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Online Jobs at Home: free investment to make money

Make a stable second income by working Online Jobs at Home


In this page, I am going to present one of the top niche Online Jobs at Home with free investment.

Today’s dream of many people is to earn a standard stable second income at home to meet their financial needs in this sharp economic crisis across the world.

When comparing standard 9 – 5 jobs, we will do as usual stressful work both physically and mentally.

To the peak extent, we will get around Rs.15000/- to Rs.20000/- every month which is not enough to meet our family needs.

But that income is possible if we do around 1 – 2 hrs of work in part-time jobs online, we can earn 2 – 5 times more than what we are earning from standard 9 – 5 jobs.

No matter you’re a student, housewife, job goer or retired person you can earn decent income every month through online jobs at home by working 1 – 2 hrs daily.

Work at Home

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In this article, I have recommended only very a few online jobs idea to start working today and make immediate money online.

These ideas are easy to start and requires no special skills. The most important tool to start is a personal computer (or) laptop with Internet connection.

Let’s discuss in detail about these ideas further in this article.


Free online jobs at home

Free 1: Ad clicking job

A basic starting step into online jobs at home is the Ad clicking job. In this job, one can earn money just for viewing paid advertisements in their computer browser.

All you need is to register a free account with the list of recommended sites on this page and log in every day to view all the available advertisements.

Normally, these sites will pay between $0.0001 to $0.01 for each ad you are viewing completely.

Though, the income is less at the beginning of course you can take it to the peak by working strategically.ad clicking jobs

You need to create a free account with genuine paying PTC sites here.

Afterwards login daily without fail and go to “View Ads” section.

There you may find a list of available ads in your account to view for current 24 hr session.

Click on the ads and a new browser window will open. Wait for some time may be about 5sec to 30sec to validate your ad.

Once the browser validated your view, your account will be credited with real money in US dollars.

You can cash out once you reached minimum payout threshold as this may vary with different sites.

Requirement for joining with PTC sites

1.) A Gmail account
2.) PayPal account (to receive payments)…

Warning: Never create multiple accounts from the same computer as because your IP will be tracked on every session.


Free 2: Freelancing online part time jobs at home

Freelancing jobs are becoming the most popular over free investment online jobs as because this work does not require much time and effort.

Moreover, you are the one who is the decision making authority to choose what to work? and when to work? You can choose any jobs from the available list.

Freelancing job includes:

•••Content writing
•••Translation and medical transcription jobs
•••Article writing for website or blog
•••Completing Surveys or answering polls
•••Ad posting jobs
•••Software editing
•••Web design and development

There are still more genuine online jobs available at freelancing and are 100% trusted by the other methods.

You can opt to visit Freelancer website to choose the best available jobs.


Free 3: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing BusinessWhat does this mean so far? You may wonder if you get paid real money as a commission for your recommendation about a product either direct or indirect marketing through SMS, email, website or blog.

This is all about marketing a product. Simply, become a registered (member) affiliate with any of the online merchants and promote their product through affiliate tracking links either by following any one of the marketing methods such as SMS, email, website or blog, ad-posting.

There are many affiliate marketing companies such as Commission Junction, Amazon products, Flip-kart, where you can become an affiliate at no cost.

You rather not to work for hours but working for 1 – 2 hrs daily will earn you almost $500 – $1000 every month.

Get in touch with our support team for all your queries. We are here to make your dreams come true,… — Online Home Income.


Free 4: Online surveys — free jobs online

earn from surveysGet paid online for voicing your opinions. It is rather the easiest online jobs at home for free investment and it requires minimum experience to work daily around 1 – 2 hrs from home or office or internet cafe.

Join with those paying survey sites online and complete your profile.

You will be invited by email if you are selected for a survey. Just complete these surveys by clicking the survey link in your mail and earn money once successfully completed.

You will be rewarded with Cash or sometimes with Gift vouchers.

Do this free work from home online and get paid $50 per survey attended. Making money from surveys have been passion on today’s internet and more opportunities are there to explore.

You can earn money from surveys once you understand how the survey companies work and how to attend and answer for surveys, then you are the master in money making.


Dear people, I Myilraj.G with my own personal experience since around 4 years in online.

I was tough scammed by many online jobs yet managed to find the best over them and at this position it took me to a decent stage where I am making around Rs.50000/- to Rs.100000/- per month through these free online jobs at home.

With Proper working strategy and with the intention to make money online, I worked sincerely putting all my efforts to attain this stage where am in now.

I welcome you all people to join hands with me for a bright future ahead of us, Together we can grow more.

I am available most of the time online on my Facebook and Twitter where you can chat with me. or else, you can use my customer support team where you will be supported at all stages until you make a decent income.

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​I can help you start making a nice second income by working online. Get trained yourself for the next 14-Days and get my free assistance.

​I can help you start making a nice second income by working online. Get trained yourself for the next 14-Days and get my free assistance.
​I can help you start making a nice second income by working online. Get trained yourself for the next 14-Days and get my free assistance.