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14 Free online jobs from home without investment

Learn how to make money by doing online jobs from home without investment to earn up to Rs 25000/- every month

Online jobs are becoming the trend in India now. A recent study shows more than 76% of people are really wondered to do online work from home jobs from the comfort of their home without any kind of investment.

Internet is booming day by day and we are having ocean of opportunities in internet to earn money. But finding a right path and setting a proper destination is our goal to success.

Already most of the people are earning such a decent income of Rs15000/- to Rs25000/- every month by using our freely suggested five successful methods of making money online. You can start to earn from first day when you visit our site.

Only thing required is your effort and hard work that will give you success.

TOP 14 suggested methods from Online Home Income:

1. Get Paid to Click Ads
2. Get paid for Surveys
3. Make money from blogging
4. Start Making money from SFI Affiliate marketing
5. Earn by visiting websites in Easyhits4U
6. Get paid in swagbucks
7. Get paid to read articles
8. Work and earn from Bitcoins
9. Work as a Freelancer
10. Affiliate Marketing
11. Online Captcha Solving
12. Doing Micro jobs
13. Become a content writer
14.Earn money from YouTube

1.) Get Paid to Click Ads

This method is best suitable for Newbie's to start with. Because it is absolutely free to start and requires less skills to work.

It is one of my favorite online jobs I am doing.

Every business needs advertising for their Brand or product to get customers and they are ready to spend billions of dollars. Hence this strategy gives rise to start of Paid to Click sites, which acts as a middlemen between Advertisers and potential visitors.

They charge some amount from the advertisers for advertising their product or services and they will pay us for visiting those advertiser sites. For this, we need to register a free account with the list of genuine paying PTC sites we recommended and need to login everyday to view all available ads.

We will be paid between $0.001 to $0.01 based on the length of ads we are viewing for about 5 secs to 30secs. All payments are made via payment processors such PayPal or Payza.

Though income is less, but with proper strategy we can earn more than Rs10000/- every month with this program. Learn here how to earn money with PTC sites daily?

online jobs

2.) Get Paid for Surveys

Do you having leisure time in home? Do you want to make some money online in your computer? Then you can do so by attending Online Surveys.

Online surveys are the best way to make money. Again same, every MNC companies wants to know their customer review about their product or services they launched recently or about to launch. So they seek Survey Companies (market research companies) to conduct surveys on their behalf and they are ready to pay huge money for this. Survey companies have a large database of people with different communities with whom they will conduct surveys.

We need to register a Free Account with those companies and complete our profile surveys related to our Personal Biodata, professional experience, travel experience, occupation etc.

These survey companies will select you based on your profiles and you will be invited via Mail to attend the survey and upon successful completion you will be paid with real money or Gift vouchers.

You can make upto $10 per survey. Join our recommended list of survey sites and spend your leisure time usefully.

⇒ Earn $5 per survey — Free Registration — Get paid via PayPal or redeem as Gift vouchers

3.) Make money from Blogging

Make money from blogging is a nice way of online jobs from home. You can start a blog for anything you know. Write some quality articles based on the niche you chosen, and publish it in your blog.

Step by step information on making money from blogging
• Choose a niche (Food, Education, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, technical, technology blogs)
• Register a domain and purchase hosting
• Write quality articles and start publishing
• Promote your blog through Social Media
• Drive traffic from all possible sources.

Once your blog starts receiving traffic from Google, now you can apply for Google AdSense program which is the best monetization method in Internet.

You can start a free Blog from or WordPress. With these CMS blogging becomes easier than ever. You can blog for Fun, study or sharing your experience in your life etc.

If you ready to follow our five methods in online money making, then we do provide a free website for thirsty bloggers who are searching to make money.

4.) Start Making money from SFI Affiliate marketing

SFI stands for Six Figure International, A brand business strategy that started since 18Years before and now running really very successful creating a huge portfolio for their business representations.

They had made a huge number of billionaires all around the world with their simple business model. Just Duplicate your sponsor is the secret of success.

Join for free and start making money today. A simple business plan with proven success formula. It's your turn now to reveal the potential behind the successful SFI.

5.) Earn by visiting websites in Easyhits4U


Easyhits4U is the world's best manual traffic exchange site that pays $0.3 for every 1000websites you visited. They offer real human visits for your blog or website and all visits are zero bots.

They offer you with credits for every visits and in turn you can exchange them for real visitors back to your website or blog. Also they credit you $0.3 for every 1000sites you surfed.

