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2018 Resolution: I help 2018 people to start new business

I started making own money, so I help 2018 people to start their own new business.

​4 People joined out of 2018

On 31-Dec-2015, I quit my full-time Job and took my Blog as my full-time business. Now, I am making a six-digit income every month. Already, my blog serving many people to get the genuine online jobs.

Starting November – 01 – 2017, I have set a LONG-TERM GOAL

A Goal to help 2018 People

start new business

By the End of 2018, I set a Goal to DEVELOP 2018 entrepreneurs in my network.

As an Initiative, I started this campaign from the first day of November 2017. I may not know those 2018 people, but it may be you. Grab this wonderful one-time opportunity from Online Home Income and shape your future.

Presently, Online Home Income have its 14-Day training course which train each individual to start free investment online jobs from home.

It’s time to meet more new people and establish a new relationship through my Direct Interactive Training.

1.) Advantages of DIT:

1.) Prior training support through live interactive sessions.
2.) Weekly newsletters from various influencer’s.
3.) Opportunity to join our team.

2.) Who Can join DIT?

i.) Any people with the strong mentality and desire to achieve something or having a real interest to start an online business.
ii.) People who have the patience to work focusing on the results.<
iii.) Those who are willing to learn new things to achieve their goals.

3.) Who should not join DIT?

I am not interested to waste my time with novice minded people.

Rule #1: People who look for Instant Money.
Rule #2: People who are not ready to take actions seriously.

4.) Tools needed for this program

1.) A domain name
2.) Web Hosting server
3.) WordPress Themes and Plugins
4.) Computer with Internet Connection

5.) Procedure to join DIT?

For Bloggers
Those who already have blog

This section is for blogger’s who were already blogging, but not making any money (or) little money.

I am seeing most bloggers struggling to make even $100 a month.

You are working hard, and implementing all techniques you know, but not making more than $1000 [Rs. 50000] a month.

Even, you have a lot to offer through your blog. You have tried several ways, learned several resources and tutorials, but did any of them worth for you.

Maybe not, because it’s a fact that most blogger’s need one-on-one training to explore their abilities.

Coming to the point, what is the reason you are not making money on your blog?

Because – Poor Blog Design and Less (or) No Traffic.

And the Good news: Stop searching for the free courses (or) paid downloadable document such as DIY SEO, link building and so on, as they won’t work actually.

One-on-one training is the most valued coaching that is most needed for every blogger.

What’s included?

1.) 300mins of coaching every month [75mins every week] – Worth Rs. 2500/-

2.) SEO Support [on-page/off-page] for your blog – Worth Rs. 5000/-

3.) Free review’s for every new post publish – Worth Rs. 2000/-

4.) Free monthly SEO Audit – Worth Rs. 2500/-

The total value of the asset is Rs. 12000/- [$​199.99]

Because I made a VOW, the assets cost for
First 2018 people is
Rs. 4000/- [$69.99]

* What’s your decision: Continue struggling (or) Keep moving.

+91-95663-55140 (WhatsApp)

​For Newbie's
​Those who have idea to start

If you thinking of starting your new blogging business. You know the power of blogging.

Yes, it’s easily possible to make more income from blogging than your regular day job.

There are free blogging resources available to start, but it’s not recommended if you wish to start blogging as a business.

Free blogging tools like Blogger’s Blog, WordPress Blog, Wix free blog and many more are available on the market. But, this won’t help you for a long run.

The reason is, limited resources and customization make you retard in your growth.

So, what do you need to become a professional blogger?

A domain name
A web hosting server
Premium WordPress Themes and Plugins.
Perfect blog design.

I am here to help you set your first professional blog on your passion niche and kick your blog to generate revenue immediately.


What’s included?

1.) Free (.com) Domain

2.) Free Premium Hosting

3.) Free Thrive Powered WordPress Theme

4.) Free WordPress plugins

5.) Free Installation, Design, and setup

6.) Free 30day SEO training and support worth Rs. 12000

The total value of the asset is Rs. 20000/- [$3​29.99]

Because I made a VOW, the assets cost for
First 2018 people is
Rs. ​8100/- [$129.99]

* What’s your decision: Continue struggling (or) Keep moving.

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