List of top paying PTC sites - Paid to Click jobs 2017

Earn Rs.500 – Rs.1000 daily from home by working in PTC sites with free registration , daily instant payment

Online home income strongly recommends this method as number ONE option to earn money online. There are some reasons behind this because it is really an easy way to earn money from PTC sites.

— Easy & Free Registration.— No technical skills needed to work
— Can start to earn from Day 1.— Guaranteed payments on time

Dear Visitor, Spend a few minutes now to read this page thoroughly so that you will come to know how this method working? Once you understood it will be so easy to earn money from this way.

What are PTC sites?

PTC sites are called as Paid to click sites which will pay money for viewing advertisements in browser. It is a simple process to earn money online without investment from home.

A successful business model that paying most people around the world. There are so many PTC-sites out there in the market but Online Home Income picks you only few legit sites which are proven paying for us since 2013.

How does Paid to click sites work?

PTC sites acts as middlemen between the advertiser’s and the members.

Online marketers or advertisers needs traffic to their blog to promote their product or services. So they seek traffic from these paid to click sites that already having lakhs of registered users around the world who are ready to view advertisements for cash.

These Paid to click sites can deliver the traffic needed to those online marketers or advertisers in return for cash and will split the money for paying us for viewing those advertisers ads every day.

For every click we made will earn us approximately from $0.001 to $0.1USD (depends on membership we chosen).

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How to Register and Earn Money?

Remember, Online Home Income recommends only few PTC sites because we usually test before publishing a site here. So there is no worries that you will get payments for sure.

To register with Pay to clicks sites, you need to complete a registration form on every site and have to confirm your Email ID.

After successful registration, you can able to login to your account dashboard and view all available advertisers ads today and earn money.

You can see money will be credited into your account instantly after viewing the ad for a particular period of time. Each ad will be shown from 5secs to 30 secs and payment will also be varied.

How do I get my payment?

You are going to work for a online company whose exact location might be located at far distance from your location or sometimes even they operate from other country.

This causes issues in direct bank deposits and payments via cheque. All your payments will be paid through PayPal and Payza (Payment processors).

So, if you want to become a member of PTC sites, you must have to register an account with Payment Processors. Register one account with PayPal and another one account with Payza.

Payment processors are a company that operates internationally to process payments across different countries in the world. You can send and receive money from any one in any part of the world.

These Paid to clicks sites will pay you via these payment processors and from them your earned money will be credited to your local bank account.

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When will I get my payment?

PTC sites usually pay their members once they reached a minimum threshold value. For example...,
Neobux will pay you once you reached $2 in your account.

Clixsense will pay once you reached $8 as a standard free member and $6 once you become a premium member.

Scarlet clicks will pay you once you reached $2 in your account.

Once you reached minimum payout limit set in your user account dashboard, you have to make a request for payment process. Usually you will be paid in 1 – 2 business days.

What are the requirements to join?

Every online business needs a set up to work. Like the same ptc sites also have some requirements before registration and those are mentioned as follows:

• A personal computer or laptop with internet connection
• Gmail account
• Bank account
• Payment processor account (PayPal and Payza)
• Pan card

Note: These requirements have already been mentioned in our site’s home page.

Important rules to follow:

Register only one account in one PTC sites from your own computer.

If you want your household members also to work in these sites, you must buy a new computer and internet connection.

You should not share computer and internet for two different accounts.

Connect to the Paid to Click sites via direct internet connection. Pay to click sites won’t allow Proxy, VPN, shared connections to access their accounts.

