How to Earn Money Online With Google AdSense

If you have your own blog, then monetize your content and make some money with google to pay your bills.

There are numerous ways to make money from internet, but most of the thing require much work and time.

Out there in the internet ocean, creating a blog and monetizing with Google AdSense is the best proven success formula for many bloggers to earn money online with Google.

Google AdSense have created many billionaires around the world, and still making millionaires.

Join with them towards the Goal of financial free future and unleash the deep hidden potential of unlimited income every month.

Here, let go something deeper to know some ways to get some cash from Google while we are on Internet. Let’s pay our next Internet bill from our earnings, simple make Google to pay our next bills.

earn money with google

Surprised..! Ha! It is neither simple nor a difficult task to do. But with little dedication and involvement in your work you can dig the deep behind online to earn real money every day.

It all happens with only if you have an own website or Blog to share or promote anything and a little knowledge in content monetization technique.

1.) How to Earn Money Online with Google?

All people wants to make some extra revenue to make their living. How to make this possible? and How can I earn money from Google?

Let us start with an example, imagine you are a wholesale dealer for shoes and having a domain that sells Shoes online.

In this case, probably your domain will have home page, about us page, Product Description page, contact us page and so and so.

You will have some contents in there to let people know who you are? What you sell?

Now your website having some decent traffic and if you planned to earn some money just from your website then you can add Google AdSense.

Google AdSense is a revenue sharing program that sells advertisement space in your website on your behalf and when someone clicks on those ads, you will earn some percentage from the revenue generated through the ad.

For better knowledge, I will point you one thing. You may see these types of ads on the top of Google search results and even in your Gmail account.

All these ads are Sponsored Ads from Google Ad words, and the same to your own website is termed as Google Ad sense Ads. When someone clicked on those ads you will get 68% of revenue from that Ad.

It is not a Get-Rich-Quick-Scheme as it requires some time and effort. If you have more contents in your blog, more chances to earn from Google Ad sense.

2.) What is Google AdSense?

This program is specially designed for blog owners or website publishers who wish to make money with google by displaying targeted text ads, video ads, or banner ads on their web pages.

» Whenever a visitor view or click the ads, some percentage of money will be paid to the blog owners.

Placements of Ads relevant to the content, changing advertisers are entirely controlled and managed by Google.

As a web publisher or blog owner, we simply need to create a free account with them and generate an AD. Then, copy the HTML code and paste in your blog pages.

3.) How does Google Adsense works?

First let me explain you how Google AdSense works and pay their members.

Google AdSense owned by Google is a advertisement service offered to bring a chance for making money for website publishers and / or blog owners.

If you run a niche blog or website, then you can monetize your blog pages with AdSense to make some money. Every time when your ad gets clicked you will earn.

There are three process involved here:
3.1.) Applying for AdSense:
First step is to create a free account in their program. Use your Gmail account to create.

3.2.) Add an AD code in your website:
Google wants to review your blog to check if your follow their Guidelines. So, after application you need to create an AD, then copy and paste the HTML code in your blog page.

So, Google can crawl your blog content and once your adhere to their program policies your account will get approved automatically and ads starts showing in your pages.

3.3.) Setup your profile:
Once your account is approved, AdSense ads starts displaying in your blog pages. Now you need to add your payment instruction to get your payments.

They pay once your reach a minimum of $100 in your account through Direct Wire transfer or Cheque.

4.) How do you make money?

google ad

Revenue is generated based on the total number of unique clicks or unique impressions that your displayed AD receives in every 24hrs. Unique clicks only will be calculated for revenue distribution.

To make money online with Google, you need to register a free account with their AdSense program. Login to their account, copy and paste the HTML AD code in your blog pages to monetize.

You will earn money with Google every time your ad gets clicked or viewed by your blog visitor. You will make money ir-respective of whether a sales was made or not for the advertisers.

You can earn almost from $0.001 to $10 as far as I heard somewhere but actual you will get $0.001 to $1 for every click and it solely depends on the advertiser who pays.

One cannot estimate how much we can earn from Google Ad sense? But I am sure you can earn decent income to pay your bills often.

5.) How much does Google pay per view?

Let’s make a simple calculation that if you want to make $1000 next month. You are having 30Days in a month.

