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Blogger: How to make money from micro blogging sites?

Learn what are Micro blogging sites? And the process involved in creating a micro blogging site to make money blogger

Internet holds thousand of ways to make money online. Among all of the ways, Blogging founds to be the most successful way. If you are a blogger then you might know somewhere what are micro blogging sites? You can blog for anything like for Passion, for information sharing, for sharing some experience, blog for food etc.
We can blog for anything but ultimate goal is to make money within a small span of time. Many people say blogging takes time and it requires more of your time and effort. But, in real there are so many shortcuts available to get immediate success in blogging.
Let's spend some time to learn about Micro-blogging and its concept. How could it be possible to earn more than $100 in just a month with micro blogging?

What are Micro Blogging Sites?


Micro blogging sites are similar to a blog but based on a particular focused niche whose ultimate aim is to drive traffic to that blog to generate some revenue. Basically Micro blogging sites are used for promoting a particular hot trending product of the era or a research report or study.

Micro Blogging is just like a blog but it is purely based on a single niche. Let us take an example of a topic "Online Money Making". In this there are numerous opportunities out there. But What I suggest here is start a blog on “Make money from PTC sites”. Today entire world is searching for easy online jobs from home and PTC jobs are somewhat most people are interested to search for.

Start a blog on how to work in Neobux? Explain everything starting from registration to getting payment from Neobux. I found almost 200000searches happening every month in internet for the keyword "How to earn from Neobux".

General online money making blogs gives general information about paid to click but if you start a micro blog on a particular niche for Neobux then I am sure you can rank #1 in Search Results. Also you do not need work for day and night to update the blog.

Step by step flowchart to start a Micro-Blog:

Select a particular Niche
Research keyword
Write content based on the keyword
Setup your blog
Monetizing and Marketing

Select a particular Niche:


This is the most important thing in Micro blogging. Find the right niche to blog. To do this, do a research on the top trending talk in the market. Determine the market trend by yourself. Analyze the future of your market and its influence.

Also keep an eye over Google algorithm because you are targeting Search Engines to rank better. So aware the different between White hat SEO and Black hat SEO.

Since Google Adsense is your ultimate mode of making money choose a topic that are popular in UK and US because we can get more CPC value.

Let's begin to understand with an example. You can choose a niche on "free online mobile recharge apps" and its coupon codes. Because there are a lot of android mobile apps that were in the market offering free coupons and cash back offers for mobile recharges and other online utility bill payments.. You can choose any one app that is hot and trend. Start building a blog around the app. Update blog with new coupon codes and offers.

For an identical example, you can take free charge app that was the most revolutionized app as of now in mobile recharges. Start a micro blogging around the keyword "Free charge app" will surely hit a success in search engine ranking.

Research keyword:

Since Blogs are ranked based on keyword density in the article, it is must to choose the hot and trending keyword for the niche to start Micro blogging.keyword-research

You can use keyword research planner from Google, or keyword suggestion tool from WordStream to determine the keyword for blogging. Remember these things while selecting keywords.

✓ Choose keyword that having long term demand,
✓ Choose High CPC keyword,
✓ Choose keyword having more search volumes.

Internet search trend have changed and most people were seeking answers in internet for their questions. So rather write your micro blog to answer questions of your site visitors. Simple I can say make your site as FAQ.

Here in this micro blogging example, we took Free charge App. So let describe this app as;

—  What is freecharge app?
—  How to download and Install App?
—  How to use the App?
—  Advantages and Disadvantages of the app.

Write content based on the keyword:

Whatever you blog for, if people wants to visit your site there should be a reason for that and the reason is the Content. Content Speaks, Content is the king.

Create unique, creative contents based around the chosen niche and let be more than 1000 – 1500 words with supporting images. Do a deep research and write articles or share your own experience in the article that will make the visitor to sit curiously to read your article and sometime might pull them to share among their social networks.

What is quality content? A simple answer says, if your article or posts was relevant to your audience, specific and helpful then it is a quality content.

Let's take the same example above, use my suggested keyword research tool and write down top 20keywords for the nice "Free charge app". Search for the competitive similar blogs in your niche and note down their ranked keywords. Match with your analysed keywords. Spend some time to write 4 – 5blog posts and post in your blog. Then write further posts in equal interval for several days to get ranking.

Setup your blog:

This is the most vital part and also you must be conscious while undergoing in this part. You need to choose a perfect, reliable hosting company and a keyword rich domain name for your micro blogging site. Once after this your content speaks with the world through the domain.

Following is the checklist you need to follow to set up your micro blogging site. This includes choosing a hosting, registering a domain name, setting up of social media profiles etc.

✓ Hosting – Raj Softech Solutions Rs33/- monthly
✓  Domain name search (keyworded Domain name)
✓  Start your micro blog with WordPress (CMS platform).

Most web hosting offers one click wordpress install to make ease of use for beginners to start Micro Blogging.

Monetizing and Marketing:


The final part and the core reason to start a micro blogging is for making money online. So you have a perfect optimized Micro Blogging and having quality contents in them. But without proper monetization and marketing your blog will not yield any returns over you.

Once your blog is ready with contents then start creating social profile pages in Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and start sharing your posts in your network. Create a network, spread your relationship with other people and start sharing contents.

Once you start receiving a decent flow of traffic apply for Google Ad Sense account and start making money from displaying contextual advertisements from Google in your micro blog.

There are several ways to market your micro blog and those promotional systems includes the way of getting natural, organic traffic all around the days. Promote your micro blog by using your keywords as anchor texts is a great way to get back links for a long term.

Benefits of Micro-Blogging:

✓ Makes you updated with current trend.
✓ Create instant online popularity.
✓ Drive bulk visitors to your site.
✓ Part of Off-page SEO.
✓ Develop brand awareness.
✓ Can monetize to get very high CPC.
✓ Help to build quality backlinks.
✓ Can make some money faster.

With just putting little effort and small portion of your time in Micro blogging can make you more than $100 - $1000 every month with less work. Micro blogging doesn't need a lot of work. Only thing is choose a hot topic for blogging that must be trending for atleast 2 – 3 years. You can create more than 1 Micro niche blog to grow your income stream.

Hope this article will be so useful in giving you additional information about online money making. If you having doubts or concerns, feel free to ask me here in this comment section.

If you having any suggestions or any blue-print of successful micro niche blog, do share with me about your success.

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