If you do not follow these rules, your account will be banned or terminated any time.

ptc sites

Register below with the list of sites:

Per click: $0.001
Per Ref Click: Upto $0.005
Max Referrals: Unlimited
Min Pay: $2
Pay Via: PayPal/Payza
Max Ads available: 10+

I invested : $0I earned : $900Net Profit : $810
PAYMENTS: 1 2 3 4 5 6 signup
Per click: $0.02
Per Ref Click: Upto $0.008
Max Referrals: Unlimited
Min Pay: $8
Pay Via: Payza
Max Ads available: 10+

I invested : $51I earned : $3785.56Net Profit : $3748.56
PAYMENTS: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

Read Clixsense Review here signup
Per click: $0.01
Per Ref Click: 40%
Max Referrals: Unlimited
Min Pay: $2
Pay Via: PayPal/Payza
Max Ads available: 10+

I invested : $0I earned : $900Net Profit : $810
PAYMENTS: signup
Per click: $0.01
Per Ref Click: 40%
Max Referrals: Unlimited
Min Pay: $2
Pay Via: PayPal/Payza
Max Ads available: 10+

I invested : $50I earned : $647.56Net Profit : $697.56
PAYMENTS: 1 2 3 4 5 6 signup
Per click: $0.02
Per Ref Click: 50%
Max Referrals: 200
Min Pay: $6.99
Pay Via: PayPal/Payza
Max Ads available: 15+

I invested : $50I earned : $650.47Net Profit : $700.47
PAYMENTS: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 signup
AyuWage Services - Get Paid to Visits Sites and Complete Surveys
Per click: $0.01
Per Ref Click: Upto $0.01
Max Referrals: Unlimited
Min Pay: $5
Pay Via: PayPal/Payza
Max Ads available: 10+

I invested : $0I earned : $25.01Net Profit : $25.01
PAYMENTS: 1 2 3 4 5 6 signup
Per click: $0.01
Per Ref Click: Upto $0.005
Max Referrals: Unlimited
Min Pay: $2
Pay Via: PayPal/Payza
Max Ads available: 10+

I invested : $0I earned : $14.26Net Profit : $14.26
PAYMENTS: 1 2 3 4 5 signup

How to increase earnings from PTC sites:

PTC sites will pay around $0.001 to $0.1 for every ad you are watching and this is low when compared to other online money making opportunities.

So, what are the ways to improve my PTC earnings?
• Login every day without fail and view all available ads.
• Login 2 – 3times on same day to get chances for more ads.
• Get premium membership to get more earning for viewing ads.
• Get Direct referrals to earn more money.

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Direct referrals are the great way to earn more money with Paid to click sites because learn this article which will explain you more in depth on why referrals are so important to earn with Pay to click sites.

How to earn more from these sites:

With just viewing ads daily will not make you rich. Because Pay to clicks sites usually pay between $0.001 to $0.1 which is low compared to other online jobs.

There are other ways to earn more from these legit pay to click sites and those are Doing tasks and offers, attending surveys, playing games etc.

Yes!, all paid to clicks have in them these opportunities to earn more money to their members.

Apart from viewings Ads you can spend time to complete tasks and offers in your account dashboard which will make you to earn more.

free online jobs
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Mozammel Hussain says...

I wish to earn through online jobs as PTC and other sites offer to me.

Garish Kola says...

Yah I want this type of job

myilraj says...

Hi Garish Kola,

You can start this job by reading how it works? Because I have explained this already in this page. Just spend some minutes to read and understand how these online jobs working?

You will get answers for most of your questions in this page. Start working and Happy Earnings.

prabir biswas says...

Thanks for sharing very informative and needful article, I carefully read this content, very interesting, so I hope which people read this content must be benefited of all.

EmilianViorel says...

hi. do i have any chance to work from Malta ?


myilraj says...

Hi Emilian Viorel,

You can do this job from anywhere in the world. If you have those requirements you are ready to start making extra revenue from this pay to click.

Happy Earnings!

Deekshith says...

I am from India and I can't access to any PTC sites and can't view ads which ads me money and its showing in dollars not in INR

myilraj says...

Hi Deekshith,

I could not able to conclude how you saying that you can't access PTC sites. Please explain me in detail?

Usually your earnings will be shown based on US Dollars only. Once you reached minimum payout you should request your earnings via PayPal or Payza.

They will process the same and send you the earnings to the payment processor account. From there, your earnings in dollar will be converted in to India Currency and be deposited in to your Bank.