So, $1000 divided by 30 = $33.33 a day.

You want to earn $34 approx. Every day to cash out $1000 next month from Google. Isn’t it?

You need to create 34Pages in your blog or website to earn $1 per page every day. There are three options:

• 34 Pages to earn $1 per page per day. ($1 x 34 = $34)
• 68 pages to earn $0.5 per page per day. ($0.5 x 68 = $34)
• 136 Page to earn $0.25 per page per day. ($0.25 x 136 = $34)

In the above calculation your target is $34 to earn every day for cashing out $1000 at the end of the month.

Note: Google never consider quantity of blog pages, so create quality posts in your blog. Its not necessary to create 136 pages to make $1000 every month. Some blogs with lesser quality pages have earned more than $1000.

Google will pay for your ads based on CTR (Click through ratio) calculation and in general an average CTR to sail on safer side would be 1% and your CPC will be $0.25.

estimated earnings

The above screen shot represents an average earnings of my AdSense account.Now you have some clarification on How Google pays your for Ads.

No one can predict the earnings for a blog and it purely depends on your Niche and competition.

Some of the High Paying CPC niche for AdSense are Finance and market, Mobile technology and softwares, Recipe sites, Insurance sites, health info blogs etc.

On the other hand low paying CPC niche were grouped as Entertainment sites such as Arts, movie review blog, music download sites, wallpapers, Jokes and SMS, News blogs, Quotes, Photo blogs etc.

Another simple calculation for clicks:
As mentioned earlier you want to cash out $1000 a month so you need to earn $34 a day and your average CPC is $0.25.

You need 1000/0.25 = 4000clicks in that month to earn $1000. So, approximately 134clicks every day.

In general, only one/third of your site visitors will be converted and hence you need 134 x 3 = 400Unique visits every day. So, think 500visits a day to your blog will earn you $1000 a month.

6.) How much money you can make from Google AdSense?

It is a very common question that everyone wants to know. No one can estimate exactly how much one can make money with Google as it depends on various factors of monetization.

• The total traffic that your blog/website receives
• Targeted traffic you are receiving
• Number of advertisers in your niche
• Type of content you published
• Position of your AD Placements

If you want to increase your AdSense revenue just follow these simple tips:

• Place 1 Ad unit above the fold in the main article content of your website
• Place 1 ad unit on the side bar
• Place 1 ad unit at the end of your article.

These three locations are proven to drive most clicks which will help you to increase revenue.

7.) What are the ways for making money?

AdSense program have many different AD units for their publishers. Here are some:

• AdSense for Content: Display text or banner ads on a web site
• AdSense for Search: Display ads in search results on a web site
• AdSense for mobile: Specially designed for mobile view sites
• AdSense for feeds: Display ads in RSS feeds
• AdSense for domains: Used for parked domains or unused domains
• AdSense for Video: Display ads in YouTube videos or any other video contents
• AdSense for Mobile Apps: Monetize your android and iPhone applications
• AdSense for Games: Monetize your browser-based games

There are multiple ways for earning money with Google. All you need to have your own blog that interest your users in some ways and must have a steady flow of traffic every day.

8.) How to create a website for Ad sense?

You have come to know all aspects to make money from Google through their AdSense program. But in every section I have said you must have a blog.

Now, let’s see the process of how to start your own blog for making money.

Already I have explained in the previous article about the steps involved in starting your own blog for money.

However, I will summarize here important points so to give you an idea. The very first step is to start a blog on any trending niche that you know about.

You can start any blog in various sectors like a review blog, an article blog, an education blog, and niche blog on Making money online, affiliate marketing, referral marketing, etc.

8.1.) Choose a domain name:
Very first initiative step in this process is to register a domain name which will tell you what you are having in your blog.

It should be easily memorable, and name should be interesting.

Make a thorough Google search about the niche you chosen for blog, and analyze its trend and future scope.

I can give you some suggestion that you can blog for cooking, painting and photography, SMS & jokes, Business ideas and Tips blog etc.

This will have high future scope in terms of search and you will get good volume of traffic every day.

8.2.) Choose a reliable hosting:

After your domain registration, you need an internet server to host your website. This is the location where your website contents will be served to the entire world.