If you are a blogger and if you looking for real human visitors probably you can use Easyhits4U to get visitors to your blog and make more than Rs25000/- by converting your blog visitors into customers or buyers.

Join Easyhits4U for free and make $0.3 per 1000 visits.

6.) Get paid in Swagbucks

Swagbucks is an online rewarding community that pays with real cash for doing some tasks such as searching on web, attending surveys, answering polls etc. If you really looking for a genuine online jobs that can be done from home, then you can start with Swagbucks right away today.

Register with swagbucks for free today and login to their account. Refer people and make 10% commission from their earnings for lifetime.

Read this if you are wandering to know How to register with Swagbucks? And want to know the faster ways to earn from swagbucks.

7.) Get paid to read articles


Are you fond of reading articles and books in internet. Hey, do you know you can make some additional money from reading articles in internet from home.

Many books have been written digitally and published all over in the internet. Some websites will pay their readers for spending time in their pages for reading books or articles.

Yes! I had written an article where you can come to know this fact.

Learn How can I get paid to read books, articles online? And spend your free time to learn articles to improve your knowledge and also make some money from it.

8.) Work and earn from Bitcoins

Bitcoins is a virtual currency that is having real value as money. Ofcourse 1BTC is equal to 400USD and it nearly equals Rs25000/- Indian Rupee.

You can buy anything by spending your BTC because of its reliability, easy transaction, low fees and acceptable worldwide.

You can earn Bitcoins for free by working in Faucet Sites. Faucet Sites are the websites that give you Free Bitcoins for completing certain tasks such as Captcha solving, answer simple math questions etc.

You will be paid upto 0.0001BTC for a single task. If you work for about 10Hrs a day I admit you can make Rs40000/- and more every month with some strategy. Get list of Faucet sites here and register your free account today and start making money online.


9.) Work as a freelancer

Freelancer defines the meaning that you can work anywhere, anytime and to anyone. There are lot of freelancing works available which includes Data entry, web design, web development, content writing etc.

You can set your own terms and conditions, payment for your work etc. You can start your freelancing work with and here this article will give you a picture on how to register and work as a Freelancer?

10.) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing defines a simple method of promoting others product on their behalf and on successful sales we will be paid a percentage of that sales as affiliate commissions.

Many brands such as Flipkart, Amazon, Commission Junction websites are working in this principle. Register a free affiliate account with them and choose your product.

Get the affiliate code and paste in your blog or website or share on social networks etc. Thats it and your work is over, when you pasted links generated a sale you will be paid commission.

11.) Online Captcha Solving

Captcha entry is becoming the trending online jobs that can do from home with very little experience. Only requirement is Good Typing speed and a personal computer with Fast Internet Connection.

You can make up to $1.5 to $3 per 1000 successful captcha's entered. I would recommend you to join Kolotibablo and Captcha2Cash because as far as now, they are genuine in their payments to their members.

12.) Doing Micro Jobs

Micro Jobs are defined as a small tasks or jobs that usually take a few secs to few minutes to complete it. These small tasks includes, searching a keyword in a web, finding similar photos, completing a incomplete sentences by adding proper noun or verb etc.

You will be paid between Rs5 to Rs50 for every completed tasks. All payments will be paid via payment processors such as PayPal or Payza.

I would recommend to work in MTurk from Amazon, apart from Microworkers, Clickworkers etc. Registration is completely free but you need to attend certain exams inside their member area to get selected for tasks every day.

13.) Become a content writer

If you have the capability to write atleast 1500 - 2000 words describing about a topic or an event then you can able to make Rs150/- to Rs1000/- per article you wrote.

Many web masters are looking for contents for their websites that must be unique and trending to attract more visitors. Hence they look for hiring Article writers for this task to be done and they are ready to pay for the work.

Probably you can spend 2 - 3 Hrs a day to write 1500 - 2000 word articles and sell it for money. Register a free membership with websites like Upwork, worknhire, Fiverr where you can sell your articles.

14.) Earn money from You Tube

If you know to make a video about something or describing something or even a tutorial video, you can monetize the video and earn some money out of it. Upload your video to YouTube and create a Channel that trends today.

Promote the video in your social networks, Email marketing and SMS sending to drive some visitors to your YouTube channel page to view your video. Apply for Video Monetization in Google AdSense to display Ads in between your videos and make money from it.

Once your application was approved, Google will start showing Ads over your video and if your visitors made a click you will earn revenue.

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