Top 7 ways to increase blog your traffic

7 ways to get more traffic to your blog there by increasing your sales and income online.

Learn top 7 ways to increase your blog traffic and earn real money from your blog through online jobs at home. With growing internet users and usages, website/blog is becoming one of the best platform to earn money.

My ultimate aim of making a site on WordPress is getting good traffic to my blog therefore increased revenue for sharing knowledgeable articles and information's on different niche.

WordPress is better than other blogging software's in customization, you can get maximum traffic on WordPress if you have to updates in your blog regularly. It is very simple to do.

You can get maximum traffic to your blog by following some steps.

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To get decent traffic to your WordPress blog then it should be visible on search engines. To increase search engine visibility you need to follow some ways shown here....

1. Post on Facebook pages and groups
2. Answer on Yahoo and Google forums
3. Make a Guest post on popular sites which are related to your blog
4. Advertise on Google Ad words
5. Share your posts on Social networks
6. Submit on Free classifieds and ping your blog
7. Commenting and Posting

These ways are not only used for search engine visibility. These ways will help you to increase your site ranking in all search engines.

1. Post on Facebook pages and groups

You should have official fan-page on Facebook and create a group for your blog to get more traffic from Facebook.

Majority of people using only Facebook for searching and finding new ideas. Search for Facebook groups which are related to your blog and join to groups which are having more than 10,000 members.

Then post your site on to it. You can make it in few seconds.

2. Answer on Yahoo and Google forums

If people meet any problem, they are tried to get answers from online forums such as Google and Yahoo. Search about queries that are related to your site.

Register yourself and posted your website links in your answers. It will increase your blog traffic as well as performance.

3. Make a Guest post on popular sites

Try to post on popular sites which are related to your blog to get good traffic. Write good content with your blog link then request admin of that site to post your article.

Your post content should be unique. It gives good back-links to your site.

4. Advertise on Google Ad words

By advertising your site on Google ad words you will get targeted traffic to your blog. They will show your blog links in search results of related searches.

Give related keywords and description to get targeted traffic from Ad words. You need to pay per click. You have to pay at-least 0.02$ per click. You can display banner ads also.

5. Share your posts on Social networks

Use social networking sites such as twitter, tumblr, pinterest, Linkedin, Delicious, Reddit, Digg to share your blog posts to lot of people.

You may get low traffic from these kind of social sites. But your site will reach a good position in ranking. Your site will be shown at the first page in Google search engine results. You will get quality visits.

6. Submit on Free classifieds and ping your blog

Submit your blog in free classified websites like Another one important thing is that you need to ping your blog in search engine directories called as web directories.

That will help you to show up your blog on search engines and your blog traffic will also be increased.

7. Commenting and Posting

Comment on blogs which are familiar to your blog with your blog link. Post your blogs on forums to get targeted traffic.

It will help you to increase Google page rank and alexa rank of your blog. I would like to mention some forums that are,,

If you know anything more please leave your comment below to share your thoughts with me.

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