Things to remember before choosing hosting:

Affordable Price: Choose hosting that won’t burn your hands on paying their monthly charges.

Reliable hardware and supporting software: Web server must have inbuilt good quality hardware components such as Hard Disk, Ram, Virtual Memory Space, Bandwidth along with latest version of software’s such as cPanel, Linux OS, MySQL, PHP versions etc.

Data center Location: If your server is located nearer to your demographic location your website speed will be higher which will help you to get better ranking.

Choose your target visitors and their location, purchase hosting from that location.
Eg: If you are from India, then purchase a hosting in Indian Data Center. You can go with GoDaddy India, Hostgator India, Blue Host India.

Reputation – satisfaction – customer service: Your website should be live 24x365 days with almost zero downtime.

Consider these factors are more important, because whenever there is an issue in your server it should be addressed immediately and sorted out to make sure your website serve your visitors any time.

Future support: Your server must allow space to increase its hardware or software structure at the time of need.

As your website grows, it will consume more resources and your server must be able to supply its need.

I recommend to go with an own website and hosting because you can have full control over your domain. Choose a well known hosting like GoDaddy, Bluehost etc., and trending domain name to target.

8.3.) Setup your Blog:

After purchase and registration of domain hosting, login to your cPanel to setup your WordPress CMS to start blogging.

WordPress considered the world’s best CMS that is easy to use even for newbie’s.

Now, time to write articles. Choose your niche keywords and search for its competition around the net. Write quality articles around your niche keywords and start publishing contents regularly.

Keep your blog updated more frequently by creating a Fresh and unique content in your blog or website and build traffic using Social platforms such face book, twitter and follow some SEO strategy to get some organic traffic from Google.

Once your blog starts receiving a decent steady flow of traffic from different sources, its time to apply for AdSense program. After approval login to your account.

Copy and paste the provided HTML code into your blog page.

Now, Google Ad sense will take the rest to show advertisements related to your contents and thus pay you 68% of Revenue generated through your website.

9.) Points to remember before submitting application:

Most bloggers seems that their application being rejected because of their strict policy and guidelines.Follow Google WebMaster Guidelines and make your site Google Friendly.

Most common reason for rejection is:
• Website violating Google AdSense guidelines,
• Website has little content,
• Website having copied content or no original content,
• Website was very new.

Make your website popular and add more quality contents regularly. Google has very strict policies that every web publisher should follow to make money from Google AdSense.

To increase chances of approval:
• Make sure your website have more quality contents,
• Write original contents and add appropriate images,
• Design your blog for visitors and not for search engines,
• Apply for first time once your blog was 6 months or more older,
• Copy and paste your test AdSense code in your blog in above the fold content after signing up your application.

Last few thoughts,

Earn money from Google AdSense is a great way to generate a residual long term income over months. It’s really easy to use, it’s reliable and better than any other monetization method.

Different types of Ad units to support you to generate more revenue. There is no necessary to make a sale for your advertiser, just making your visitors to click on their ads itself will generate revenue.

Google shares 70% - 30% of the revenue generated, where 70% of the income will be paid to you and 30% will be the Google’s share for administration and maintenance.

If you don’t have an account, start making one today and try this method for free. Hope for the better future.

Ask me your doubts!

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manoj nandanwar says...

hello sir, i have an e-commerce website. i sell clothes with schemes and people arriving at my website more than 400/ that i can apply for adsense progamme...

myilraj says...

Hi Manoj,

Yes You can apply for Ad Sense with this amount of traffic. If you got approved let me know.

Zitendra says...

really it's useful for everyone

Sunil Balekundri says...

Sir online business is very nice option I like it but some confusion I have no laptop & computer only android phone can I do this

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Hello Sunil,

If you would like to earn money online and want to work from home based means then you should have the requirements. Otherwise it would be difficult to work.

Think about it, if you are going for an office ofcourse you should meet all requirements know then only you can able to work on that job.

Like that if you give importance to this online work, I am sure that you will get success. Our team is there to support you in all means.

Just get second hand Laptop or Desktop, start working. Earn money and improve your infrastructure.

Happy Earnings dear SUNIL!

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Would like to join the croud as soon as possible...

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