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Learn how to find genuine paying online jobs and to start making money online without investment

Do you need to bank some extra cash? Read some important points before starting.

In today’s society, more and more people need additional money for their life. So they need an online part time job for this purpose. Part time job can be ideal for students enjoying their summer vacations, working parents, home maker or anyone who is looking to earn a little more money to supplement the income of another, full-time worker.
find-a-online-job-without-being-scammed.jpg As we can plainly see, part-time job is a taste of real world and have become a tool that is working contrary to the interests of the middle and lower classes. People may do the prevalence of part-time jobs with their erratic schedules, during low wages, and no benefits of their salary. Most definitely you too want some more money for your own business, fun, educational fee, savings, etc.
I also need money for my educational loan. But there are lots of websites offering so many part time jobs but these jobs are so far from our native place. I do not know where I am going to apply part time job then HOW CAN WE FIND IF THIS IS LEGITIMATE?. It is really difficult to identify the real one. I just want to say do not pay any money for earning money online.

In this article I would like to share the same with you people. For the last couple of years, I have been trying to find genuine online part time job like "Work From home" , "Earn money through Internet" etc. All websites claimed to be trustworthy, paying and use by all college students, home maker, fresher, job seekers, etc. I confused then.

home-jobsI discover online jobs in a site like

  • Copy paste work
  • Ad posting
  • Form filling work
  • Online/offline typing work
  • Data entry work
  • Back office executive etc.

I believed and applied on those websites and they asked me to pay Rs.2500 as registration fee and told me that this amount would be valid for six months only. After that if I wanted to continue working in their company I should keep paying registration fee every six months. I simply quit.

How-To-Find-Genuine-Work-From-Home-JobsAgain I started searching and found a new online part time jobs website that was about "EDITING /PROOF READING" for any who can read English can do this job. That didn’t require any tough English grammar and could be done conveniently at home.

I applied for that then they send me a mail about work details and also demanded Rs.500 for confirmation and said it will refundable after your first work. They further said I would get paid based on my performance. I paid then they send me a 50-page work document through email.

I had to find errors on that 50 pages and send to them within 5 days (also have to mark incorrect sentences or words with colors). Same like that I sent it but they neither replied nor refunded me back I tried to contact them so many times but they never answered me. I got cheated by them.

Then one of my friends told me about an online part time job website like ad posting. I just applied because they posted on their website that they were a government certified company and showed photo saying they were not cheaters and if we believed them we would apply otherwise no. They asked for Rs.2000 and said we would get Rs.500 for each referral. I paid on their bank account; during application process they asked my address proof, id proof and valid Gmail account, bank details for transferring money and photo. I sent all what they asked for that job after that we will teach you by Skype or team viewer so you must have it or download it. No way had I downloaded that.

Then they taught me by team viewer how to post an ad on websites, blogs, forums, etc. I worked for a month day and night to complete 2500 ads to get my first payment. I did 2150 ads and I was happy that in 2 more days my target of 2500 Ads will be completed and then I will get paid. All of a sudden my LOGIN WAS DISABLED I contacted their support team but nobody ever responded to my phone calls and emails. I do not know what to do? They just want people to pay them Rs2000 and work for no payment.

online-fraudAlso I heard more fake online part time jobs websites and some of my friends told their opinion like they called for fake verification, fake interview and also they send their fake payment proof, then only we will trust them.

YES! Most of online part time job websites are SCAM. It’s really hard to find a decent part time job.
Really I am sufferer of those scam jobs; you know I have tried for a lot of part time jobs on the internet. But as far as I have seen all of them are fake. Many of them ask for advanced payment or forced investment and offer guaranteed jobs.

But the fact is you will only lose your precious time and money to such people. Sometimes you may signup for newsletters on online jobs but they are not even a bit helpful because they work for those people who ask initial investment. Also they get money just for sending us mails. So try not to signup for such newsletters. Trust me when I say this because I talk from my own experiences.
Finally my advice to you all is, NEVER PAY MONEY AND JOIN ANY SITE. Please do not fall for it. I would be happy if you get saved from these online fraud after reading this.

How to get to know genuine paying online jobs:

Most Genuine online jobs like Paid to click, Survey Jobs and Blogging that don’t require you to invest money in the beginning. It is completely up to your wish to invest there. Even if you don’t you can still keep earning for free from them.

All genuine online jobs are already revealed open source but you need some knowledge to identify the same.

Online jobs usually pay you only small rupees and it’s your responsibility to build a bigger income stream from your experience.

Never join online jobs that demand registration fee.

Start your online career with PTC sites and try to avail other legit income opportunities as well.

Remember! Do not plan to earn thousands of dollars over the night. Also, make hay while the sun shines.

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