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Ptc sites are simply called as Paid To Click sites. These sites will pay you with real money for viewing advertisements listed in their website. This method is best useful for newbie who are new to online money making field.

Working in Paid to Click sites are one of the best options to make money with internet. One small issue is that PTC sites will pay you in fractions of dollars such as $0.001 or $0.01 per Ad view. You have to click and view the ads for about 5 – 30 seconds and it depends on the length of the ad they will pay you.

earn-from-ptcMany people stopped working after some time with PTC sites because of this low income potential, but I admit that if you worked with planned strategy and consistency I am sure you can make even Rs10000/- and more every month.

One of the best reasons to join PTC sites are, Registering with PTC sites is absolutely free and it requires no investment to start. You can start to earn from Day 1. You won’t be scammed unless you join scam sites.


If you want to earn money with PTC sites, you need to satisfy certain requirements to work with them. Here are those needs:

  • A Personal Computer or Laptop with Internet Connection.
  • Gmail Account for registration.
  • Bank Account to receive payments.
  • PayPal or Payza Account.
  • Daily 1hr time to work.

ATTENTION: Register only one account with one PTC sites with your computer. But you can register with as many PTC sites you can.


Yet another question! I had an answer, and the answer is "It depends"

Yes it depends on the person who works and it is related to many aspects such as internet speed, server time you are working, number of sites you are working.

But, what I say is working daily 30min – 1hr every day with only few genuine paying PTC sites will make you around Rs25000/- every month.

Remember, Consistent and Planned work is required.

In online home income site, you will get to see the list of few genuine paying PTC sites because those sites were tested by us personally and we are getting payments still today.



Every PTC sites will pay around $0.001 to $0.01 for every AD you are viewing. If the AD view time is long probably you will be paid much more and inversely proportional. All your earnings will be paid instantly and updated in your personal account.

If you want to earn more then you have to refer some people in your down line. Many PTC sites have referral programs and those sites may share a percentage of 10% to 50% per referral click.

To earn more you have to register with more than one or two PTC sites and have to work regularly at their server time. Don’t forget to view all available ads in your account every 24 hrs.

You can do even tasks and other offers in your account page to increase your earnings. Some sites proved that by completing tasks and offers makes a member to earn up-to $10 - $25 (Rs 500/- to Rs 1500/-) every day. But you have to work for about 1 – 2Hrs daily.

Try to upgrade your membership in the PTC sites to get more income per AD view. As a standard free member you will get $0.001 for 5Sec AD, but you will get $0.01 for the same 5Sec AD if you become a Premium member of the site.

For sure, you can make Rs10000/- and more every month with this PTC sites.


Referrals are the people who are just like you are working in the PTC sites. Only thing is that they had joined the PTC sites using your referral link that is, you are the sponsor.

online-teamMany PTC sites offer referral program to involve user engagement and also you will get paid between 10% to 50% for all the income of your referrals for life time. That is, you will get paid as long as the person you are referring was working in the PTC site.

Referrals are of two types. One is Direct Referrals and another one is Rented Referrals.

Direct referrals are the people who joined using your referral link as the same, Rented referrals are the people who was assigned in your down line as referrals by the PTC sites for a certain period of time. But you have to pay some compensation for renting referrals. For Eg:, Neobux offers rented referrals for $0.2 per referral for 30Days. If you rent for some days longer the same amount will be less.

Renting referrals will work for someone and not for all, because you may be in a risk of getting bots as referrals. You will not come to know the details of the referrals in your downline at any cause. This was one of the biggest issues in the PTC sites.
MY best advice is to try ways to get direct referrals as more as possible because you will not be scammed at any point.
Learn this guide to get to know the ways to get direct referrals for PTC sites.


I am sure it is worth for those people who are seriously interested in investing time to viewing all available ADs in the PTC sites and always working on the ways to get direct referrals.

Referrals are the back bone of success in PTC business and you have to get referrals continuously to increase your earnings in PTC sites.

Getting direct referrals for PTC sites is not difficult if you follow this guide, and after that you have to be in touch with your referrals to guide them, teach them and motivate them. This way your referral can be alive for long time and also you will get long term income.


  • Register with more than 1 – 5PTC sites.
  • Keep as a habit of viewing all available ads in your account every 24Hrs.
  • Refer your friends, relatives and your social networks friends also to join as your referral.
  • Try to get Premium membership.
  • Having some extra time, complete tasks and offers.



Clixsense is the most trusted PTC sites on internet started since 2007 and have been more than 7Year in this field. They were paying their members through PayPal, Payza. You can earn from viewing Ads and also doing tasks and other offers. If you put your real effort in Clixsense you can surely make Rs5000/- to Rs15000/- every month.
Join Clixsense here


Neobux is the King of the PTC sites started since 2008 and has just completed their 8th year anniversary. You can earn by viewing Ads and completing tasks and offers. I have received many payments from Neobux and have been displayed here. You can register for free and start to Earn today.
Join Neobux here


BuxP is one of the oldest Paying PTC sites where you can put your time and effort and make some income every month. You can get paid for viewing Ads, watching you tube videos, liking a post in Facebook or Google+ etc. You can even earn by participating in their traffic exchange program where you will get money and also visitors to your blog or website if you having such so.
Join BuxP here

Scarlet Clicks

Scarlet Clicks is also a trusted PTC sites started since 2008. Up to today there is no issues with their payment processing and are most genuine in paying their members timely via PayPal, Payza. Their minimum cashout is $2. You can have many opportunities to earn money there apart from viewing Ads, you can complete tasks and offers. Refer more to good decent income every month.
Join Scarlet Clicks here

GPT Planet

Started since 2010 after successful running of Scarlet Clicks. Yes it is a sister site of Scarlet Clicks and you can earn money without any investment here. You can earn upto $0.01 per click and 50% from your referral click. If you become a premium member you can earn 100% from your referral commission. Payments are via PayPal, Payza.
Join GPT Planet here


Every day a lot of new PTC sites are launching in the market and they vanish in a very shorter period. You have to be aware about those PTC sites. Join only with PTC sites that were having a long paying period, have been in the field for 3 – 5 years or more.

Make a Google Search with the keyword – "Sitename scam" or "sitename complaints" etc. to get to know the status of the site. Do register with some forum sites like Emoneyspace and interact with the people of similar group to get information’s about a particular you were intended to join.

Follow some gurus who are already succeeded with the site you preferred. Follow them but don’t do that they did? Because it will work for him but may not be for you. At last you will fed up being scammed. So, lay and travel in your own way to get success.

I am sure you can make money with PTC sites, if you follow these principles in your career and those are,
Register with more PTC sites,
Work regularly,
Refer your friends and others,
Get Premium Membership,
Do spend time to complete tasks and offers.

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