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How to earn money from website – 5 Ways to make money

Learn how to earn money from website from different monetization methods to make extra revenue every month online

You can indeed earn money on internet by doing computer-based jobs at home every day. There are various opportunities available online giving everyone an option to earn some additional income.

You can use your skills such as writing, drawing, painting, photography, even cooking makes money, your photography etc. You can either sell it or share your information to earn money from internet without investment.

What you need to make such income using my skills?
Own website or blog is the only way to express your talent in terms of making money online. Online Home Income team is committed in providing best web solutions including web development and website designing.

Focusing on to satisfy the needs of our customers, and aiming at providing high quality affordable website at really low costs.

Earn money from website online:

Don't read any more in this page, if you are not willing to take necessary steps for this profitable business.

Why having a own website?
• ...If you just started a new business and want to promote all around the world.
• ....If you plan for earning decent money through online.
• ....If you already working online and want to promote all those jobs in a single platform.
• ....Particularly, for those peoples who working in PTC.
• ....If you planned for blogging

How can I earn money on internet? Is the most asking question by bloggers, housewives, students and even salaried people because income from those ways are not enough to meet their economical situation.

All they wanted is to spend their leisure time to make some extra bucks to pay off their bills or to maintain a proper decent bank balance which can be used later for any emergency.

What are the ways to earn from website?

As seen there are lots of monetization methods to make your blog to earn money for you. Some of them for your idea:

Ways of blog/website monetization:
1.) Pay Per Click Advertisements (PPC) (Google AdSense and other similar AD networks)
2.) Cost Per Impression (CPM)
3.) Display Advertisements such as Banners and Text ads from direct advertisers
4.) Affiliate Marketing
5.) Selling your own products offers blog/website monetization through PPC programs such as GOOGLE ADSENSE, ADHITZ, CHITHIKA, BUYSELLADS, INFOLINKS, etc. Many other ways are available for monetizing your blog/website yet Google AdSense ranks top in the network and is found to be one of the best free online jobs to make money.

How to create a website?

If you decided to make money online then creating your own website is the best part to make you long term residual income. There are free blogs available from Google Blogger and Word Press.

Why it’s not advisable to go with free blog?
If you start your online business with free blog means, there is no security for your blog. Why?

Imagine you have started a niche blog on the topic: "Earn money from website".

You are publishing articles more often in your blog and promoting virally to drive visitors. This will consequently improve your site traffic and on the other side, your site will consume more resources from the server.

As you are using only free license from Blogger, if your particular website assumed to consume more resources then your blog will be temporarily disabled or locked permanently.

All your work will be ruined at this moment....

But when you go for own domain and hosting, you will have full control and you can add additional resources to your web server at any time you needed.

There will be no interruption at any cost.

Create your own website with Online Home Income:


Online Home Income was mainly started in 2013 to teach genuine ways to earn from internet without investment. We have been trying five successful methods online to make money and still those methods were paying us.

We have articles which explain those methods in detail so as a newbie you can start by today itself through learning the guide.

For every online business needs own website to grow, hence we started selling our own website packages for our site visitors. This gives them all solution at one single stop on our website.

There are different packages to choose that best fits for your need.
Basic money making website: This beginner package comes with added features including 1 free website, 1 Year free hosting and 3 Email Accounts.

Additionally you will have 5Page Static designed web pages for your online business. Best suitable for beginners who entering into this online field to earn money from website.

This website is suitable for initial small scale start-ups who wish to explore their business in online.

You can get referrals for all your online business using this website.

You will also get additional 1 month free support for your website in this package.

Standard Money Making Website: This intermediate package comes with same features available in Basic package with 1 Free Website, 1 Year free hosting and 10 Email accounts.

You will get 5 – 10 static page design suitable for intermediatery online business. In this package you will get one monetization method which was Display Advertisements.

Display Advertisement means selling your Ad-space from your blog for other AD networks to earn some additional revenue. When your site visitors clicked an AD, you will be paid.

6 Months free support will be provided with this package. When you choose a website in this package, the website will pay you for yourself by doing nothing.

Premium Money Making Website: It includes all features from other two packages with unlimited Email accounts and unlimited pages.

This website was designed aligning to Google Webmaster Guidelines in terms of planning to apply for Google AdSense after six months.

Google AdSense is the best monetization method so far ever which will make you more than Rs.25000/- every month absolutely without investment.

You will get 1 Year free support in SEO and 10articles on your niche that helps to get applied for AdSense account.

Best suitable for bloggers who wish to make long term revenue from their blog. This is advanced level, and it requires your real effort and knowledge in your niche.

Advantages of purchasing Money Making Website with us:

Presently, Internet provides as much better ways of making money online. Moreover, having an own website provides you a best way to earn online and also to explore your business all around the world.

Online Home Income WEB SOLUTIONS provides you best quality websites at affordable prices to explore your online business around the world.

We also were offering you for your secondary income earning through online.

We are backed up with powerful Lite Speed Servers and operated with Website's most efficient cPanel. We make your website available and accessible 24x7 at any part of the world.

We provide all time customer support and we assure your site presence at any time.

We can design any type of websites to meet our customers need who looking for hosting a blog and from small to medium sized business.

We are having multiple plans which allow you to host and maintain multiple domains with single account, Upgrade option at any time is available.

Our basic website design starts from Rs2499/- on wards. Mail us at for more information's

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Five Ways to Earn Online


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