet and get swagbucks in returns. Easy to use and malware free.
In addition, you will receive some notifications while browsing internet with offer for free Swagbucks codes, you can use that too.

Every day when you Reboot your computer you will earn 1SB.

••• As far as like other programs, Swagbucks also provides Referral Programs where you will be rewarded with 10% of whatever your referral do on the site. For eg., When they earn 500SB you will earn 50SB.

A small calculation:
50Referrals x 100SB every day = 5000SB x 10% = 500SB equals 3.57USD every day
So, you will earn Rs200/- every day just by doing nothing. It is a best part time jobs for students,
Daily Rs200/- at the end it will earn you Rs6000/- plus your own SB value addition probably you can earn Rs10000/- with this Swagbucks if you work strategically.

swagbucks-earnings ••• By completing Special Offers in their Dashboard >> "Discover page" you can earn up to 5000SB.

••• Shop on Ebay, Amazon and other E-Commerce stores using Swagbucks promo-codes and earn SB. When you installed Toolbar, you will be notified whenever you visited online stores.

••• The next interesting part is attending Surveys and once you successfully completed you will get upto 1000SB.

••• Check your Daily Goal meter and Earn 3 - 5 bonus SB every day if you crossed your goal.

••• Use Swagbucks Search for all your day to day web searches instead of Google. Yet, Google is the best.

••• Attend Daily Polls under >> TO DO LIST and earn 1SB daily (30 for 30Days).

••• Watch Videos of your interest and fill out your Swagbucks meter and earn 1-5SB for every videos.

••• Play Games of your interest and earn almost 2000SB.

••• Like and share them in Facebook and receive Swag codes that can be used for any purchases. Check every day for new swag codes.

••• Same like Facebook, follow Swagbucks on Twitter and get some promotional offers through Swagcodes.

••• Follow their Instagram page for periodic updates.

••• Stay updated with Swagbucks Blog for latest updates and information's. It is a best place to for information about special promotions

••• Use Swagbucks Mobile App on every Friday to earn more SB for using.

Note: To access your Dashboard, just click on the logo on top-left corner of your webpage.


  • from any country.
  • Multiple Ways for income stream including playing games, watching video, answering polls etc.
  • Earn Swagbucks for every action in your account.
  • Can work from Android App.
  • Signup bonus of 30Swagbucks for every registration.
  • 10% lifetime Referral commission.

How I will be paid?


All your earned SB points can be redeemed as Gift vouchers or real cash via PayPal or through prepaid card from VISA, later you can withdraw to your local bank account. Go here to learn how to register a free PayPal Account.

Earn $5 per 700SB and $50 per 6330SB and so on.

Swagbucks is one of my favorite "Money Making program" I would recommend to every one. Even a newbie can easily score SB and earn almost $100 - $150 every month without any investment (That's the beauty). With these type of part time jobs you can easily pay for your bills and other financial matters. If you having any doubts kindly let me know via my support mail. Learn my article on more free online surveys at home.





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