Is there anything I should still need to clarify you, feel free to ask me!

ravi says...

I need this job. Becooz am veery poor man .

myilraj says...

Hello Ravi,

You can take this job starting today to make money. It is free to join.

1.) Read this page as it will explain how to do this work?

2.) Complete the requirements to start this work.

3.) Register with free sites in this page.

Once you done all these three things you can ready to earn money.

Bilalkhushdil says...

Hey what’s up guys, Many my friends are looking for the online making money site try on this site just open your account and watch your balance you will believe when you open your account and you receive first withdraw depend on you trust me try on it. The minimum balance required for payout is from 10000 to 5 $ and you can get paid through Payza Visa MasterCard Global Digital Pay EGO Perfect Money PAY bitcoin PayPal sold trust . You can earn without any limits, it depends solely on your efforts and how much you work to promote. withdraw cash can be transferred to the card within minutes and after 15min. you are able to withdraw money in any ATM Worldwide

MVR Prasad says...

I am currently on a visit to US. I will be returning to india next month. Can I register for any work from home sites now or wait till I return to india? KIndly clarify my point.

Priya says...

Hello Prasad Sir,

It's not a problem about your residence. Only important thing is that ONE ACCOUNT / ONE COMPUTER / ONE INTERNET CONNECTION.

Where ever you are presently now, you can start to work by registering in PTC sites.

But, shifting countries might put a flag on your account, so you need to contact them about your journey so that they will make your account.

Once you return back to your native, you can continue your work. Once advantage is that, if you are premium account holder then you can able to mark a vacation in your account which will not affect your referral earnings in PTC sites.

So, its better come back to India and register your account with these pay to click sites. That would be best idea.

Still having doubts, ask us.

poonam says...

hi priya ji

I want to earn via PTC sites plz give me referral trusted sites then i can join

myilraj says...

Hello Poonam,

Actually this page was written to teach people about how to earn from Paid to Click sites?

I wish you should once again go through this page for information.

We have list some GENUINE PAYING PTC SITES in that page.

First read and understand how it works? Then, start your registration process by clicking on the banner (It will take you to actual working site).

There you should register an account and start making money. Also I have demo video presentation, just go through it.

Note: You should have account in Payment Processor to get your payments. One in PayPal and another one in Payza.

Still having doubts, ask me?

Meena Malhotra says...

I know this site will be change people's lives but i am always failed to process it

sss says...

Best Paying PTC Site. Earn by watching ads. 100% Genuine paid site. No scam. Free to join. join through the link and start earning money.


sfi issue really a nice company which can help and support people to change their lives

Moumi says...

Can I do this job from my phone? Actually my pc is not working properly.

myilraj says...

Hello Moumi,

Yes you can work from your Smart Phone in these sites. But do registration with your computer and then work.

Before registration, follow the rules:

Only one account per user (per computer per internet connection)

Do not work in shared internet connection (Browsing center, schools, colleges etc.)

Do not use proxy internet connection to work in PTC sites.

Manu garg says...

As I mentioned that these Ptc SITES provide you 20 to 30 percent of return on your investment which non other investments provide you.Here are some calculations which will defiantly help you to understand the working of these ptc sites.

Here I had taken a example of NEOBUX.I assume that this is your first day of buniess and you are willing to invest 20 dollars into it let start our calculation and will see how you will earn your return In NEOBUX you will get min 24 ads daily value .001$ that means you will earn 24*.001$=.024$ every day means monthly income = .024$*30= .72$

Now you had invested 20$ as well which will provide you 100 referrals

Each referral click at this level will provide you .005$ click value

And if you are lucky You will get average per click =3

means every referral is clicking 3 ads daily means .005$*3=.015$ from one referral daily.

and .015$*100= 1.5$ from all referrals daily

Monthly Income from all referrals is 1.5$*30=45$

total income = 45$+.72$=45.72

Manu garg says...

