Every Indian People are looking to make some money by doing online jobs to meet their financial needs. Online Home Income provides best source to such people who are interested to earn from Rs 10000/- to Rs 50000/- and more every month.

My website shows the best way to earn money online without investment as this becoming a trending chapter in India and all over the world. But finding a right direction with proper guidance is becoming a challenging task in this scenario.

Online home income was started in the view to provide proper guidance to those people who are interested to earn some money online. By using my six successful methods, you can earn from Rs 10000/- to Rs 50000/- every month at the comfort of your home.

You may need to work daily from 3 - 4hrs in computer and it best suits for students, house wives, job seekers and retired persons.

I started working on these methods since 2013 and now earning decent income every month. You can start immediately by learning my six methods, where I described each method individually in different pages with pictorial representations and proper step by step instructions.

All you need is to LEARN BEFORE EARN and if you having any doubts then form without any hesitation.

Basic Requirements to start

  • A personal computer with Internet connection
  • Gmail account
  • PayPal or Payza account
  • Personal Bank account
  • Pancard (for Indian People)
  • Daily 3 - 4 Hrs willing to work


PTC simply means — Paid To Click, which states that you will be paid between $0.001 to $0.01 for viewing advertisements to about 5 - 30 secs.
Joining with PTC sites are absolutely free and easy to work. These sites requires minimal skill to work.
In online home income website, I recommend only few Genuine Paying PTC sites which I tried personally and still working and earning without any issues.


Second great opportunity to is by online survey jobs. Get paid for voicing your opinions.
Many MNC companies before creating or improving a product or service, they need a clear understanding on what people want? and what they need? and this is possible only by conducting online surveys.
Spend your leisure time to review a product or services and start earning money from free online surveys.

Get cash for atteding surveys
Indian based reasearch company

Free registration, genuine payment
earn cash from surveys

Indo Ads


Third suggested method is by monetizing your own website with Google Adsense, Adhitz, Chitika, Bing Ads. Create your website on a popular niche and make Rs 25000/- every month.
I am making most of the income with Google Ad sense and Adhitz. When a visitor visited your website and by suppose if he clicked an ad you will get paid. Payment might vary from Rs5/- to Rs 300/- per click.
Joining Ad Sense is free, but with own hosted domain costs a little. I recommended do go with own self-hosted website rather going with sub-domains.


Strong Future International(SFI), is an international best direct selling marketing company with branches in 190 countries and selling more than 110000 Products. Started Since 1998 with one product and marketing in United States, now emerged as world's no.1 direct selling company that provides home based jobs through affiliate marketing business model.
Registration is absolutely free
We can earn in three ways:
Customer : Buy products at lowest price and Save money
Marketer : Invite customers to triple store and make money from sales
Seller : Sell your products internationally with their online store.


Traffic Exchange sites are those, that delivers real human traffic to webmasters in exchange for their visits to other sites in their network rather than paying in cash.
If you are a website owner or blog owner, and you need traffic to increase your online sales or online business, then traffic exchange is the best option.
Some sites offer additional cash rewards for actively participating in surfing other member websites. You can earn up to $0.3 for every 1000sites surfed.


Bitcoins is a Digital currency that serves as real money. Bitcoin payment is recently emerging as easy way for financial deals as it doesn't require any strict regulations.
It requires no Bank approvals, no border or exchange restrictions, not a single entity that controls bit coin transactions, all transactions are neutral and transparent.
Anyone from any part of the world can send or receive bitcoins, if a seller accepts bitcoins. At present, we can use bitcoins for any online purchase, air, train tickets bookings.


Online Home Income is the website you are looking for, where you will be trained to make money by doing simple free online jobs such as viewing advertisements, posting your opinions in survey, earning through bitcoins, through affiliate marketing etc.

Our top 15 free online jobs are best and suitable for every people who may be a student, job seeker or job goer, or anyone who indeed searching for genuine online jobs. Of course, you can earn from Rs.10000/- to Rs.50000/- every month depending on your capability.


Earn around Rs500 to Rs1000 daily by doing online part time jobs. Create a standard stable second income at home.
In this page, I am presenting one of the top niche Online Jobs at Home with free investment. Today's dream of many people is to earn a standard stable second income at home to meet their financial needs in this sharp economic crisis over the world.

earn Rs30000/-

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