Hello Tobak,

Currently I am working with 15 Ptc SITES AND I had withdrawn from all of them. Most of my sites pays me instant and other pays me in two to three days waiting period.

Most people face problem in attaching the account to the e wallet.

currently paypal and payza are two most trusted e wallets which helping the people to withdraw the money from ptc sites.

Good thing is paypal has a auto withdrawal option that is the money is immediate transferred to your bank account.

Most Important These E wallet works according to the guidelines of Indian Government so there is no such reason of fraud.

So my only suggestion is Don't leave this business as there is no other investment option available other than these which can give you 20 to 30 percent return on your investment.

Dhaneshwari Chouhan says...

I want to know that which type of work is this is there any risk or danger .And i dont have my personal account bank account if any alternative of this will be acceptable then please informe me

myilraj says...

Hello Dhaneshwari Chouhan,

If you spent some time to read this page probably you will get answer for your queries here. Hence, you are requested to visit the page and READ.

Manu garg says...

Hello I am also a recent user of these ptc sites and I want to tell u that these sites are safe and gives you high returns. I already earned 45 dollars in two months from neobux and 10 from other sites.

Rama shankar tripathi says...

Dear Garg ji

I want to earn from PTC sites you do work on ptc sites so plz send my email. All sites whose pay via paypal

THX so much

myilraj says...

Hi Rama Shankar,

Could you send a mail to our support team otherwise so that they will help you with working in this online pay to click sites.

Tobak Zin says...

When you invest then your account will be disabled after one days actually all PTC site are fake their main earning aim is to reveal their customer investment money!!!!!

myilraj says...

Hi Zin,

I am feeling sad that you faced issue with PTC sites. May I know in which PTC site have you faced this issue? because every day more than 100 new Paid to Click sites were launching.

In them, only few will survive for long run. And they attract members with their fake advertisements such as you will get 1$ per click.

In practical, no Paid to Click site will be able to pay $1 per one AD, if you see this in their member benefits, it is 100% scam and waste of your time if you work there.

How to Avoid Scam PTC-sites?

1.) Do not join sites that offer pay more than $0.05 per click

2.) Avoid sites that pay $5, $10, $15 as referral commission

3.) Avoid new started sites (With age less than 1Year)

I think you may fallen into any of these category sites.

But in Online Home Income, you can find sites that were online more than years and paying members genuinely.

Most PTC sites are fake and not all sites

Girija says...

It is very nice

Jino Mathew says...

It's great pleasure to work with you.

online job says...

Oh great, i m really happy to know about this.

Online job make money online is really great. thanks for providing this article.

Nimma says...

how i earn money re u proof me

myilraj says...

Hello Nimma,

Already I have many Payment Proof's attached with Each Sites for people to view.

Just get through it.

Neha says...

Please let me know that how to start.can I have any contact number

Manu garg says...

hello Nimma,

There are many proofs available on the internet while you search the Ptc sites reviews.

But my suggestion is why not you try creating your own proof.

YOU can join any of these ptc sites mentioned above all are free of cost.

But i will recommend you join NEOBUX as it is fastest way to earn your money also the first withdrawal is also min 2 $ which can be gained in couple of months if you start your business with zero investment.

I also recommend to have a look to my blogs which will surely provide you the idea about different investments available in India and Also you will find the well comparison between them.

Thanks for reading

Rakesh says...

Make money by this PTC site

If you're searching for trusted higher paying PTC sites then I Will suggest you this great PTC 73% trusted site checked by

Eshwar Kumar Gupta says...

Sir I also want to do this work but I don't have pan card.

Priya says...

Hello Eswar,

You can apply for a Pan Card from your local government E-care center. Application process was easier and you have to pay only Rs 200 to them to get your Pancard.

Usually it will reach you in 30days of application.

After getting your Pan card you first register accounts with Payment processors.

Paypal (

Payza (

Once you verified your account, then you come to this page again and start registration process.

Register with all PTC sites here to earn more income from Paid to Click jobs.

Still if you having doubts, contacts us via Whatsapp or through form in our contact us page.

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